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NEWS RELEASE · 26th December 2011
Prime Minister Stephen Harper will speak frankly on national Canadian television about his intention of selling tar sands oil to China if the United States does not approve the Keystone XL pipeline to the Gulf of Mexico.

“I am very serious about selling our oil off this continent, selling our energy products off to China,” he said in an interview with CTV, noting that he is even willing to compromise his relationship with the United States to do so. The exclusive interview airs fully on the station on Boxing Day, December 26, at 7 p.m.

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Whose pocket???
Comment by James Ippel on 1st January 2012
Whose pocket was Mr Chretien in? He now alledgedly owns a Hotel and a Golf Course. I realize that he got a good paycheque every month, but not that good. Adscam-another Liberal boondoggle which cost the taxpayer millions, along with the Gun Registry which cost the taxpayer billions, and did ABSOLUTELY no good.

How quickly we forget.....
"Amen Dave "
Comment by blocky bear on 31st December 2011
I would like to echo your statements! Amen, Amen! d.b.
While we are
Comment by Dave on 27th December 2011
While we are a supplier of resources to the world - always have been since the first "immigrants" arrived - there is a difference between being productive gathering and making products from those resources for a benefit to the people who do the work and/or those that really own them and selling out those resources at any expense to look good in your own lifetime and to hell with the future.
We, as collective "Canadians" are the dumbest in the world when it comes to what we allow to happen around and to us. It is long overdue for the people to take charge of our future. Yes we need to export those resources for the collective good but at a premium price with as little as possible impact on our children's future.
Mr. Harper is in the wallet of big corporations including oil and no doubt foreign governments (Christy Clark is in Mr. Harper's back pocket). It is really sad that Jack Layton has left us - I wish there was an effective voice left in Ottawa to raise concern nation wide about what is happening to our country.
Profile of a Sociopath
Comment by ron wilton on 27th December 2011

The man is either oblivious to the 'democratic' will of the majority of BC'rs, or he is a raving sociopath(not unlike our former premier), who doesn't give a rat's ass about the people of BC (not unlike our former premier).
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 26th December 2011
Of COURSE he will.