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REPORTING · 22nd December 2011
Vancouver Observer
(and all of Canada), not just B.C.

BC Premier Christy Clark said the west coast "doesn't just belong to British Columbia", but some British Columbians disagree.

"British Columbia's coast does not just belong to British Columbia,” BC Premier Christy Clark said last week. The statement has sparked both environmental and economic discussions about responsibilities and rights to British Columbia’s coast.

“It belongs to Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario and the Atlantic provinces and it's essential that our ports and our infrastructure all across the west are functioning as well as they possibly can, because that's what allows trade to flow outside our country and that's what puts people to work," Clark said.

She made the controversial comment during a discussion with other provincial leaders from Alberta and Saskatchewan over energy strategy and the Northern Gateway pipeline.

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The Price is Right
Comment by Bob Wiley of The Mud Report on 10th February 2014
Queen Christy's next job should be as host of 'The Price is Right'
Comment by Paul Repstock on 12th May 2012
Why is the Premier of British Columbia so interested in promoting the sale of Alberta tar sand?? Obviously, there is little or no benifit to BC. Therefore, we have to assume that there is a direct benifit to Ms. Clark.
Wake up and smell the coffee folks. Politicians are only interested in their own interests!

Those wouldn't be financial would they?
Until politicians are accountable, we cannot afford any of them!
Comment by gav on 24th December 2011
it's time for you to step aside if your intention is to further sell out B.C.
merry Christmas you short sighted (deleted)
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 24th December 2011
I can go with out the royalty cheques but cheering for the flames and oilers is going way too far .lol ,Merry Christmas to one and all. .Hopefully saner heads prevail in the New year.
Great news
Comment by Allan Bowles on 23rd December 2011
That's great news! I guess this means all of that oil and gas revenue is ours too! I can't wait for my rebate cheque, when is it going to be mailed out Christy? Another bonus is no PST/HST, I can't wait!!

Hold on one second does this mean we have to cheer for the Oilers and Flames?
Nothing says.
Comment by Samantha on 23rd December 2011
And nothing says we need to go out of our way, to create greater risks than what already exist in our day to day life.

This does NOT create enough permanent long term jobs, to support the risk it prevents to our environment.

I am not a risk taker, I don't give money away to casinos. I know better. If you want to endlessly support this government and take risks, go play at the casino.
No Life without Risk
Comment by Ray Hallock on 23rd December 2011
There is no life without risk. There is no day in a life without risk. That is what risk management is all about.
There is no such thing as 100% safe even in sleep.
Comment by fred brill on 22nd December 2011
I thought it belonged to the Indians
The water vs the land.
Comment by Samantha on 22nd December 2011
The Water is federal jurisdiction, the land provincial. However contaminated waters affect our lands. Conaminated lands affects OUR economy, our tourism, our lives...

Navy, Coast Guard, whatever... in the end it is OUR lives as British Columbians that take the largest risk.
Is Clark a self-proclaimed Hereditary Chief?
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 22nd December 2011
Sounds like Clark is pulling the same stunt with British Columbians that Elmer Derrick pulled with his Gitxsan Community.

Does the word "Betrayal" ring a bell?
One Dominion
Comment by Ray Hallock on 22nd December 2011
From Sea to Shining Sea

I havent seen too much of the British Columbia Navy or the British Columbia Coast Guard patrolling the BC Owned coast !!
Comment by blocky bear on 22nd December 2011
WTF! d.b.
Thats great news!!
Comment by Mike on 22nd December 2011
Good to hear that! That means I can split up my tax bills and send all the other provinces a piece for payments. I'm sure all us B.C. residents are glad to hear that the other provinces will be paying parts of their property tax now that they own it too. I wonder if Alberta can kick in a few more bucks for better snow removal on their part of the street?
So then..
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 22nd December 2011
Alberta's oil belongs to us and the rest of Canada? Was it not Pierre Trudeau who tried that? That worked well didn't it?
Comment by Anon on 22nd December 2011
Looks like she has figured out that she has zero chance of getting elected . So why not feather her nest with the feds . Steve will give her a job . He needs all the friends he can buy.
and keep the proceeds
Comment by bill braam on 22nd December 2011
and why do they keep as much of the oil money which is part of the rest of Canada?
if theirs
Comment by bill braam on 22nd December 2011
if theirs why do they want to participate in its destruction?