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CONTRIBUTION · 13th January 2012
Diane VanderWiel
Update : 4:51 pm Friday.
Just got a nasty call from our friendly Northern Wildlife Rescue who chastised me for phoning around to different shelters and inquiring about Lucy. He had said that now nobody will take her and she has to be killed...PLEASE HELP ME.

I am very frustrated with our Enviroment of Canada and the R.C.M.P. As per our discussion, here is my story.

Two years ago while touring our back roads in Fort St. James, we came upon a little ball of yellow fluff on the road. We watched as it had scurried back and forth, not wanting to interrupt it rejoining it's family. Half an hour had passed and it was getting weaker as we watched. We were not the only ones watching this little bird, there was an eagle hovering above. We got out of our vehicle and scooped up the bird. We brought it home, put it in a crate, feed and watered it. A couple of weeks had passed and by this time she was stronger.

I live in Fort St James, Pinchi Lake road, we have 5 acres, I have chickens and I also raise my own birds.

At that time I had baby chicks, so I placed the little bird(not knowing that she was a Canada goose) in the baby pen. She adapted very well, eating, sleeping and playing in the outdoors with the other chicks.

A few months had passed and after loosing her yellow down, to our surprise,we discovered that she was a Canadian goose. We have tried to integrate her back into the wild with the other geese that lay resting and feeding on our property and surrounding areas. She had no interest and was totally content with her new found family. Over the next 2 years Lucy, we named her, had established a great connection with my husband and I and our 4 dogs.

Lucy would follow me and the dogs as we walked around on our property, she would reply with a honk when I said " Lets go for a walk. She would fly to me if she fell to far behind and land right at my side. I have neighbors that come to see Lucy daily, they bring their children to feed and look on in amusement. Lucy is a very gentle goose and very, very loved. Lucy has her own bathtub, I fill it often and she loves to swim and play in it.

Wherever I am outside or in the house, Lucy is always by my side. This silly little goose has stolen my heart and many in the hood where we live. When I walked to visited the neighbors she would follow me and wait outside on the porch and then proceed to walk home with me. Lucy is in my home laying by the fire with my dogs, who by the way adore her as well.

So here we are, moving now to the date January 11, 2012.

We look down the driveway and a non familiar truck opens the gate and pulls up to the house. Two men get out and my husband, Don , met them outside. They want to take a look in the barn. With nothing to hide Don takes them to the barn to see Lucy.

Then this beautiful blue day turns black and cold, they are here to take Lucy.

They had said that they got a call from the R.C.M.P. and were dispatched out of Smithers, B.C. to come and remove the bird.

With no exact reason they then removed her from the barn, but I have so say not without my verbal arguments to try to keep my girl.

Someone had made a complaint that I had a goose, she does not terrorize the neighborhood, she flies and comes back home always. Lucy does not wander, even though she is given every opportunity to do as she pleases.

I also talked to the wildlife officer and was telling him that I am able and willing to obtain a Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit. Which I can take in Smithers, a 4 day course, and my native band, T'latz'en nation, is willing to help me.

The officer told me that I would never be able to attain one, which is not true.I was then told that I may be fined for everyday that Lucy was with us.This also is not true because Lucy was always given her freedom to come and go as she pleased.

Lucy was never held captive, Lucy is not abused, Lucy is very well taken care of.

I was told, as they were taking her away in a small crate, that I could see her anytime in Prince George, Northern Wildlife Rescue.

So this day January 12, I pick up the phone to call P.G. Wildlife Rescue. On the other end of the phone they tell me that they do not have long term facilities to keep Lucy and she is going to be moved to Vancouver Island to be euthanized or she may be euthanized here in Prince George.

Now you can see why I have been terrorized by the system and Lucy's fate is in my hands.

I have been on the phone all day and now into the night to try to save my Lucy and bring her back home.

Our friendly Wildlife Officer also told us that we should have stepped on her when we found her and while talking to Wildlife Rescue in P.G. she told me that, that would have been the better option for Lucy.

These are the people that we rely on for our wildlife conservation? I am begging you to please help me in any way that you can.

I will await your reply. I have alot of family and friends that are also helping me to get the word out about our situation. Lucy has stolen the hearts of all who have had the chance to meet her, Lucy would steal your heart too.

Sincerely Diane VanderWiel and family

I have been calling the Northern Wildlife Rescue Society, in Prince George,trying to get an update on how Lucy is doing. They have an answering service and have yet to call me back. If anyone wants to call and show their support the # is 250-962-8520. Tell them to release LUCY! Save her life rather than Destroying it! We also have a FB page - Bring Lucy Home!

You can contact Diane ,,,250-996-8770 .

National Post
Comment by S Davidson on 19th January 2012
Human beings seem to have to meddle.
Comment by Alan Gaskell on 18th January 2012
The fate of the bird does not appear to be a consideration. I suspect it would eventually join it's kin if the situation were left to its own end. Killing the animal is ridiculous. When will people grow up.
Beyond Reason
Comment by Norm Gaskell on 18th January 2012
I can understand that we have to be wary of folks interfering and capturing wild animals but.........this would seem absurd, to go to a lot of trouble to create trouble and anxiety for no reason. Could it be that some folks have lost sight of what they are hoping to achieve? I do hope there is a change of heart!!!! Should we all be sending a link to this page the people in our address book. I have.
is it dead
Comment by grey goose on 17th January 2012
I heard the bird is died
Get the word out
Comment by MD on 16th January 2012
I'm so sorry to hear about the terrible struggle you're having. I'm sure you're doing everything you can, but getting the word out about this is the key. Explore every avenue possible, YouTube, every local news channel possible, Canadian newspapers, your MLA/MP, and any wildlife sanctuaries eligible to take her -- these so-called 'powers that be' won't be as quick to serve up the death sentence when everyone's watching. Best of luck to you and Lucy.
Comment by Judith Hecimovic on 16th January 2012
What a terrible shame and such a very sad story! I am disgusted with the RCMP and the people who did this to you. I just wish that I could help you get Lucy back.
Maybe the TV media might be able to help you?
My husband and I wish you all of the very best of luck in getting Lucy back home to you.
Judith Hecimovic, Stewart, B.C.
A thought.................
Comment by James Ippel on 15th January 2012
Maybe we should go back to the days when we hired people who had a modicum of common sense to uphold our laws(conservation & otherwise).

The people in authority hold the idiotic idea that if you have a University/Tech School Degree, you automatically qualify for a position of authority in Law Enforcement. Trust me, this is so far from the truth it is laughable. A couple of examples from the RCMP - A degree in Geology, A degree in Chemistry, suddenly make these people prime candidates for General and Traffic Duty. Give me bloody break. The same hold true for Conservation Officers - the common sense ones are soon weeded out for the degree touting, less than human types.
lets look at the logic
Comment by bill braam on 15th January 2012
There is very good reason why we have laws protecting wildlife and now many protected species have come back from extinction because of its protection. Most wildfire protection personnel do their job because they are fond of wildlife. Please don't vilify them too easily, they are doing their job. There will be times when the letter of the law makes a situation awkward and this is one of them, please don't dump on the very people that are making society as a whole better.
Save Lucy
Comment by Carol on 15th January 2012
I just emailed the Vancouver Sun at

Every media you can think of, please everyone make a move to help this poor bird. How terrible to do that to Lucy and her family. She is not caged in. My aunt had the same thing happen in Williams Lake, big deal. They can leave whenever? Sad story. please help his family & Lucy...Does anyone know how to do the youtube thing?
Comment by Fredrick Brooks on 15th January 2012
It just of question power, if you do something outside the box, in this case show empathy for the natural world your not given support your viewed as someone outside their narrow focus of rules and regulations - what if we stepped on every child in need - it's slippery slope - how do they look themselves in the mirror! - Good Luck with Lucy you have my support - Fredrick...
Save Lucy
Comment by genniene on 15th January 2012
This actually disgusts me. Where do these people get the right to kill our National Bird. Its against the law, and for the Conservation Officer to suggest stepping on its head as a chick really angers me. If this is the mentality we have "conserving" wildlife, then something is definitely wrong. CBC needs to hear this story for sure and I will do my best to help by writing them too. Lucy deserves better, she should be allowed to live out her life on your farm or in a wildlife reserve. Why kill her?
There are wildlife reserves out there I am sure will come to the rescue, but then that too should be the job of the "conservationsists" to find her a home. This is wrong!!
YouTube-Go Viral
Comment by Carol on 15th January 2012
Disgusting, is there anyone out there that can put this story on YouTube?
How about a Global TV reporter, stop before the cook the goose..
Bring Lucy Home
Comment by Gail on 14th January 2012
OMG ! is this the mentality we are dealing with when it comes to our supposed wildlife (whose concern is supposed to aimed at the well being of our wildlife?) STEP on her ---THAT is unhumane! She is a a beautiful bird,,well cared for and loved obviously ... she deserves to live a full life.. what has she done to warrant this cruel and unfair treatment ?? Please bring Lucy home where there is compassion and caring individuals that want only the best for her PLEASE show humanity
Comment by Aridler on 14th January 2012
Seriously is one little goose who is taken care off really such a huge deal. Shame onb all the officials involved. What a waste of time and tax payers money. I hope that Lucy gets to live a long life.
Comment by Mark on 14th January 2012
I agree with the fact that the authorities should have been contacted from the start but really so what! If these people were starving or keeping poor Lucy captive then sure throw the book at them! On the contrairy Lucy found a new home and really should be returned. I'm sure Global News would gobble this story up faster than those so called authorities gobbled up poor Lucy! Good luck
how sad
Comment by deb on 14th January 2012
You constantly hear in the news how they want to cull these birds, feed them to the dirty and what a nuisance they are in parks ect. In Nov. you can get a permit for $30.00 to shoot 10 0f them...but you cannot rescue an abandoned chick. You can get a permit for a gov;t sanctioned pinioned its okay to cull, shoot or maim a canada goose but not give it a loving home/enviroment. Who makes these laws and what kind of people enforce them. I guess the kind that say its kinder to step on it, the kind that are paid to protect them!
Comment by Linda on 14th January 2012
Give her back if she wanted to leave the opportunity to do so is offered. Don't the authorities have anything better to do with their time, not to mention what it is costing. Leave well enough alone the animal is carried for and putting a smile on many faces. I sure hope it isn't to late to do the right thing. Lucy has a home give her back.
Comment by Tammy on 14th January 2012
That story is SAD! I can't believe it! Poor Lucy and family! I saw this on Facebook and shared it!
They better release that beloved goose!
It reminds me of a qoute..
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 14th January 2012
... from Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist when Mr Bumble says, "...then the law is an ass.."
I mean really... letting a Canada Goose that would otherwise have been dead wander around the farm and free to leave anytime it wanted to is worse than having it euthanized? Sometimes the authorities should concentrate their energies on serious violations of this law instead.
conservation joke
Comment by Jay on 14th January 2012
Conservation officers are a joke in my eyes. They won't admit it but they often suggest that people just 'shoot shovel and shut up' so they don't have to come out and 'deal' with things. They are inflicting inhumane treatment of this animal and calling it "humane", there is certainly confusion. It's a great waste of money and resources. I truly hope she is returned to her chosen home with you and your family Diane.
Mistakes Made
Comment by an animal lover on 14th January 2012
The only mistake made by Diane was that she let people on her property.

You have the right to refuse to let them on your property without a warrant.

There was no mistake made by showing compassion to an animal in need.

Put things into perspective.
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 14th January 2012
Anyone ever watch the Wildlife shows on television, where the film-makers are not permitted to interfere with "rescuing" an animal in distress? Why? Cuz they are there to merely FILM nature in purest form without "HUMAN INTERFERENCE" - even if a disabled duckling is preyed upon by a hovering eagle. The filmmakers continue recording; letting nature take it's course. That's how nature works, people.

Too bad we couldn't treat human beings the same way we treat a stray goose or skunk.

But, then again...the animals now have names...which for some reason makes us more suddenly "connected" to them: Lucy the Goose; Dorothy the Skunk. I guess if we NAME creatures, they're worthy of being saved after we've interfered in their natural wildlife process?

Too bad aborted babies don't have names too, heh?

But, c'mon. It's a GOOSE that will be put down most ethically - especially now with all this media coverage. Unlike the intense trauma an unborn baby has to endure in the safety of his/her Mother's womb while being aborted outta "convenience" to a Mother who s/b deemed responsible for that baby in her womb. We can abort HEALTHY babies in the womb....but God forbid we leave a stray duckling to be eaten up by a hovering eagle.

Put things into perspective, people. I agree with Mr Peters. It's a GOOSE!

LEAVE abandoned wild animals alone! Nature will take care of itself.

LEAVE babies in the womb. Nature will take care of itself.
Comment by Tara Lynn on 14th January 2012
Sorry, I misinterpreted what you wrote. My apologizes!
Canada versus U.S.
Comment by c. sandecki on 14th January 2012
The U.S. treats even a skunk better than B.C. Wildlife intends to treat Lucy.

In 2007 a skunk in California crept into a spa pipe for a nap, woke up days later when the pipe was unloaded in Mississauga.
U.S. law says a wild animal must be returned to its natural habitat. And so began a saga that started with a naming contest held by a Toronto newspaper, which named the skunk Dorothy after Oz. She was cared for in an Ontario wildlife centre until travel documents were ironed out for her trip home. A California radio DJ donated his vacation time to drive her home in a donated motorhome (in winter!). She rode in the bathtub and was fed and cared for at pre-arranged wildlife rescue centers along their route. When they reached her original park, she was greeted with a Hollywood reception.

Yet B.C. is going to kill Lucy. Why? And why would anyone report Lucy to the officials? After two years?

Read Dorothy's story here:
tara lynn
Comment by D.S. on 14th January 2012
If u had read my whole post u would see that i am not for the killing of Lucy..and how dare u think i am. In my first paragraph i said that i love wildlife except spiders. In no way do i want Lucy killed.. i was just saying that if she contacted the authoriities to begin with there might have been a better outcome like my bald eagle...
I commend the people involved for rescuing her to begin with all animals have the right to live.
And i think u didnt understand what i was saying i do support Dianne in this endevour
wildlife should be cherished not destroyed
Comment by michelle on 14th January 2012
My heart goes out to you and what you are a child living on Vancouver Island i remember my dad brought home a very young fawn due to the mother being killed by a tree ...i hope you will be successful in getting Lucy just does not seem fair to take an animal who is causing no harm and is not being abused or neglected quite the opposit in fact to a shelter simply because some one was upset that you had a wild animal turned pet...FYI...animals will stay where they are safe wild animals too...out fawn came back every year always bring a herd with him..hope you will get her back.
And to D.S...
Comment by Tara Lynn on 13th January 2012
"I guess is what i am saying is even though i think Lucy should be saved and whatnot is that if the people involved really wanted to save this Goose, they should have contacted the authorities at the beginning and gone from there.."

So, basically you expect the same fate they are proposing for lucy! At least this goose had a caring family for the time being. She grew up feeling loved and nurtured. Sometimes, I think taking initiative is more important than doing the "right" (what the law says, which in this case equals euthanasia due to improper accommodation) thing. I applaud her for taking initiative and giving this bird a good home ... I think the law should give exceptions for situations like this. It should never be cut and dry. I would have done the same thing, given the bird a good home where it otherwise would have perished. I only wonder who complained exactly, and why. If they realized what they were interrupting, which was an apparent happy household.

I hope lucy gets home safe. She deserves to be with her family.
I emailed CBC
Comment by Tara Lynn on 13th January 2012
I emailed them this news release, so maybe with enough pressure from others they will elaborate with an investigation on this story. I hope so, anyway!
Comment by Karen on 13th January 2012
I hope the BC Conservation service comes to their senses and brings Lucy home. It must be extremelly traumatic for her and you, her family, to have to go through this experience.

If Lucy was healthy and contented to remain where she was what would cause someone to make such a complaint in the first place?

Good luck!
Comment by Tara Lynn on 13th January 2012
This story is so sad, I pray it has a happy ending.
News exposure is often an essential part of changing issues at hand, so I'd urge you to keep spreading the word.
I think it's sad that someone called the rcmp over a goose, really. I mean seriously! I also think it's sad that they won't consider an exception to the rule. It's not like she's keeping a bear or a moose at her house, it's one goose and it's not doing anyone harm!
One who also rescued a bird
Comment by D.S. on 13th January 2012
I totally feel for this entire situation. I love nature and wildlife in all forms...( well maybe not spiders).
A few yrs ago i lived in the Queen Charlotte Isands, and was walking my son to school when we noticed a Bald Eagle that was injured on the side of the road. I continued to school thinking of looking to see if it was still there on the way home.. Lo and behold it was.
I continued home and called my husband for advise. He told me to try to rescue it and get help to do that.. I contacted some of his crew to help and they responded with no issues. Anyways after we brought the eagle to the house i instantly tried to contact all the authorities that i could think of. Being a small community it took a day or so to get a response as it was the busy fishing/hunting season. My sons class came over to see the eagle and it was a great learning experience for them.
Anyways long story short the RCMP contacted me about the eagle. then a wildlife rehab center in the Vancouver area contacted me and the eagle was on the next flight off the Charlottes.
I guess is what i am saying is even though i think Lucy should be saved and whatnot is that if the people involved really wanted to save this Goose, they should have contacted the authorities at the beginning and gone from there..
Sorry for your situation and hope it works out great for all involved especially Lucy
Lucy sticks around because she was living the good life...
Comment by Supporter of Bring Lucy Home! on 13th January 2012
Canada geese, in general, are not alien or invasive or even exotic. They have always been part of the natural fauna, stopping to feed and rest on their annual migrations north and south on farms, pastures ect..

The fact that "Lucy" has decided to stick around because she's living the good life is really no cause for concern.. The goose isn't aggressive or causing issues in the community..

Some people have nothing better to do than create drama and issues about something they shouldn't be sticking their nose into anyways.

How is "Lucy" hanging out in your area of residence any different than people housing birds in birdhouses and feeding them? So Because she hangs out by choice your at fault? What's next... Conservation going to arrest anyone with a bird house and a bird feeder because they are, in some form drawing in birds out of the wild into their personal back yards to bath, eat and rest and stay awhile?

What a load of $#$%^ this entire situation is.. This is a sad pathetic display of the law being pushed to the extreme in a matter that doesn't require it...makes me wonder why the law is used to the extreme towards a good person helping an injured bird yet someone can drink and drive and kill an innocent person and it seems they get away with murder half the time...

This is just another example of how screwed up and backwards are so-called "justice" system works.... This story disgusts me and I send my best wishes to a positive happy ending! don't give in This bird deserves the right to live.. After all you did give it a second chance.!
Mr. Peter!!!
Comment by Holly on 13th January 2012
Your very RUDE and obviously have no heart either.....let me guess either your bud's with the wildlife officer's or you are one This family need's help and support with their heart breaking issue. They don't need anymore flack or negative comments from ANTI- ANIMAL LOVER'S!!
Comment by Holly on 13th January 2012
This is so sad....Lucy was obviously living with these kind and wonderful people she never ever left on her own....and she had every opportunity to leave....but NO LUCY DIDN'T LEAVE because that was her home. As for the wildlife officer stating they should have stepped on her when they first found her....that is animal cruelty in my eye's....make's me wonder what else this joke of a wildlife officer has done to other animals. They want to sentence Lucy to death for her finding a forever loving family....THIS SICKEN'S ME AND MAKE'S NO SENSE....I agree with Eric in regards to phoning CBC....THIS NEEDS TO PUBLIC.....AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! I'm so sorry for your loving family to have go through this.....i'm sry for Lucy as well. FIGHT FOR LUCY LOUD AND PROUD and if there's anything i can do pls let me know....and keep us updated!! I send many hug's to a wonderful family.
what did you expect?
Comment by Mr. Peters on 13th January 2012
Your first mistake was picking up the bird. Life sucks, there is prey and there are predators and that is just reality for wildlife.

Your second mistake is thinking that they would allow you to keep the bird. If for no other reason than it would set a precedent.

The best thing that you could have done is when it was full grown is to have a nice dinner of roast goose.
Shame on them
Comment by Chris on 13th January 2012
This is terrible. I've emailed the 'rescue' place in PG: northernraptor,,, who should be ashamed of themselves along with the conservation officers who obviously don't care about wildlife... just look at how many bears they shoot every year with little thought or concern.
I hope you get Lucy back.
Comment by julie mayo on 13th January 2012
I live in the country and truly understand the need to keep wildlife free and untouched. However,there are exceptions to EVERY situation we humans take part in. This is obviously one of them. To take that bird from its chosen home and kill her for no harm done by or to her is not HUMANE. When a rule turns us away from humane behavior-we become less human.
law is the law
Comment by bill braam on 13th January 2012
Unfortunately we all have to adhere to 'the letter of the law'. Police and wildlife officers have to enforce it as that is their job. Fortunately we also have all kinds of advocates in our society that can come up with compromizes once the law has done its due diligence. Hopefully a recognized solution can be found in this case. I am a bit surprised as to the stated suggestion of 'stepping on the chick' as that in itself is not politically correct anymore if not illegal as well.
Comment by Eric on 13th January 2012

Make the CBC aware of your story. If it gets on the national news, you watch conservation & the wildlife shelter will probably suddenly have a change of heart.
No Heart
Comment by James Wold on 13th January 2012
My heart bleeds for you Diane , seems to me that these people are so programed that they no longer have a heart. Send Lucy back home to her mom and dad.