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REPORTING · 4th January 2012
Merv Ritchie
Early this morning, Wednesday, January 4, a fire began in a vacant home on the 4800 block of Walsh Avenue. The fire was well underway long before it was noticed even though Walsh Avenue is a busy street. According to those at the scene it wasn’t until the new tenants arrived to move in that the fire was discovered. One explanation for the fire not being discovered earlier was the early morning fog shrouding the area concealing the smoke.

When the Terrace Volunteer Firefighters arrived, at approximately 7:30 am, flames were shooting out the now broken windows and the home was fully engulfed. By 9:30 everything was quiet and they were rolling up their hoses preparing to leave the scene.

The fire department closed the entire 4800 block of Walsh making the regular drive for parents and students to Skeena Junior Secondary and Caledonia a new adventure.
reporting concern
Comment by Tara Lynn on 5th January 2012
I heard first hand that it was not new tenants but existing homeowners in the initial stages of moving out.
I really hope some strong support can be initiated for them as they have lost a lot during this tragic ordeal. It's a small town, lets make sure those in dire events see some positive action from the community, not just feeling overlooked entirely due to the report of a "vacant" home being reported ravaged by fire.
Good job, Stuart.
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 5th January 2012
One thing that's great in MY Southside neighborhood, is that we neighbors watch out for one another - 24/7.

We share clothing items and dinner foods and housesit and babysit for one another and help each other "recycle" yard items that might'a otherwise gone into the trash....while even sharing City Lawn mowing duty at the intersection at the end of our street.

So, it's always great to hear that other neighbors do the same.

Good job there, Stuart...for being a vigilant neighbor and for taking charge by immediately enquiring with the other neighbor if there were residents in that burning house...and to call for help ASAP...and then to instruct the secondary neighbors to move their vehicles away from the burning bldg next door.

You're an asset to your neighborhood, Stuart and would fit in really great in mine if you ever feel the need to move:)
Someone didn't make it to school!
Comment by Sophie McCallie on 4th January 2012
"By 9:30 everything was quite and they were rolling up their hoses..."
I'm curious....everything was 'quite' what ?? Sounds like the only one who had problems getting to school was the

Thanks for pointing that mistake out, wish we knew sooner.
Fire discovered
Comment by Stuart Horner on 4th January 2012
It was actually myself who discovered the fire (not the new tenants)

I was outside at 7:00 am for a smoke when I saw what looked like heavy fog. It seamed very thick for fog, so I went out to the street. That is when I got a whiff of smoke. I walked down the street to the corner of Eby and Walsh and saw the smoke pour over the house on the corner. I ran over there and could see it was not coming from that house but the one next door. I looked over to see the window glowing red and flickering. I ran over to see the house fully engulfed inside. I rang the neighbors door bell, woke them up, asked if anyone was in the house next door. I then told them to phone the fire dept. and move their cars. I waited until the fire dept. showed up then I went back home.

I am surprised the person I saw walking down the street ahead of me walked right by it and didn't notice the fire. I'm just glad no-one was hurt. Very quick response from the fire dept.