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NEWS RELEASE · 20th January 2012
BC Conservatives
Cummins: Premier Clark's super-lobbyist Chief of Staff must not be involved in any Northern Gateway decisions

Christy Clark's new Chief of Staff, super-lobbyist Ken Boessenkool, was a registered federal lobbyist for Enbridge from March 20th, 2006 to January 22nd, 2008. He was specifically lobbying for the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

"The Northern Gateway pipeline is too important for allegations of conflict of interest in the Premier's office," said John Cummins, Leader of British Columbia's Conservatives.

"Mr. Boessenkool's relationship with Enbridge opens him up to accusations of conflict of interest should the province support the project. The only way to remove the impression of any decision being tainted is for Mr. Boessenkool to be excluded from any discussions or decisions about the Northern Gateway pipeline.

"Will the Premier publicly announce that Mr. Boessenkool will not be involved in any discussions or decisions to do with the Northern Gateway?"

"The BC Conservatives are the only party that supports the Northern Gateway pipeline because of the economic benefits it will bring to British Columbians. We believe that a pipeline that meets Canada's stringent environmental laws should be built. To reject it would send a message that large scale natural resources projects are not welcome in BC. Our decision to support the pipeline is free from any insider influence and is based on what is in the best interests of British Columbians."

"Premier Clark's lack of leadership on this issue sends a terrible message to potential investors in BC's natural resources. Large scale projects need political leadership if they are to create jobs across British Columbia."

"The BC Conservatives were the first party to call for foreigners to be banned from the Northern Gateway pipeline hearings, and we are glad that the Premier has belatedly decided to agree with us."
I'm confused
Comment by ron wilton on 20th January 2012
Well I'm certainly confused by the Cons and the pretend not to be Cons.

Harper wants the NG line.

Cummins wants the NG line

CC wants to be a real preemy, but unless she really is an airhead, she must know that if she declares in favour of the NG line that she will most definitely not be preemy for long.

Cummins and Harper have given her a choice, which is no choice at all.

If she really does want to be a real preemy and not a stooge for Harper and the oil companies, she has to speak for the real majority(as opposed to the Enbridge poll) of BC'rs, including all FN's, and reject the NG line.

It is her only hope, and a faint one at that.

If she doesn't, it will be because she, like her predecessor, sold out to the corporate devils.

Try explaining that one to your children Christy.
Comment by Pat#1 on 20th January 2012
a fox in the hen house....there go our 'eggs'
John Cummins
Comment by Hanwan on 20th January 2012
Surprised John Cummins has done an about/face in regards to conserving salmon on the west coast. The Enbridge pipeline would be far removed and out of sight from John Cummins, therefore he would support if it were to be in his personal best interests. The pipeline project is not welcome & not wanted on the North West Coast, however if people such as John Cummins insist it's good for BC, then they should lobby for it to be redirected and built at the Port of Vancouver, in which case all citizens of the North West would likely support it. Likewise if Stephen Harper & his cronies insist the pipeline is good for Canada, then they should redirect it an built it at Ports in Montreal.