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NEWS RELEASE · 6th January 2012
Terrace RCMP
Last seen: January 1, 2012 at approximately 3 AM in Gitaus, British Columbia

Age: 21
Race: Native Indian
Hair Color: Black, Medium Length over ears
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5 ft 11 inches
Weight: 160 lbs
Build: Slim
Marks / Tatoos: None
Usually wears a hat or toque, baggy clothes.

If you have seen Devin AZAK-DAVIS or have any information to assist police in locating him contact the Terrace RCMP immediately.
I believe...........
Comment by James Ippel on 8th January 2012
I have a feeling that the RCMP have a lot more knowledge about this missing young man than they are letting on. The is an tremendous amount of continual police activithy at Gitaus, that has been ongoing for a few days.

As for Richard, your comment borders on-I don't know what.

Remember how it used to be: Indian, Native Indian, Aboriginal, and now First Nation. Please bear in mind that the last two appear to be the "politically correct" versions put forth by lawyers wanting to make a name for themselves.
The explanation put forward by mbw seems to cov er it well.

Leave it be and pray the young man will be found in good health.

what about the boy?
Comment by Leanne on 8th January 2012
Whoa, way off topic people. A person is missing here and all you can talk about is his race. Come on!
If you want to split hairs
Comment by mbw on 7th January 2012
With all respect, I believe this is an official press release using official language.

Here is a quote from the Canadian Encyclopedia:

"The Government of Canada, in section 35(2) of the Constitution Act of 1982, defines 3 groups of Aboriginal people in the Constitution: Indians, Inuit and MÉTIS. Indians are categorized as status (also referred to as registered), non-status and treaty Indians. According to the INDIAN ACT, legislation which was first passed in 1876 but which stemmed from similar pre-Confederation laws, a status Indian is registered as an Indian under the Indian Act, and a non-status Indian has not registered under the Act. A treaty Indian is a status Indian who belongs to a First Nation that signed a treaty with the Crown.

"To some people "Indian" is somewhat pejorative and as a result many Indians are more comfortable with terms such as native people, Aboriginal people, Indigenous people or FIRST NATIONS for self-reference.

"There is no single, widely-accepted term that is used to identify the first peoples of Canada."

I pray this young man is found soon.
Please enlighten me
Comment by c. sandecki on 7th January 2012
What's the difference between native Indian and first nation?
Racism??? I'm not getting it...
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 6th January 2012
RE: Racisim Commentator

"he's not a native Indian, he's a first nation. please show some respect."

Perhaps a slight oversight, but really...what's with the verbal charge of "racism" here?

We're all working together to locate this young lad. The Community was alerted to this via Radio Communications today and now TDaily. Whether Native Indian or First Nation Indian...we're all on board to help find him. I've printed off his pic to put on my vehicle's sun visor; as well as posting up at my employment establishment.

Let's not stray from the integrity of this article, which is to locate this young man - nationality aside.
Comment by richard on 6th January 2012
he`s not a native Indian, he`s a first nation. please show some respect.
Comment by richard on 6th January 2012
lets hope the young lad makes it home safely. please keep us posted. first i heard of it too. what happen to the first 48 hr``s supposely the most important.why waited till now for the announcement. it`s a crying shame. unexceptable for waiting this long..
Thank You
Comment by Kim Wookey on 6th January 2012
Thanks a million for posting this. I cannot believe it has not been on the new or in the papers till today! He has been missing for 5 days now.... :$