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NEWS RELEASE · 4th January 2012
Terrace RCMP
“Break and Enter Occurred While Homeowner Lay Deceased”

The son went to check on his father at his residence on Old Lakelse Lake Dr on the morning of Dec. 30 . He discovered that the at the home was break and entered, and then he found his father deceased.

“It is likely that it was known the man was deceased while the home was went through, “says Cst Angela Rabut of the Terrace RCMP.

After a thorough investigation involving the Terrace RCMP Forensic Identification Unit, Terrace RCMP, and the Provincial Coroner, it is determined that foul play was not involved.

The death of the terminally ill 78 yr old man and the break and enter are not related. Stolen were a black and white Mastercraft air compressor with an orange hose attached to it, two red plastic 20 L Jerry cans - one marked “STRAIT GAS”, and an orange gas powered weed wacker. The break and enter is still under investigation.

If you have information about this crime contact the Terrace RCMP at (250)638-7400 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers by telephone at 1-800 222-TIPS. Or a Tip can be left anonymously online at
Sitting on the fence
Comment by Deborah Dimitrov on 9th January 2012
If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem.
Coming to a neighbour hood near you, soon.
To MaggieJo
Comment by Deborah Dimitrov on 9th January 2012
Even though our letter was addressed to the thieves; our hope is that someone sitting comfortably on the fence might feel compelled to come forward. This crime was committed by people who blended into the neighbourhood.
George and Emily tought their children all the values you mention in your email.
As a community, we should all be outraged and intolerent of this behavior. To ignore it ( as long as it doesn't affect us or to lay the blame on their parents) is the same as aiding and abetting the thieves .
If I were only adressing the ignorant people who perpetrated this, I would have used four letter words they would be more likely to understand.
I really don't give a dam who their parents were or if they had horrific childhoods. These mental midgets knew what they were doing was wrong because they covered their tracks. They made a choice and should be held to account for their actions.
Sadly...they could care less.
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 6th January 2012
You think the culprit(s) of this crime have any conscience left after robbing a DEAD man's home?! I hate to be the bearer of bad news....but they could care less from what we harshly publish online, after they "got away with it". You don't think they're high-fiving their pals in the interim while the rest of the Community is disgusted?? Wake up, people.

Sadly, there's nofin' we can comment online that would reach these low lifes to bring them to any form of repentance. Why? Cuz they're in such a current "state" that they could simply care less. (Remember the witness that simply walked by this week's housefire on Walsh without even raising a brow to the utter thought that there could be children burning to death in that house fire?")

- Take time to teach your children moral acts of kindness.
- Take time to teach your children the difference between right and wrong.
- Take time to teach your children that you will not tolerate insubordinate behaviour such as this.
- Take time to teach your children...

Oh wait. I guess people don't have the "time" anymore.
So sorry
Comment by Linda Haines on 5th January 2012
Doug and family,
My deepest condolances to you all, I have very fond memories of George when I was growing up as he was good friends with my dad. I too lost my dad Dec 1st as hard as it is there will be no more suffering and they are both at peace now.
As for the disturbing news of the theft, it made me so furious, such a kind wonderful man nor does anyone deserve this treatment and to the theives who did this, how dare you, I hope you never sleep a peaceful day in your life from this day on.
I am still in shock, please know Yeast family, you are in our thoughts, peace and love to you.

Linda Haines and family
An Open Letter To The Thieves
Comment by Tom & Deborah Dimitrov on 4th January 2012
An open letter to the low life forms who robbed our friend and valued neighbor of over fourty years. Your behavior is so contemptible and egregious; it defies description. Being the cowards and thieves you are doesn’t allow us to share thoughts with you in person. We want you to know our neighbor and the effects of your actions.
George was an honorable man who treated everyone with kindness, integrity and compassion. Over the years George has dropped everything to look for lost pets, and stray children or any other problem he was aware of. He always had a smile and kind word to share with everyone. George and Emily raised their children to be honest, contributing members of this community. Your actions have made a tragic situation far worse for his family. They will always have doubts and anger about his last moments of life.
We want you to know that these healthier, younger neighbors and friends of George would welcome the opportunity of meeting you. Finally, we would like to appeal to anyone with a conscience (your kind doesn’t beget loyalty) to come forward with any information and right this terrible wrong.

Tom and Deborah Dimitrov

Comment by Doug Yeast on 4th January 2012
As the son of the man who died we have a bit more info on the items stolen. The air compressor was actually a craftsman and an impact wrench and sockets and a Westward socket set were taken from the shop. From the house a woman's wedding ring set, a ruby ring with a distinctive setting and a set of pickup and house keys
Comment by Pat on 4th January 2012
Is nothing sacred anymore? This has to be a new low amongst the ....... lurking around.
Comment by karen cadle on 4th January 2012
I find it very disturbing that someone could rummage through a man's house while he is lying deceased. the least you foraging low lifes could have done is made an anonymous tip call. there has to be some humanity left