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REPORTING · 13th January 2012
Terrace Daily News
Broken Links repaired
Below are links to Videos on Vimeo recorded and uploaded by the Terrace Daily Online News service at the JRP Intervener Hearings in Kitamaat Village and Terrace BC. This is not everything but each video is an unedited recording of each individual presenter.

Some of these are quite long while others are short presentations.

We have made a editorial judgement on which are the must see, the most clear and informative presentations and list them in that order.

Many of the Videos we have uploaded in the past have disappeared from the net, such as those we uploaded to Yahoo Videos. This has been very disappointing. As Youtube only allows for short videos, their service does not meet our, and your needs. Many of our recordings are over an hour in length, though most are much shorter.

As we find time we will re-upload previously lost videos from Yahoo.

The JRP hearings opened with a dance and drum entrance by the Haisla and Kitlope called the “Spirit of the Kitlope” This was a moving performance and is a must see.

Watch the Spirit of the Kitlope here

If you enjoy this dancing and drumming we offer this next.

Caught outside the hearing room during the lunch time intermission of the Joint Review Panel of Canada's National Energy Board, this young group of performers from Bella Bella express their support for the Haisla.

This song is completely new and unique from all others we have recorded. Watch it here.

Clifford Smith, a Kitlope Chief is our choice for the first presenter as this man epitomizes the dignity of a Hereditary Chief, a high ranking dignified and respectful elder. No ego, all respect.

A cool calm measured and respectful presentation explaining why the project must not proceed.

Watch Clifford Smith here.

Marilyn Furlan, a Kitlope Matriarch, is our second choice for being the most informative presenter from day one of the hearings.

A slow, measured and emotional plea. 'During the depression years, the 1930's, our community did not know hunger, we did not know anyone was hungry, our grocery store was always full, right outside our front door. On the land, in the rivers and in the Ocean.'

Watch Marilyn Furlan presentation here.

Kitamaat Village (now Haisla Nation) elected Chief Councillor Ellis Ross is our next pick for most important to watch. He was the seventh to speak and wrapped up all the Haisla and Kitlope elders presentations to the JRP in a very convincing and thorough manner.

“So when we’re talking about projects like this, I’m fully aware of what can go wrong. And for the most part it always boils down to human error. It doesn’t seem to matter how idiot proof you make something because they keep building better idiots.” said Ross.

Watch Ellis Ross here.

We will stay with First Nations elders and the most informative by switching to day three where the JRP sat in Terrace BC with Tsimshian Kitsumkalum Chief Councillor Don Roberts presentation.

A slow beginning providing background on history and treaty negotiations but then Roberts, also a life long fisherman, delves into the reality of the food harvest with details of migration routes all species and the interrelation. He provides detailed maps, pictures, tanker routes, water temperature and annual details only a man of the land could provide.

This is a must see for anyone who wishes to have a true understanding of how life was and how well the first nations people know their stuff.

From a population of tens of thousands prior to the British traders, small pox and residential schools to a population of only a few thousand, this land and the sea harvest is all they have left for survival.

Roberts makes a moving argument for his demand that the Enbridge project not proceed.

Watch Don Roberts presentation here.

Giving the non First Nations a chance to be heard our first choice, from Douglas Channel Watch is Dave Shannon. Shannon presents a detailed technical presentation on double hulled tankers and their extreme corrosion susceptibility. He includes a power point presentation with a historical perspective.

Watch Shannon’s presentation here.

Many more videos can be watched from the same location these are found. More will be added as we have the time.

No single presenter is more important than any other. There were, as of the end of Thursday in Terrace, a total of 24 people who spoke. We will attempt to get them all up for everyone to view. We selected a few to get it started.