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NEWS RELEASE · 19th January 2012
Terrace RCMP
Downtown Terrace:
- False alarm at a downtown business

- a male was arrested and lodged for pubic intoxication

- false alarm Friday night at a downtown business

- male arrested and lodged for public intoxication at the Bear country Inn.

- earl Saturday morning a male was arrested after breaking the window of a downtown business

- false alarm at a downtown residence

- alarm at a downtown business, upon arrival police found an open door. No one found inside, nor anything missing or damaged.

- Saturday afternoon two men stole a bottle of liquor from the Skeena Liquor Store. Police are looking for two men who drove off in a vehicle registered out of Burns Lake.

- a male was arrested and lodged in cells for public intoxication behind the Best western Hotel

- found bike near Pizza Hut

- two males were charged for possessing open liquor outside Spirit Night Club

- a 20 year old male was arrested and lodged in cells for public intoxication after he was found urinating on a downtown building

- break and enter at a downtown business, items stolen from a freezer

- break, enter and theft from Ebony’s Hidden Treasures. Two males are observed on surveillance cameras

Elsewhere in Terrace:
- Police responded to a loud noise complaint at the Birchwood apartments

- report of a lost white gold ring

- rear window of a vehicle smashed sometime overnight on the 13th

- 19 year old male reported being threatened by a 60 year old women while riding his bicycle on Park Avenue.

- report of an intoxicated male knocking on doors at Birchwood apartments

- report of an intoxicated male walking along Park Ave wearing only a t-shift.

- report of a stolen vehicle from Graham Ave, the vehicle was recovered, under investigation

- report of female beating up a male on Scott Ave, male uncooperative was arrested on outstanding warrants

- Friday evening an intoxicated male was arrested and lodged in cells after passing out in one of the emergency room beds.

- police located a white GMC pickup after reports of it driving erratically on Davis Avenue.

- report of a possible impaired driver planning to leave the Back Eddy Pub. Police attended and the owner wisely elected to get a ride.

- attended a false 911 hangup call

- loud party on Scott Avenue early Saturday morning, all had left prior to police arrival.

- loud noise complaint on Kalum Street, attended and warned

- young female was reported, she returned home on her own.

- police assisted BC ambulance after a women reported taking cocaine and having adverse effects.

- teenage male reported missing, he returned home on his own.

- report of threats

- false abandon 911 call

- police spoke to 5 youth after reports of them kicking telephone poles. The kids claim they were trying to knock the snow off the wires.

- a young person was charged for driving without a licence and his parent’s vehicle towed

- police spoke to three people on Park Ave following complaints of people yelling

- police attended to a loud party complaint Saturday evening on Cedar Crescent, the occupants were warned to keep it down

- false alarm at a business

- police attended a Graham avenue home in response to a 911 call, two brothers drinking began to argue & so one called police

- male was arrested for public intoxication & transported to Mills Memorial hospital for severe intoxication

- police responded to a male threatening suicide, he was taken to hospital

- charges are being recommended after a youth was found not to be home during a curfew check by police

- police responded to a youth threatening suicide

- false alarm Sunday morning at a business on Keith Street

- police apprehended a male threatening to shoot himself. He was taken to hospital for treatment.

- abandon vehicle reported on Davis Street

- police responded to a reported assault at a local group home, the suspect was taken to hospital under the authority of a Director’s Warrant. Police were called back to the hospital after the suspect fled. She was located and returned.

- a 20 year old male was reportedly trying to open vehicle doors at the Real Canadian Wholesale Club parking lot

- police responded to a report of a male yelling at a girl on Davis Street, police attended. No offense was committed.

- police attended to a fight between a father and son on Scott Avenue

- Friday afternoon police attended a father/son dispute near Thornhill Secondary school.

- report of three intoxicated males near the Old Bridge, police located the men, one was intoxicated the other two sober helping their friend home

- female arrested for possession of stolen 5 ton floor jack and socket

- report of kids throwing snowballs at cars at Old Lakesle Lake Drive and Thornhill Street

- false business alarm

Kitsumkalum, Kulspai, Gitaus:
- loud party complaint in Gitaus

- early Saturday morning drove home an intoxicated female wandering around

- report of a red Cavalier driving erratic

- abandon vehicle 17 kilometers north on Kalum Lake Drive

- false alarm at a residence at Lakelse Lake

- police attended to a possible collision on Hwy # 37, turned out to be fog from a nearby swamp.

- Friday afternoon a single vehicle collision on Hwy 113 near Deep Creek. No one was injured.

- false alarm at Lakelse Lake

Anyone with information about a crime is asked to contact the Terrace RCMP at (250)638-7400 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), or a Tip can be left anonymously online at
Rest of the story...
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 20th January 2012
At least with incomplete sentences and spelling errors... the readers' minds are most entertainingly actively engaged in reading the final "errored" report, heh?

"young female was reported, she returned home on her own"... 'could be fun to figure out what she was doing wrong. IE: "young female was reported eating a huge hamburger twice the size of her body, she rtned home on her own"....OR "a male was arrested for pubic intoxication". Well, maybe that was true! You never know these days. HA HA HA!

In any event...'an oversight. It happens.

Just keep the reports coming. It's good to read them (slite erors asyide) so that we can remain actively apprised/engaged in our own Neighborhood Watch activities to let criminals know we are aware of what's happening in our neighborhoods and are keeping our eyes open. No?

PostScript: However, joking aside. It 'might be an idea to have TWO people working together on these publicized reports. You know...double check prior to release.

Editor note: We usually proof read all releases and correct them. We have been very busy covering the JRP and just posted this as it arrived. The RCMP are short staffed and we are lucky to get these. No other NW detachment provides these. We are very fortunate here in Terrace.

From MaggieJo Johnson To Editor: Sorry Editor. I meant that maybe the RCMP (not TD) could have TWO RCMP people proofreading prior to release. I apologize for not initially clarifiying that.

Ed Note: And our point was we are lucky to have even one RCMP person working on this report. We will continue to proof read in the future so the RCMP do not decide to stop due to grammer or spelling complaints. Currently the main staff person handling this is away and others are filling in for her.
Rest of the story?
Comment by Mike on 20th January 2012
"young female was reported, she returned home on her own".....

"a male was arrested and lodged for pubic intoxication"....what exactly is "pubic' intoxication..?
No rest for the Wicked...
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 19th January 2012
Not even in risk of freezing outside in these record breaking winter temperatures are people letting up?!