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Stephen Harper in Edmonton on Friday January 6, 2012, posing with the Military and Oil field workers, calling those opposed to Enbridge, radicals.
COMMENTARY · 15th January 2012
Merv Ritchie
New Video Attached Below

The internet has become an invaluable resource. Young men and women with ambition, drive and independent initiative can change the direction of the world. A group calling themselves ĎAnonymousí virtually created the Arab Spring and the Occupy protests.

But Anonymous isnít the only influential organization, Canada has itís own unique version employing the internet world of social media and website domains. Politics in Canada may never be the same. From the great investigative work compiled by many and posted online only by a few, (and not yet covered by the 'Main Steam Media'), is a intricate connection between the Reform Party roots, the Tarsands, the WildRose Party of Alberta, the Conservative Party of Canada and the new Conservative Party of BC.

The following is a list of names and organizations that are all intricately tied together.

At the end of this list are the links to two websites that explain most of these connections.

On CBC, Ethical Oils spokeswoman, Kathryn Marshall, was embarrassing to watch when asked direct questions of Evan Solomon. It appeared to be obvious Enbridge Northern Gateway is funding much of what happens with much of this following list.

Ethical Oil .ca

Our Decision .ca

Go New Clear . com Productions

Strategic Imperatives Online . com

Abingdon .ca Research

Chiquita conflict . com

Americans 4 Opec .com

WildRose Alliance Party

BC Conservative Party

Oil Sands Law .com
Thomas Ross

NaiKun Energy

Stephen Harper

Joe Oliver

Jason Kenney

Kevin Falcon

John Cummins

Pierre Polilievre

Ezra Levant

Kathryn Marshall

Hamish Marshall

Brendan Jones

Travis Freeman

Alykhan Velshi

Rumina Velshi

Paul Hinman

Doug Cooper

Corrie Adolph

Dave Yager

Heather Forsyth

Richard Dur

John Parker

Read Emma Pullmans exposeí here

Read even more details by Deep Climate here

And just as a demonstration experiment on how effective the new media can be over an unsuspecting or non-critically thinking' population, watch the attached video. Just below there are two links. One for a large size file and one small for slower connections.

And note the picture above, Canada's Economic Action Plan includes the military and oil field workers. "You won't recognize Canada when I am done", he said. Yes, we don't recognize it now and you've just started.
Money launderer
Comment by Karen on 19th January 2012
If we can be pretty sure that Ethical Oil accepts money from Enbridge and Enbridge accepts money from all kinds of foreign conglomerates, couldn't one say that Enbridge is laundering money for Ethical Oil?
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 16th January 2012
I have not heard many people fighting against refineries except the oil companies. They give you all these bogus excuses about how it expensive they are to build. Why would they want to spend a few billion on a refinery if all it means to them is lower fuel prices.They would not have an excuse to gouge us at the pumps every time a storm was brewing in the gulf coast or there was a shut down for repairs at a refinery. As far as they are concerned ,the less fuel oil available the more they can charge us at the pumps. If North America is not willing spend money on research for alternative energy, by not selling to the Chinese we will force them to look at other solutions. Next will be India ,they will want our oil too and then what ? They will be competing for the oil and driving prices even higher. PS .I highly doubt that actors such as Robert Redford and Alec Baldwin need a publicist to tell them what environmental battles to get behind.
Aah those actors.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 16th January 2012
I really doubt that Robert Redford and Kevin Bacon are so lacking in public exposure that they need more. Also if you listen to them they can put a few of their own words together. Forget the Charlie Sheens and some who's latest exploits fill the entertainment tabloids and keep Junior Mulroney in a job. There are some very bright and socially aware actors like George Clooney, Sean Penn, John Travolta, Robert Redford, Kevin Bacon who put their money where their convictions are. Just because they are famous actors doesn't mean they can't make sense.

Look at the actors we are suppose to listen to: Steven Harper, Joe Oliver, and Christy Clark just to name a few.
What does it matter??by Apocalypse Now
Comment by James Ippel on 16th January 2012
These actors, in my opinion, do not have a clue as to what they are supporting. Their publisists tell them what is currently popular, and to get on the band wagon to increase their popularity.
The pro oil groups have a $100 million war chest. Compare this to the $1 billion plus that Greenpeace has. Who comes out the winner?
I agree with you that the world cannot sustain constant growth. It has been reported that the world as we know it now can support approximately 2 billion people. We are currently at about 6 billion, and growing at an alarming rate. This manifests itself in the starvation we see in 3rd world countries, and sadly, in order to bring things into balance there will be a major decimation of the human race, probably within our lifetime.
One thing we do absolutley agree on is that our raw materials should be processed in our own country, and we should export the finished product. This applies to the Oil Sands, our Forest Products, and any other natural resource we can process here.
I think we both know it to be a pipedream that Refineries will be built in Alberta to process the oil from the Oil Sands. There will always be those who want to leave the resource where it is, and live the dream that there will always be someone there to pay the bills so they can stay on the dole.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 16th January 2012
What does it matter that actors throw their support behind something.If it is something they believe in ,it should be alright. You should be concerned about the slow but steady dismantling of democracy in our country. The propaganda is getting out of hand. The pro oil groups have a 100 million dollar war chest to spread lies, any help the anti pipeline can get to balance out the rhetoric will be much welcomed. I don't care if American groups who have so called ulterior motives fund environmental groups, as long as it helps save the planet I am good with it. Will you agree with me that the world can not sustain constant growth? Unfortunately for some, globalization is not working .Instead of shipping our raw resources all over the world ,only to buy them back as finished goods .Lets manufacture more things in Canada.This will be a great benefit in reducing our carbon foot print.
Three in one weekend!!!
Comment by Karen on 16th January 2012
1) "A South Korean freight ship carrying fuel exploded in the Yellow Sea on Sunday morning..."

2) "Albanian police say a tanker has sunk after unloading fuel, with one sailor found dead and at least two others missing."

3) "An oil tanker, belonging to a UAE-based diesel company sank 500 metres from Al Hamriya Port, north west of Sharjah city, due to strong winds,..."

Oh, and did anyone happen to catch the news about the Costa Concordia luxury cruise ship accident in the Mediterranean on friday?

Who all thinks that ocean vessels are so safe in this day of advanced technology?
Comment by Karen on 16th January 2012
I feel sorry that you feel you are seen as "a pariah, second class citizen, a trouble maker, a piece of canine dung" but those are all your desciptions as I haven't seen any Enbridge supporters described as such.

I have, however, seen extensive condemnation of those who oppose this project - descriptions used such as ferocious, radicals and puppets. Repetative use of words like hi-jacked, exploiting, and threatening have been used to describe those who oppose Enbridge.

This attempt to demonize the opposition is a well known tactic used in Hitler's time. "The Big Lie" has been perfected by Harper and his henchmen: "His primary rules were: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it." Joseph Goebbels,
Yes it is OK because we know who they are.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 15th January 2012
I not sure that that a lot of supporters of the pipeline who might hail from Alberta or somewhere else in Canada getting involved is any different that a couple of socially conscious actors expressing an opinion opposed to the pipeline. Risks are not equally shared. Colin Kingsley for example is from Prince George and works for Enbridge. He is a long way from the coast of B.C. and he is one radio every chance he gets.

With all the Alberta and Eastern voices in this debate, including the Prime Minister, telling us what is good for coastal B.C. I can't see how anyone would get paranoid about the influence a couple of very good actors might have.

Some agencies listed in the article get funding from foreign interests. Enbridge is based in Calgary but is 70% publicly traded. Where does all the money come from to support greater exports of tar sands oil through Northern B.C..It is all anonymous. This is not about domestic use of oil, this is about exports to the U.S. and China.

The inconsistency of focusing on Redford and Bacon while ignoring the special interest voices on the other side is dishonest and plays right into the sleaze started by Minister Joe Oliver claiming that any opponents to the pipeline were radicals. I think most BCers are smart enough to weigh all the opinions and then make up their own minds. It just sounds like the Federal Government and the oil interests don't want to see real democracy.
To James Ippel
Comment by Robert Sallows on 15th January 2012
I would be more worried about Chinas influences than Robert Redford Or Leonardo DiCaprios'.I can't believe people actually listen to Harpers bullshit and are so willing to take a chance with an already fragile environment at any cost. I'm sure Mr Ippel must have shares in Enbridge and wants to line his pockets on the less fortunate of this province...
Is it OK?
Comment by James Ippel on 15th January 2012
Is it alright for the Hollywood celebreties, aka Robert Redford, Leonardo de Caprio, and others to tell us how to use our resources, and large American institutions to contribute big bucks to those opposing Enbridge, but anyone who supports the export of oil immediately becomes a pariah, second class citizen, a trouble maker, a piece of canine dung?
We have the Hollywood types getting on the anti everything bandwagon, and the bottom line is, they don't know who they, themselves are. Every day they are pretending to be someone else. Let them find themselves first before they propose to render wisdom to others.
And before you get all bent out of shape folks, I support Enbridge if they can safely transport oil, having lots of safety features in place. My first choice would be to build several oil refineries at the source of the resource, and sell the finished product, but I feel in my heart of hearts, this is only a pipedream, because the naysayers want to leave the oil in the ground for our children.
Oh, by the way,, Happy New Year, in case I forget to pass this on to you.
public opinion
Comment by Robert Sallows on 15th January 2012
Please type in Stephen Harper quotes on google and you will get one very interesting quote where his government basically doesn't care about peoples positions or public polls. But he and his cronies sure seem to care about Big Oil and China. If I were a betting man, I'll bet he is going to China for some direction on how to deal with desenters to this project....UHHHH NEW JAILS and That Bill like The American Patriot act should be enough to put a few behind bars...
Comment by Al Lehmann on 15th January 2012
The emperor is naked.

Excellent report.
Check out the Deep Climate link.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 15th January 2012
If you click on the Deep Climate link above and scroll down the page, there is an excellent video of Evan Solomon interviewing someone from the Sierra Club and one Kathryn Marshall of the Ethical Oil group. Solomon asks Marshal numerous times whether Enbridge provides funds to Ethical Oil for its promoting of the pipeline. You can count how many times he asks the question. Each time she avoids the direct question while at the same time claiming that The Sierra Club relies on funding from foreign interests. Thus trying to reinforce the Minister Joe Oliver conspiracy charge against "environmentalists and radicals".

It worth looking at if only to enjoy Solomon trying to get an answer to a direct question and the lengths some will go to paint their opposing side with conspiracy theories that apply more appropriately to themselves. It borders on comedy.
Comment by on 15th January 2012
He's off to China next month . I guess he's got some explaining to do . Letting all those pesky radical citizens (canadians) voice an opinion on a pipeline to deliver their oil to them . After all don't they own 12% of the tar sands now .?He should be able to see eye to eye with them . Why if the chinese wanted to build one in china they would not ask the people and if the people got in the way of a chinese pipeline they would just kill them . They'll have a hard time understanding opinion just like steve is having .
Missed one
Comment by Karen on 15th January 2012
Merv, Vivian Krause will be so disappointed that you left her off the list.