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REPORTING · 27th January 2012
Joe Friesen-Bill Curry
After five years of minority governments, Stephen Harper finally has the freedom to act.

He’s no longer looking at the limited horizon of the next budget or the next election. He’s planning on transforming Canada for a generation or more. This is Stephen Harper’s blueprint for reform.

Although short on details, Mr. Harper’s speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Thursday made clear the sweep of his ambition. He will change how Canadians finance their retirement. He will overhaul the immigration system. He will make oil and gas exports to Asia a “national priority” and aggressively pursue free trade in India and Europe.

“Western nations, in particular, face a choice of whether to create the conditions for growth and prosperity, or to risk long-term economic decline. In every decision, or failure to decide, we are choosing our future right now,” Mr. Harper said.

“We’ve already taken steps to limit the growth of our health-care spending. … We must do the same for our retirement-income system.”

He said he plans to make Canada’s old-age supplement program sustainable. What that means is unclear. He did not spell out whether seniors will have to wait longer to receive the benefit or whether clawbacks would be increased for higher income earners.

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Lets start by....
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 1st February 2012
Not buying stealth bombers at a cost of 35 billion and 19 billion on prisons.Great start leave the OAS alone.
Gary/Don't Mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by James Ippel on 31st January 2012
I don't know if you receive a pension or not. I do, and am I concerned about changes to the plan? Right now, no.
There is no plan to change to current CPP or the OAP benefits to those currently receiving them. What the Gov't is looking at is future.
Currently, CCP is self sustainable: we have 4 1/2 to 5 working people contributing for every 1 person receiving CPP. In about 30 years this will change to 2 working people contributing for every 1 person receiving CPP. This is because of the Baby Boomers that will be retiring in the forseeable future. These are not my numbers, but come from the Sprot Shaw Business College at Carleton Uninversity.
The OAP is funded strictly out of general revenue received from direct taxation to the general public. As we have more citizens receiving this benefit, the Gov't has to make accommodations to collect this money to insure that people in the future will be able to collect OAP.
If you listen to Peter Julian, NDP MP, and the Finance Critic, all future recipients of OAP pensions will die of starvation because they will be reduced to a minimal amount. I have not heard this MP advocating that MP's reduce their gold plated pensions. Currently, for evey dollar that the MP contributes, the taxpayer contributes 23 dollars, and there is no discrimination here. It is for all MP's.
Yes Gary, start managing the plan properly. Lets start with the NDP advocating change to their own pensions before the start screwing around with those of us who have spent decades contributing for our retirement,and are now enjoying the little things in life.
I don't see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by James Ippel on 31st January 2012
Yep. The reformers are accepting the pensions, but I don't see the N'Dippers screaming that they do not want to have anything to do with the fatcat pensions.

If you are going to critisize, do the same to your own as you do to others, or is this not fair in your way of thinking? You are entitled, because you supposedely represent the common folk, but the rest are scum?
Drunk with power
Comment by blocky bear on 28th January 2012
Mulroney brought us to the edge. This guy Harper is intent on pushing us over. He keeps insulting peoples intelligence,I can only hope that people will put the brakes on. One way or another! d.b.
Remember when..
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 27th January 2012
.. in 1993 Reformers arrived on the scene and advocated cuts to MP pensions as a way of showing they were purer than the others...

That was then now, almost all of the original group of Reformers who said they would turn down the generous benefits package have quietly opted back in, with the exception of Preston Manning and Werner Schmidt.

"Eleven of the original 52 Reformers, are still sitting in the House of Commons.

Almost all the remaining MPs from the old Reform Party - including Stephen Harper -stand to collect over $150,000 a year in pension benefits once they retire.

For every $1 they contribute to their pension the taxpayer contributes $23.30. So it is a bit ironic, (no hypocritical is a better word), for Harper to be focused on making people eligible for their $12,000 per year in CPP two years later.

In a 1995 speech, Harper called the pension package a "monstrosity" that was "obscene."

"My wife and I just purchased our first home and we are planning for our future, but I could not go home and look my wife or my constituents in the eye if I opted into a plan like the one offered in Bill C-85. Instead, I will put my own money into an RRSP," he told the Commons."

Comment by Gary Edwards on 27th January 2012
Don't mess with our pensions. Start managing the plan properly and reduce waste. Especially in the burocracy.
killing two birds with one stone
Comment by anon on 27th January 2012
by capping health care (illness care ) and limiting old age security . He can count on more seniors dying earlier from limited health care and hunger . Why any senior would vote against their own self interest by voting for the so called conservatives is beyond me.
They are no conservatives they are petroservatives . oil companies that's who the serve and protect .
btw canada has the lowest royalties on oil/gas in the world . Who I wonder are the real enemy of canada and canadians.