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NEWS RELEASE · 31st December 2011
Terrace RCMP
A 35 year old male is facing numerous charges after the vehicle he was driving collided with a marked police car late Friday evening. RCMP say Cst. Philip Crack and Aux/Cst.

Shelley Ullery were off the travel portion of Highway 16 near Ferry Island monitoring traffic when a white van lost control and smashed into the back of the parked police car. Seconds prior to the collision the van had been clocked on radar at over 120 kilometers per hour in the 50 kilometer zone.

The officers along with the driver of the van were all taken by ambulance to Mills Memorial Hospital where they were treated and later released.

“This could have been tragic”, says Terrace Detachment Commander Inspector Dana Hart. “Especially at this time of the year. Both Cst. Crack and Aux/Cst. Ullery have families. Just like all of our members they are out there risking their lives to keep others safe.”

Cst. Crack is a member of North District West Traffic Services based in Terrace, while Aux/Cst. Ullery is a volunteer with the Detachment auxiliary program.

“This is exactly why our members are out in full force during the holiday season” says Sgt. Pam Scott of North District West Traffic Services. “Some people just don’t seem to get the message, drunk driving injures and kills.”

Police say damage to both vehicles is extensive and note the police car was the newest vehicle in their fleet.

Charged with impaired driving and dangerous driving is David Schiffer from the Czech Republic, currently working in Terrace.
I must agree with Brent
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 3rd January 2012
These City's drivers are truly horrendous!

Even today when the City tends to leave their notorious "signature" of 8+ feet of snowwalls in the centre of the roadways - cutting down two lanes to one - one would think people would (dare I say) slow down?

Nope! Not to be.

And then this a.m. I was actually almost run off the road today by an oncoming driver at intersection and had to quickly turn into the snowcovered pile on the side of the road to avoid him. THE PILE OF SNOW!!!

Thankfully, I had my trusty Red Baron 4x4 to reverse outta the snowdrift that saved my life after that idiot sped off.
Comment by Brent H. on 3rd January 2012
I did read where he was from. Does it matter where he is from? He is still driving in Terrace.

I thought my point was obvious in that - It's not only the "out of town drivers" that are the problem.

Get it?

Terrace Commenters are horrable
Comment by Alfred Dangle on 3rd January 2012
If Brent H. had read the entire article he would have read that the driver, David Schiffer, is from the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic is not in Terrace.
Terrace drivers are horrible.
Comment by Brent H. on 1st January 2012
I don't understand why the RCMP don't make dangerous driving the number 1 priority.

Almost every time I go outside I hear someone flooring it. The speeds people often do around town is 80 km/h or more. More than 50% of drivers in Terrace don't use a signal light or stop at stop signs because no-one is out there to tell them any different.

2 road blocks a year isn't putting a micro-dent in getting dangerous drivers off the road.

That is why you see people driving like this all over Terrace...Ironic it's a white Van too...
Naming of charged individual
Comment by c. sandecki on 1st January 2012
If it's okay to name a person from another country who is charged with an offense in B.C., why do we seldom, if ever, learn the name of a local so charged?
A little local notoriety might slow some drinkers who insist upon driving.