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NEWS RELEASE · 13th January 2012
Gitanmaax Indian Band
On January 9, 2012, legal counsel for the Gitxsan Treaty Society admitted in British Columbia Supreme Court that their Board of Directors was invalid because all members are appointed under an invalid GTS bylaw. Representatives for the Spookw plaintiffs say, "All of GTS' actions have been, and continue to be, illegal and this fact further supports our claim that the GTS must be wound-up."

The GTS incorporated as a non-profit Society on November 28, 1994 under the British Columbia Society Act with its stated purpose being "to support the Gitxsan people in their treaty and other negotiations." Since then GTS has borrowed in excess of $20 million dollars from B.C. and Canada, and has produced little to no tangible benefit to the Gitxsan people. The Plaintiffs in the Spookw action say the fact that this amount of money was lent to an invalid entity raises questions on the level of due diligence conducted by the B.C. Treaty Commission.

The Proceedings in British Columbia Supreme Court was adjourned to mid February 2012, to give the individuals operating under the name GTS an opportunity to file a petition to ask the Court to give an Order allowing the Society to correct its bylaws and become a valid organization. The plaintiffs say that the breach goes to the core of the Society's being, and so serious that it cannot be corrected therefore the society should not be allowed to re-establish itself.
Small Question....
Comment by Mike on 13th January 2012
Not saying this to upset anybody but just curious...if the GTS has been operating for 'almost two decades' as an illegal entity and taking the 20 million dollars...Why hasn't the Gitxan stepped forward sooner and asked why is the Gov't giving money to a entity that does not represent them?

Ed Note; Mike, if you read the other stories, we understand there are lots to go through, however it has been mentioned on numerous occasions how the BC Government has been advised in writing of this by the Gitxsan people and the band councils.

This is exactly what the court case, started in Jan 2009, was all about and the Bands included the Province and the Feds in the claim. It has been three years since the Gov'ts have been served papers for court.

It is not for the lack of trying by the Gitxsan Hereditary Chiefs.
chief tx-suu (pronounced choquo)
Comment by cliffordd c.w. morgan on 13th January 2012
As far as I am concerned, GTS is a illegal entity, and has been for almost two decades, the Province must be held accountable for its actions, by handing over $millions for GTS to do its bidding. How can Canada be not blamed also for what it was doing. Peoples cries were unheard, and only just recently, it was found out by B.C. Supreme Court that GTS/GDC is an illegal entity. If a Canadian did that, the decision would be swift, RCMP would be called in to arrest the culprits, and why hasn't this being done to GTS/GDC executives and negotiators, and their illigitimate Board Members.