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NEWS RELEASE · 24th January 2012
Market Wire

Whistleblower Claims Prime Minister's Office Tried to Silence Enbridge Gateway Pipeline Critic

Affidavit claims Prime Minister's Office labelled environmental group an "Enemy of the Government of Canada" and an, "Enemy of the People of Canada"

The Prime Minister's Office tried to cut funding of a registered intervenor in the Enbridge Pipeline Review, calling ForestEthics Canada an, "Enemy of the Government of Canada" and an, "Enemy of the People of Canada", according to allegations detailed in a sworn affidavit, dated January 23, 2012.

Sworn by Andrew Frank, former Senior Communications Manager with ForestEthics Canada, and an instructor in the Environmental Protection Technology program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, the affidavit cites three senior managers with Tides Canada and ForestEthics, as well as personal email correspondence.

"Today, I am taking the extraordinary step of risking my career, my reputation and my personal friendships, to act as a whistleblower and expose the undemocratic and potentially illegal pressure the Harper government has apparently applied to silence critics of the Enbridge Northern Gateway oil tanker/pipeline plan," says Frank.

The affidavit alleges the Prime Minister's Office has made an attempt to influence the charitable funding of ForestEthics Canada, a registered intervenor in the National Energy Board's federal review process for the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline.

According to the affidavit, the Prime Minister's Office has informed Tides Canada CEO, Ross McMillan, that it considers ForestEthics to be an "Enemy of the Government of Canada", and an "Enemy of the people of Canada", and that unless Tides Canada alters its charitable support of ForestEthics, there will be consequences.

"Canadian citizens will be shocked to learn that their own government is labelling critics of the Enbridge oil tanker/pipeline project, 'Enemies of the Government of Canada'," says Mr. Frank. "When a government starts labelling its own citizens 'enemies', it has lost its moral authority to govern."

Frank adds, "If the Prime Minister's Office is working behind the scenes to silence voices of opposition and legitimate criticism, how can Canadians have any confidence in this review process?

Canadians should be deeply concerned about this information, and I invite those named in my affidavit to sign sworn affidavits attesting to whether or not this is the truth."

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I agree with you James
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 31st January 2012
You are for real , I bet you are a George Bush and Dick Cheney fan too.
I am for real Apocalypse Now
Comment by James Ippel on 30th January 2012
You accuse me of buying Harpers BS!! I don't believe it to be BS, but it is the same as me saying your believe in NDP left wing ideology is pure unadulterated bullsh!t.
We have several enemies at the gate. Their names , in my opinion are: Nicole Tremel, Bob Rae,
Nathan Cullen, and every other aspirant for the leadership of the NDP. The NDP victories in Quebec were nothing more than a flash in the pan, and already their popularity is going down the toilet. Next election the Liberals will again be the opposition, and the NDP will be lucky to retain party status. You "HAD" a leader, you don't have one now, and won't find one to replace him.
I know what Harper is referring too.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 27th January 2012
And now he wants to sell our water to private companies .Stephen Harper is the enemy at the gate .
I'm very real
Comment by bill braam on 27th January 2012
Following the Pied piper? Look at some of the comments please and look at what the article actually said. Mr. Harper is referring to outside groups who are using local groups as enemies, not individual Canadians. I myself am more 'conserve the earth' than you want to actually give me credit for but I will not participate in exagerating what a prime minister says even if I did not vote for him, sorry
Are you guys for real?
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 26th January 2012
The Pied Peiper speaks and the conservative lemmings follow .I can't believe you guys buy Harpers BS.. This is directed to Bill and Jim.
Good grief Jim!
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 25th January 2012
At least have the decency to copy and paste the whole sentence. What I said was: "You may want to educate yourself on just what the pro side is spending, to influence an outcome in their favor, before claiming it is overreacting."

At no time did I "insinuate" but in the case of a claim that one side is overreacting, there should be some recognition of the millions spent on the pro side of the argument.

In a democracy everyone has the right to be heard. That is why if there are 500 people who want to address the hearing and say the same thing (according to you) that is their right. I really doubt they will all say the same thing. Everyone has their own perspective. It is a democracy and in any other form of government you don't have to worry about one person saying anything let alone 500 people. Now if you had 500 in another form of government they would all be saying the same thing preceded by the phrase ..." Our glorious leader...."

Methinks you overreacted. Really.
Here goes!!
Comment by James Ippel on 25th January 2012
I have read the comments here and thought maybe I should butt out, but: PM Harper is calling outside interests as enemies, and I must agree with Bill on this. It has already been reported that numerous Hollywood types are registered as intervenors, and they don't know they are registered. Why in the hell do we need 500 people getting up and saying the same damn thing, over and over, thereby extending the hearings on and on and on, ad nausem!!?
Yes Helmut, there are outside influences in favour of the pipeline, but quite frankly, as I have stated in the past, I prefer Refineries in Canada, to give Canadians jobs, as opposed to a pipeline. Having said that, if we can'nt have the refineries, build the pipeline and sell the oil to the Chinese.
I find your comment "You may want to educate yourself...................." somewhat offensive. Are you insinuating that those of us who do not have a University education do not have the ability to determine what is going on in the world, or we do not have the ability to think, and make rational decisions>???????????
but Helmut
Comment by bill braam on 25th January 2012
over-exagerating who Mr. Harper has on his 'enemy-of-Canada' list isn't helpfull, but yes I'm sure some of Mr. Harper's helpfull hands aren't really doing Canada a favour only their own wallets.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 25th January 2012
There are "numerous companies and outside interests" in favor of the pipeline as well. But these are not the people Harper is talking about. So this is not overreacting. You don't call one side traitors and subversives just because they think differently - at least not if you are suppose to be the defender of democracy.

The resource$ of these outside interests are much greater but you never hear Harper of Oliver claim that they should not be able to influence a decision like this. You may want to educate yourself on just what the pro side is spending, to influence an outcome in their favor, before claiming it is overreacting.
Harper's democracy.
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 24th January 2012
For the last 15+ years our rights have been slowly and silently stripped from the people. As time goes on it seams to happen at a quickening pace.

I've seen some outcry as this has happens but not nearly enough.

I would like to know; do you believe we live in a democracy?
What now?
Comment by Dave on 24th January 2012
Someone come up with a clear direction to DO SOMETHING!
We will just bitch and declare our rights but we need a direction to get attention to Ottawa - enough is enough.
His "mandate" did not mean he could become a Canadian Ghadafi!
Comment by bill braam on 24th January 2012
This is going too far. Mr Harper is not calling individuals enemies, he is calling outside influences with alternate motives enemies. There's numerous companies outside of Canada that would like to use any angle possible to get what they want and these are the people Mr Harper is worried about. Mr Harper is trying to improve Canada's financial future, it is individual Canadians without outside 'suspect' support that must voice our environmental concerns to balance the whole subject. Thank you.
Proud to be first be a radical and now this ...
Comment by Just sayin' on 24th January 2012
People need to stop being armchair activists and take a stand against this direct attack to democracy. I am one of the 4000+ people registered to speak up AGAINST the pipeline. I suggest people start thinking about what they are willing to do to let Harper know, as Karen said, that "we will not be cowed." If I get arrested standing up for what my grandfather risked his life for in WWI, then so be it. I have rights and freedoms and so do you so please exercise them.

If we sit around and simply allow it to happen without speaking up and saying"no" then we get entirely what we deserve.
no doubt now
Comment by ron wilton on 24th January 2012

Surely, even hard core Conservatives, after reading this letter, can have no doubt who Harper and his trained seals are truly working for.

Hint (it ain't us).

Brigitte DePape was only half right.

Her sign should have read, "Stop Harper Now! Before it's Too Late!"
You want it, you got it
Comment by Lulu on 24th January 2012
Mr. Harper, you have declared us enemies. Sorry to hear it, but I guess the gloves are off now.
Any suggestions?
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 24th January 2012
Unfortunately ,we are going to bitch and complain and we will not do a damn thing about it. By 7 oclock every one will be glued to their 50 inch big screen tvs imported from China ,watching the canucks play. We are lazyyyyyyyyyyyyy. We want every one else to fight our battles.We need a Barrack Obama type to motivate us . Harper must go . Arab spring brings Canadian winter. Time to get rid of this Dictator. Can a Harper supporter come on here and explain to me how they can support his actions? I dare you..
shades of 1930`s politics
Comment by blocky bear on 24th January 2012
Someone recently suggested that Harper`s budget for a bunch of new jails might be constructed to house the people of dissendent political views. I wonder....? d.b.
right to be heard
Comment by Maureen on 24th January 2012
As a citizen who votes and encourage an active role in politics by others, I am really unsettled by this challenge to my democratic right - to speak and be heard by my government. Mr. Harper, are you building all those new jails to house the thousands (more likely millions who will be the enemies of your state?
Comment by Roy Henry Vickers on 24th January 2012
I am beginning to have concerns that our democracy and freedom of speech is at stake here.
Harper's democracy.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 24th January 2012
The rights and freedoms of a Canadian citizen include "freedom of thought and freedom of speech". The list of the responsibilities of a Canadian citizen includes "express opinions freely while respecting the rights and freedoms of others" and "care for and protect our heritage and environment". If that is the case, it seems contradictory to try to label, punish or vilify the very folks who apply those tenants to their code of living in this democracy. This is serious stuff. Unless, of course, we really don't live in a democracy anymore and Harper doesn't believe in the Rights and Freedom and Responsibilities of a Canadian citizen.

Did you see this?
Comment by Dave on 24th January 2012
Harper, calling the kettle black
Comment by Karen on 24th January 2012
You, Mr. Harper, could end up being the catalyst in a civil war and I, for one, will not be cowed by the likes of you. If anyone is proving to be an enemy of this country I would point the finger right back at you and your greed-driven oil allies - both Canadian and international.

Who is the Enemy
Comment by barryeng on 24th January 2012
This isn't just disconcerting, it is downright scary. If Harper can get away with labelling anyone who opposes a pipeline as an enemy of the government, and an enemy of the people, then there is absolutely no democracy left in Canada.

I have never liked Harper, but I always thought that he at least had the good of Canada at heart. I may not have agreed with his idea of what was good for Canada, but I was willing to accept his view, given his position. NOT NOW! To call us, most of us, enemies of the government because we do not agree that a very bad pipeline is in the best interests of Canada is not what the leader of this country should be doing.

I am reminded of the old joke of a mother watching a parade, who turns to her husband and says; Look dear, everyone is out of step but our poor Johnny. In this case, if there is an enemy of the people of Canada, it is Stephen Harper.
Mr Harper
Comment by Robert Sallows on 24th January 2012
after reading this letter i am appauled at this government and once it is verified should be read in full on the national news and a call to impeach you and your cohorts for treason against the canadian people !!maybe you and your oil buddies can sit in one of your proposed new jails and rot.