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COMMENTARY · 3rd January 2012
Terrace Daily
For our Readers information this article, attached below, is how the Vancouver Sun is presenting the Enbridge Issue. After erroneously presenting the Gitxsan Treaty Society and Office as being true representatives of the Gitxsan Hereditary Chiefs and the Gitxsan People, this article continues the charade of presenting unbiased information.

As we described previously CLICK HERE this type of article is deluding the regular reader. It appears as if the Vancouver Sun is preparing the groundwork for Government intervention when the protesters begin getting shot as they stop the project. Don't forget Gustafsen Lake READ MORE HERE. Readers of the Vancouver Sun may feel the Government is justified after consuming a continuous feed of this type of information.

EDMONTON — Oil producers could lose $72 billion over a nine-year-period if a pipeline to carry Alberta bitumen to the West Coast isn’t built, a new report for the Alberta government says as community hearings for the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway project are about to begin this month in British Columbia.

In a 44-page report submitted before Christmas to the federal government panel reviewing the pipeline project, consultants for Alberta Energy peg potential losses for oil producers in the project at $8 billion every year between 2017 and 2025.

The forecast, drawn up by Houston-based consultant Harold York for the firm Wood Mackenzie, is largely based on the expectation that Alberta oil sells at a higher price on an international market than it does in North America.

“If we can get it offshore, there are a lot more markets available to us which are willing to pay a higher price,” Alberta Energy spokesman Tim Markle said.

The outlook does not deal with the oilsands production boost anticipated as a result of pipeline construction. It also does not deal explicitly with the effects that offshore bitumen sales would have on oil royalties collected by the Alberta government.

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Higher Prices?
Comment by Gary Edwards on 4th January 2012
All this talk about higher prices makes me sick. Nowhere have I ever seen that the result in these higher prices will decrease our home heating and at the pump costs. And this 72 Billion is a projected loss. In other words they wouldn't make that money if the pipeline wasn't built. If they don't have the money in the first place how can they lose it?

So they will lose 72 billion. How much are we going to lose when (not if) there is a spill. They'll use that 72 billion to tie lawsuits up in court (just look at Michigan or the lasting effects of the Exxon Valdez) just so we, the already ripped off taxpayer have to pay for the cleanups with our (ever increasing) tax dollars. Meanwhile the fat cat directors of these companies have already this year (2012) earned more than the average working guy in Canada.
Stop the pipeline. And while I'm at it stop Prosperity from dumping tailings in our lakes.
Corporate media shilling for big oil
Comment by Norm Farrell on 4th January 2012
There are a series of articles about the Vancouver Sun, Enbridge and tar sands oil at my blog 'Northern Insights.'

It is not just the Postmedia papers distorting news for the benefit of Enbridge. Corus Radio is doing their part as well.
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 3rd January 2012
Ugh. Reading this...I just now almost involuntarily vomitted up my dinner!!!

I gotta step away...