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NEWS RELEASE · 11th January 2012
As Joint Review Panel hearings on the Enbridge tar sands pipeline began yesterday, January 10. 2011, New Democrat MLAs are reaffirming their opposition to the proposal due to serious environmental risks, including crude oil supertankers, and a lack of lasting benefits for people in the region.

“In the communities I represent, a clean environment is part of our way of life,” said Robin Austin, MLA for Skeena. “What I’ve heard my constituents say is that our world famous salmon runs are more important than anything Enbridge has to offer. The people I represent live here and make their lives here. It’s not just a squiggle on a map or a line item on a spreadsheet.”

While discussing the Enbridge tar sands pipeline Liberal premier Christy Clark claimed that "British Columbia's coast does not just belong to British Columbia,” a view which North Coast MLA Gary Coons says is dangerous and misleading.

“Premier Clark ignores the fact that British Columbians in the northwest would see their livelihoods destroyed and B.C. taxpayers would be left to spend billions to clean up any mess created by Enbridge. It will be the Haida, the Haisla, the Gitga'at, and other First Nations who will lose their breadbasket. It will be the fishers in Prince Rupert who will be left high and dry. It will be the northwest bed and breakfasts and guide outfitters who will go out of business,” said Coons.

Stikine MLA Doug Donaldson said his constituents are concerned that if the pipeline is allowed to go through, it will only be a matter of time before there is a catastrophic pipeline rupture or oil tanker disaster.

"I am very concerned that Premier Clark doesn't grasp the reality of tanker traffic along our coast. Last February, she compared the north coast to the St. Lawrence and said she didn't 'know why we'd ban them necessarily off the west coast' Well – we have news for the premier. The north coast is not the St. Lawrence,” said Donaldson.

Northwest MLAs Austin, Coons and Donaldson will be making presentations to the review panel as will New Democrat Environment critic Rob Fleming. New Democrats have long opposed the Enbridge tar sands pipeline because it provides few long-term benefits while posing serious risks to the B.C. environment and economy.
Why export it.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 25th January 2012
50 % of Canada uses imported oil. What's up with that?
Comment by les watmough on 20th January 2012
The embridge line is being supported by our Prime Minister when he says that the line is a national interest,and must be built to Maintan jobs. . MP Nathan Cullen says to the PM let us talk about jobs. Building the lne to transport TAR creates say 1,000 jobs, BUILD a refinery and you create 4 times that many, these jobs will be PERMANENT jobs, not just construstiion jobs, and a refinery will take alll (or most ) of the poisons out of the tar. Why are they so determined to buiilt this line to create jobs off shore,? WE have right her in our town, sawmills that are closed that should be cutting lumber,salmon that are fast frozen then exported, now they want to do the same with all Canadas resources. WAC Bennet, that great Socialst said" If you want our logs build a mill, get the logs at our price. Peckford the Nefie said"Our oil is for sale, we will dictate the terms and conditions."
Les watmough.