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Camp outside the Treaty Office.
REPORTING · 7th January 2012
Terrace Daily

It was definable as a historical moment in time. The feeling of people of different origins, lives and backgrounds, all passionate about a common good for all of mankind; not just for the northwest of BC and not just for their people.

Unity was the message; laughter, fun, enlightenment and togetherness was the experience.

In a little hall off of highway 16, in Hazelton, BC, the course of our history and future was defined. It was never so clear, till now.

"How Do You Want To Be Remembered"?

The main emphasis was on what our decisions had on the legacy that we leave behind, "what are we going to leave to our children and their children?"

The Gitxan Hereditary Chiefs raised over $12,000 for their Unity Action. The support was overwhelming.

Together with the volunteers, supporters, fire keepers, youth, kids, elders and cooks; the Hereditary Chiefs have banded together with great passion, pride and love for their territory, and respect for neighboring territories.

Unity is the message.

Editors Note: Videos and full report will be posted

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Young dancers so proud to wear their crest.
Young dancers so proud to wear their crest.
Listening and Learning.
Listening and Learning.
No Means No!
No Means No!
Gitxsan Treaty Society is "Fired".
Comment by Ron J. Sterritt on 9th January 2012
It is very important that everyone accept the idea that the Gitxsan Treaty Society has to be kept "Fired" by the villages and the Chiefs. They are only one step away from completing the total destruction of the Gitxsan People. The Government is paying them with money that is a continual "Loan" to the Villages. This has reached about $20 million to this point. They sure aren't working on our behalf. The poor villages can't repay this "Fraudulent Loan". (Since they were never consulted or agreed to accept this loan.) If we lose our "Land Base" and "Status as Indians", this will have completed the Genocide of the Gitxsan People. That is no "Treaty". There is no "Human Rights" for the Aboriginals in Canada and especially BC. Take good care of each other, everyone.