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NEWS RELEASE · 23rd January 2012
Environment Canada
Snowfall warning in effect.

Snow at times heavy. Amount 5 to 10 cm except 15 cm near Kitimat. Temperature steady near minus 4.

Snow at times heavy. Amount 5 to 10 cm except 15 cm near Kitimat. Becoming windy before morning. Temperature steady near minus 4.

Snow at times heavy changing to rain in the afternoon. Risk of freezing rain late in the morning and early afternoon. Windy. High plus 2.

Periods of snow. Low minus 1. High zero.

Snow. Low minus 3. High zero.

Rain or snow. Low zero. High plus 1.

Snow. Low minus 2. High plus 1.

Snow. Low minus 1. High plus 1.
I don't mind either.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 26th January 2012
Yesterday the plow came past twice (four times twice on each side) in the time of about two hours and we didn't have any snow. It didn't even create anything at the end of the driveway both times. Today it came by again and never created a row for me to deal with so I wonder why are they so visible when there is no new snow or it is already packed hard by traffic and they are scarce for such a long time when there is snow.

I expect those elected to "sell" their policies and deal with the issues. I don't think I ever complain about my property taxes but I have expressed an opinion when I think they make the wrong spending decisions. So if the need more equipment fine, make the case. That is their job.
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 26th January 2012
With Freedom of Information, why don't you make a formal enquiry to the City of Terrace and adjoining Communities to obtain the records for the past 10+ years for comparison.

ME? I'm all for raising taxes to make our City streets safer. Even doubling the current taxes certainly wouldn't put me outta house and home if I budget accordingly while making cuts from things that are certainly are not necessities in my day-day living.
Maggie Jo
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 25th January 2012
The problem with the figures is that people think of winter in terms of the months of November of one year to March of the next. The financial accounts will be for Jan, Feb and Mar and then Nov. and Dec. of the same year. It makes it very hard to get a handle. I would also expect that if it looks like there will be money left at the end of one year then there might be a temptation to pay up front for Jan and Feb of the following year.

To understand what is happening we would need to see the actual cost over a decade or more. Last winter didn't involve much snow. There were icy conditions true but the $670,000 needs a more detailed breakdown.

The city puts out a Q & A on snow removal claiming that the average home property owner pays $40 per year for snow removal. That is as much gas as it costs me for a winter to run my snow blower. maybe someone can tell us what the comparison figure for Kitimat is.
$420,000 + $83,000
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 24th January 2012
The City's Winter Snow Clearing budgets are based on a 10 yr average.

2011 budget:
$420,000 Winter Road Maintenance
$83,000 Winter Sidewalk Maintenance

Actual costs in 2011:
$670,000 and $92,000

Perhaps by removing the flouride from the water we could plunk that extra $15,000+ Flouride Treatment cost into the snowclearing budget?

In any event, perhaps we should just raise taxes to be able to afford adequate snow removal; lest I see more people slip/trip/fall. (Two of the victims I saw this week were older women - one trying to get over the snow pile onto the sidewalk after using the crosswalk).

In any event, for more information on frequently asked questions like "What is the priority order of plowing streets?", visit and click on Snow Clearing Facts and FAQ's.
Kitimat has excellent snow removal
Comment by Ted Bergen on 24th January 2012
My suggestion to all the people in Terrace that are fed up with the lack of snow removal capabilities in Terrace is to move to Kitimat. We have very little to no problems in Kitimat. The district employees do an fantastic job. Driving is not an issue and the best part is that the end of your driveway does not get plowed in when the plow goes by. Too bad Terrace refuses to follow Kitimat's snow removal practices.
Snow plowing
Comment by blocky bear on 24th January 2012
Good plan Helmet,but you know when the snow melts who cares? d.b.
Here's a question
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 23rd January 2012
Why does the snow plow come by days after a snow fall and tear down the road in a flash without the blade even getting close to the pavement. You witness a cloud of snow going by and the blade is maybe four inched off the surface and it doesn't accomplish anything.

I'm beginning to wonder if maybe the city shouldn't publish a photo of a snow plow so that those of us who don't live on a bus route could remember what one looks like between the four five days that we see one. You sure need a four wheel drive to be the first few drivers down the some of the side streets.

Linda is right about downtown Lazelle Ave and Park Avenue. I have seen larger truck try to pass between parked vehicles and the snow pile in the middle of the road and wondered what the drivers must be thinking. When you get stuck in snow on a corner of downtown Lakelse, something is not right.

Is there anyone who would know the snow-removal budget amounts for the last 15 years or so. It might give us a handle on what is actually happening. You can't predict the amount you will need in any winter but if you have to spend more in the interests of safety then you just do it and hope that next year it will even out. The man said it was only a matter of taxes but we don't get a reduction in taxes when we have a year of little snow. Should that saving not have been carried over to the next snow removal year?
bloody mess!
Comment by Linda on 23rd January 2012
Be careful driving around town, the snowbanks in the middle of the streets are ginormous now and growing, absolutely rediculous!
People need to slow down when taking left turns, and be aware at every street crossing someone could be popping out from behind the monsterous banks.
I seen a few doors almost get ripped off simply by people trying to get out of their vehicles on the 4600 block of main as driving through there is very narrow. Kalum is bad enough without snow, right now very dangerous with the piles.
Coming out of the medical building, I took a left only to realize I was in the wrong lane, but the pile was so big I would have never known there was another lane on the street, and there was NO way to get to the proper lane. This is the worst I have ever seen it in Terrace!! Be careful out there...especially since we have another snowfall warning in effect!