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CONTRIBUTION · 19th January 2012
Ronnette Musterer
This is Danny Wheeler, sitting in front of a restaurant in Prince Rupert in protest to try to get his dog back. He's from Newfoundland, but had been living in Kamloops. He came to Prince Rupert two weeks ago with his dog Watchem. 9 days ago the SPCA took Watchem, telling Danny that they believed the dog had been abused.

The vet report says the only thing wrong with the dog is it appears to be a little hungry, but the SPCA refused to give the dog back.

Danny had been laying or sitting in various parts of Rupert all day January 18th in hopes that someone will help him get his dog back. The police came only to ask him to move away from peoples establishments.

I asked him if he thinks freezing to death will help his dog and he replied, "It’s get my dog back or freeze, no one cares...."

I asked if I can take a picture for the paper and he said yes but he won't go in until he gets his dog out. He told me that his dog has been with him since he was a puppy and they've never been apart, and that he just wants his dog back.

I talked him into getting out of the cold and drove him home. He will start his protest again in the morning if he can't get his dog back.

A lot of good Samaritans stopped to see if they can help but he told them he wasn't leaving until he gets watchem back.

Danny said he has his blankets a kind man gave him; a heater and his dog.
Comment by Jessica Lindstrom on 24th January 2012
Did Mr.Wheeler ever get his dog back?
Waste of time? Or....
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 22nd January 2012
It's never a waste of time when Authorities deem the need to investigate the health/safety of humans and animals.

I don't know the particular reasons the SPCA was dispatched to this particular case, but we complain when they don't respond...we complain when they do respond.

In any event, 'nice to see people reaching out to Mr Wheeler in efforts to ensure he remains warm and safe during his protest.
Dog Food
Comment by Karen on 20th January 2012
If the only issue here is dog food, I will contribute to a solution and provide a bag of dog food. It doesn't seem fair to take away a man's dog this way.
Crying Shame
Comment by Concerned on 20th January 2012
It amazes me that the SPCA does not respect the deterimination by the Vet. There are animals all over the North here that the SPCA has completely ignored who are in dire need of life saving intervention and yet the SPCA says they are "too busy" to make a regular scheduled trip to Terrace even bi-monthly to act on reported animals who's lives are in immenent danger.

I know this to be fact because I phoned the SPCA personally and asked for a visit here to help specific animals in need of immediate rescue. They can't be bothered. Period. This is straight from the head of the PR SPCA.

There has been such a lack of action in the North, the new rescue organizations are truly making a difference with little money but lots of passion. It is a shame the SPCA has become so complacent.

I don't know the "other side" of this particular situation, however I think there needs to be some re-examination of this case if what this article says is true.

Personally, if he is so dedicated to his dog - it is unlikely he would hurt it.
give the man his dawg back
Comment by Matthew Daratha on 19th January 2012
the man wants his dog, give him his dog. if the SPCA wants to make sure that the dog is fed, then give the dog some dog food, this man looks like all he needs is his friend back....
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 19th January 2012
The last line suggests he got his dog back. Did he?