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NEWS RELEASE · 30th December 2011
Gitxsan Against Enbridge
We are on day 24 at the GITXSAN UNITY MOVEMENT protest outside of the GTS building (Hazelton BC, Canada) in the Gitxsan Territory .

We are still going strong... weathering the elements out by the sacred fire...standing proud for what we believe in and against the deal with Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline project signed by Elmer Derrick (on Dec 2,2011) said to be on behalf of the Gitxsan people.

Standing up for the truth, our culture, our beliefs, our people and all that lives off of mother earth.

PLS GO TO to fill out our survey and/or to sign up to volunteer!

Volunteers needed at the fire!

Four hour shifts - 24/7

Shift schedule will be made right away so reply through the comment section of this message with your contact information.

OR come by the sacred fire in Hazelton BC.


Watch video from December 28th Here
Some clarification please...
Comment by Dazed and Confused on 30th December 2011
My questions are quite possibly foolish, but I am trying to get a grasp on this situation which has been reported quite a few times on Terrace Daily. I agree with the stand being taken against Enbridge and I mean no disrespect in asking, I only want to understand.

If Elmer Derrick didn't speak for the Gitxsan when he signed an agreement with Enbridge, what I would like to know is...

How did Elmer get his position to begin with? Was he elected? Appointed? If so, by who?

What was/is the function of the Gitxsan Treaty Office and Treaty Society officials? Is anyone handling whatever they did now?

If someone wanted to make an agreement with the Gitxsan, what is the correct procedure? Is it up to the person or enterprise to contact every individual Gitxsan and have an individual agreement with each person, or seek a signature to one agreement like a petition?

Or, would someone have to contact every hereditary chief and get them to be signatories to an agreement? Who are all the hereditary chiefs? Is there any kind of majority consensus required of people who are signatories?

Before writing this, I did try looking on and using google but couldn't find anything.