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NEWS RELEASE · 17th January 2012
Hazelton RCMP
On January 16, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. The New Hazelton RCMP attended a collision between a tractor trailer and a CN train on Hwy 37 at the railway crossing just north of Hwy 16. Investigation revealed the tractor trailer was heading southbound on Hwy 37, and failed to stop at the railway crossing where the railway lights were flashing. A CN train was heading westbound and collided with the trailer of the tractor trailer unit. The trailer, which was loaded with goods, sustained major damage and spilled its contents onto the roadway and ditch. The CN train sustained damage to the engine car. Both the tractor trailer unit and CN engine had to be towed from the scene. Neither the driver of the tractor trailer, or any of the train personal were injured during the collision.

The driver of the tractor trailer unit was issued a violation ticket for failing to stop at a railway crossing and driving without due care and attention.

As a result of this incident, Hwy 37 was closed for several hours.

The New Hazelton RCMP would like to remind the motoring public of the importance of obeying all traffic control devices, especially those at railway crossings.
a bit on wrist slapping
Comment by Bryan on 18th January 2012
FYI, the RCMP will issue whatever penalty is appropriate and allowed. In this case the Motor Vehicle Act was obviously utilized. Sometimes I am unsure what the public expects, they don't want the RCMP to be "judge, jury and executioner" but when the available law is utilized appropriately some of the public isn't happy.
And a "break" is what you get when a police officer gives you a warning, brakes are what stop your vehicle.
Quick to point a finger
Comment by Furious Anonymous on 17th January 2012
Before you jump up and down pointing your finger at ALL Rig drivers, put your coffee down, push back the chair your sitting in and take a good long look at what you wrote on your computer (All those things being items you purchased from a store which received their goods VIA Trucks) Sure, the drive may have been in the wrong and failed to stop, but I am sure you, someone who can cast judgement like you did, have never received a traffic ticket for failing to stop at a stop sign, speeding against road sign, etc. I can almost bet money when you have seen an Amber light, you pressed on the gas a little more to get through the lights, at least once or twice. The difference? You got lucky and didn't cause an accident. Having a Father who has been in the trucking industry for 40 years, put on more miles than your whole family and then some, can account for, has never, not once, caused or been in an accident while behind the wheel of his rig. There was an Asian man arrested for drug trafficing recently, that clearly must mean EVERY SINGLE ASIAN is a drug dealer, right? If theres something that erks me, its close mindedness and judgemental jerks, and you my friend, hit both of those!
Of course...
Comment by Community member on 17th January 2012
Of course slap on the wrist Same
Ole for these big rigs!
As a former member of this community I don't see these trucks ever
Down for anything or anyone! What if it was gas?? A near by school , and community members would be a stake for their lives.... Slap
On wrist good one, thanks again to our always helpful RCMP for keeping these people off the roads.maybe he didn't check his breaks!!!