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P.S.A.'S · 25th January 2012
National Post
Federal authorities have returned Lucy the pet goose to her owner, and Peter Kent, the federal Environment Minister, has apologized the bird was ever taken in the first place.


Her owner, Diane Vander Wiel, had feared the worst, after the goose, rescued as a chick and adopted as a pet, was confiscated from her Fort St. James, B.C., home on Jan 11.

Conservation authorities arrived unannounced and took Lucy away in a crate, and Ms. Vander Wiel was told she could be euthanized. After she took to Facebook and shared her story, someone launched a petition to pressure the Ministry of the Environment, which has a law prohibiting people from holding migratory birds in captivity, to give Lucy back.

Then, on Friday, came the call from Mr. Kent.

“He said he was so sorry that this happened to our family, it should never have happened,” Ms. Vander Wiel said Tuesday. “Had [the wildlife officers] come out and seen [Lucy’s set-up], none of this would have ever transpired.”

Conservation officers had initially told Ms. Vander Wiel that she would face a fine under the Migratory Bird Convention Act, but Mr. Kent waived it.

On Monday, Ms. Vander Wiel received her agriculture permit, which would allow Lucy to return to her farm. The goose, who arrived home elated but a little underweight due to stress, now lives in one of two barns on the property (the chickens were moved to the other barn to prevent the spread of disease, as the permit requires).

The permit also required that Lucy’s wings be clipped, but that point was also waived, Ms. Vander Wiel said, because she needed to be able to fly in order to get away from coyotes, foxes and wolves that sometimes tread on the property.

“I said it would be cruel to clip her wings and [Mr. Kent] agreed with me.”

Lucy has been honking and running around the property, delighted to be back, she said.

“We are elated and I cannot thank everybody enough,” she said. Ms. Vander Wiel said she got calls from as far away as Italy and Australia congratulating her on the homecoming.

In their phone chat, Mr. Kent had told her he would love to meet Lucy the next time he is in northern B.C.

“I said ‘Sure, you’re so welcome.’”
I agree with Claudette & Peters
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 26th January 2012
'Nice to have Lucy the Goose returned cuz we all know that once we "name" somefin' we get all spontaneously emotionally riled up in efforts to save it, by writing every media outlet available to put pressure on the Authorities to save that single "named" creature.

Once successful, we then stretch out our rubber arms to pat ourselves on the back while retreating back into our "caves" to never have to protest again for the next 10 years, cuz...well..we've "done our part" for this decade. Right?

Let's not forget to "name" our social disapointments too. Please don't take this the wrong way...but it's a goose. Most of us humans EAT animals!

Now that we, the notoriously lazy Canadians who tend to lack in any sort of protesting form...have been remarkably resurrected to dip one's fingers in slight protesting about we continue onwards and REALLY make a difference in our midst by "naming" Society's ills. Perhaps we could get the same Media Coverage that a mere goose deserved?

Just saying.
happy goose
Comment by James Wold on 26th January 2012
I am excited to see someone in the government has a heart , would be nice to meet Mr. Kent sometime. I hope that he will pass some of his values down to the people working in his department, a step in the right direction.
All right
Comment by Mr. Peters on 26th January 2012
Now all you need to do is feed it some corn and a little grain and it should be nice and fat for Easter. Happy goose eating.
Political action for a goose
Comment by c. sandecki on 26th January 2012
In 12 days 40 people (on this site alone) mobilized to save the life of a Canada goose. In that fight an Ottawa cabinet minister promptly responded.
Yet we have far more important situations that need righting (health care waits, and such) where no one peeps a word, or at least not effectively.
Why are we so willing to defend a helpless animal but so lackadaisical about speaking up for wrongs in our society?
Singer Tom Jackson has excellent advice for spurring our elected officials to do what they promised when elected:
Lucy is Home
Comment by genniene on 26th January 2012
Wonderful to hear..The power of the PEN!! And Facebook..
Yeah for Diane & Lucy !!!
Comment by Carol on 25th January 2012
Happy Day's Diane. Media works, great that there was so much support for your dear Lucy Girl !!!
Comment by Pat#1 on 25th January 2012
Nice the officials in this story had to 'flock off'....
the saying goes..
Comment by Pat#1 on 25th January 2012
What's good for the goose, is for the gander! Glad to see a happy ending to this story.
Comment by TLE on 25th January 2012
That makes me smile, I am so thankful she was returned home safely.
Welcome back Lucy!
Comment by Melanie Sinnott on 25th January 2012
Made my day to hear of Lucy's return!