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Stephen Harper in Edmonton on Friday January 6, 2012, posing with the Military and Oil field workers, calling those opposed to Enbridge, radicals.
COMMENTARY · 13th January 2012
Original written and posted May 16, 2011

This will be a short story of truth. The RCMP blew up an oil field shack with the consent of AEC (Alberta Energy Corporation) in order to implicate a family in Hythe, Alberta, which in the end incited violence and the death of a young woman. Hythe is a very small farming community near Beaver Lodge between Dawson Creek, BC and Grand Prairie, Alberta.

The family was that of Wiebo Ludwig who had various visits of RCMP in camouflage gear afterwards. Watch a video trailer of a recent movie HERE.

Ludwig had spent the previous decade raising awareness of the oil industries activities, which he claimed caused miscarriages and still births, along with various other tragedies at locations near to gas and oil wells.

Was Ludwig set up for his trial of bombing and vandalism? He decided, in this 'war' with the oil companies, to go through the prosecutions legal process, accept their ruling and then continue his struggle. Fighting, appealing or in any way attempting to use their process for true justice was not anything Ludwig trusted or believed in. His struggle continues today. A recent news report HERE. (A must read if you read any of these links.)

A gathering of Shuswap First Nations people were holding an annual cultural ceremony on a property near Williams Lake, BC, in a location they claim is historically sacred. Although the property was claimed to be privately owned; the deed and survey was never completed until the trial was underway. In 1995 however the cattle company, who claimed ownership called the RCMP. The RCMP dressed in camouflage gear and went to investigate. The Shuswap natives heard them in the bush and, in fear, called the local RCMP and requested help. No help came. They called again. No help came. It was the RCMP who were stalking them at night. They then called their friends in Chase, BC, near the Shuswap lakes between Kamloops and Salmon Arm.

The next thing that occurred was a violent gunfire exchange and the Canadian Military were called in to provide equipment and assistance by then BC Premier Ujjal Dosanjh. Even land mines were used against the native people and a RCMP informant (undercover) brought in an AK 47 to the native encampment. A USA Judge stated “uncontradicted evidence that the Canadian government engaged in a smear and disinformation campaign to prevent the media from learning and publicizing to true extent and political nature of the events,” and then denied the request to have a native man returned (extradited) to Canada. She added that this incident led to the historic Nisga'a agreement, stressing the negotiations "may not have been successful without the impetus provided by the Lake Gustafsen incident and other incidents by native people during the summer of 1995." More details HERE.

In Mayorthorpe, Alberta, four RCMP officers were killed. The man who shot these RCMP officers was involved in a dispute with an Auto Dealership. He had purchased a brand new truck, ordered it special. The tailgate came dented. He asked for a new tailgate. The dealer refused, offering to fix it. He refused as he bought an entirely new truck and wanted his truck right, refusing to make any more payments until he got a new tailgate. They came to repossess the truck. The RCMP came to help. The rest is a sad tale of unnecessary death. It had nothing to do with the mans personality or a pot growing room. Although CBC has removed their original story that discusses this from their website, it can be found HERE.

None of this is out of the ordinary.

A man comes to visit his mother in Vancouver. He can’t speak English. The RCMP kill him before he has a chance to explain himself to someone who can understand his language as he attempts to leave the Vancouver Airport. Watch the video HERE.

A young man who has a beer in his hand outside a hockey game, in 2005, is killed in Houston, BC by an even younger RCMP officer, newly trained, with a single shot in the back of the head. This new recruit claims the guy did it to himself. The RCMP accepts this and the public moves on. Ian Bush apparently even gave the officer a false name. Enough to be executed for?.

A young native man is hunted and killed in September 2009 by the RCMP near Hazelton, BC. He had missed a court appearance. The RCMP claim 5 criminal charges but on closer examination they are minor events and all the warrants were unendorsed In the RCMP’s own words they describe how they hunted him down and killed him.

In 2010 between the 27th and 31st of August, the Canadian military performed an exercise with the local Canadian Rangers in the Terrace/Kitimat area called Skookumchuk. Details provided by the Canadian Military HERE This military practice concluded on August 31, 2010, the same day the Joint Review Panel (JRP), the federally appointed National Energy Board (NEB) review team for the Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal by Enbridge met with the population living near Kitimat, the harbour community most threatened by the proposal. The military were now fully communicative and their modes of incursion in the local community were assured. Nothing happened on August 31st or September 1st. except a peaceful demonstartion while the proceedings were underway.

In Terrace BC, the local RCMP develop the “Red Zone”, an area of the downtown core the First Nations people refer to as the “No Redskin Zone”. First Nations are ordered to stay out of this area or they will be arrested and taken to jail. This article attracted many complaints from the RCMP however the BC Civil Liberties Association discovered much the same thing. Read their report and find links to much more HERE.

When any obstruction or protest occurs, regardless of the rights of humanity, the RCMP is readily available to protect the monetary rewards of the business community. Local municipalities pay the RCMP for their services. The City derives a significant share of their revenue from the business community. Therefore, in no small part, the business community runs the City, which in turn runs the local RCMP.

The NCLGA (North Central Local Government Association) met in Prince Rupert last week, for their AGM (Annual General Meeting) convention. This organization represents the 40 local governmental bodies from 100 Mile House north. Enbridge was a major sponsor of this meeting and their main Public Relations (PR) person, Kevin Brown, moderated the gathering. It is not surprising as Enbridge continues to speak only to the tax revenue each local government might receive in exchange for approval of their pipeline project, helping to balance their budgets, which the elected politicians are sworn to balance. Read more here and follow the links to more details.

It is a short story. People are paid to do a job. The police are paid to protect economic interests. They do their job and we do ours.

Today the problem we face is who the RCMP and military answer to and why. Does the citizenry understand the implications of this dilemma?

Come next year, or the year after, those wishing to stop the Enbridge Pipeline (mostly local residents) and those wishing to put it in (mostly government and international industrialists) could be engaging with the Canadian Military, the Rangers and the RCMP. The final question is whose side they will be on, those wanting to restrain all protest and opposition or those wanting to save the environment.

Comment originally left on this story by an RCMP officer, with our response. We wanted to share with him that we are all truly on the same side. We love our kids and our families, and we love our neighbours, that which we all are.

Hits to the Website down?
By Blueline - 19th May 2011

Clearly there has been a lack of bad police headlines lately in Terrace. Out of the blue you post this highly inflamatory "short story" conspiracy theory.

There is so much bullsh*t in this article I'm not even going to address it. Never forget that the RCMP in Terrace are dedicated to the following in their order of importance:

1- Protection of life. Yours included.
2- Protection of property.
3- Enforcement of the law.

We strive shift to shift to help the citizens of Terrace the best we can. We don't have time to conspire with anyone, we're too busy answering calls for service.

Ed reply: We seldom respond but here we feel we must. Why you feel such indignation is a curiosity. We just finished posting a news release on the good work of the Terrace RCMP and then you find an article posted earlier to attack. This article is not conspiritorial, it is a list of facts. It is why the BC Gov't has finally accepted an independent panel to investigate serious RCMP incidents. But it is much more than that.

We know the difficult job you and your compatriots do; we know the number of calls you need to address directly related to domestic disputes and alcohol consumption. We do not envy your job, nor would we want it. We are proud of most of the work your members perform.

This article is current and relevent as it addresses what could happen when the pipeline construction starts against the objections of the people. You and the military are instructed to follow orders. Just like the "Arab Spring" some police forces will go beyond reason, others will take off the uniforms and join with the people.

You and yours will face this choice, this is not an unlikely scenerio, it is a very distinct reality. And what will your choice be? When the citizens rise up together on mass against the pollution of the Northwest and the oceans, whose side will you be on? This article is meant to inform you and yours. Follow all the links.
RCMP Education and Pay
Comment by Derogoe on 22nd October 2012
RCMP members are highly paid ( each and every one of them gets over $60,000 per year after one year on the job) and can start at age 18 with a grade twelve diploma.

They know they will never get such a good gig anywhere else. So does the government.

Therefore, the government can tell the under- educated over-paid RCMP to do ANYTHING, and the RCMP WILL do it.