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NEWS RELEASE · 30th January 2012
Terrace RCMP
Downtown Terrace
- false business alarm on Eby St

- false cell 911

- report of an intoxicated person on Lakelse Ave. Police attended and found a different intoxicated person. He was transported to his residence by taxi. The man from the original call was eventually located as well and arrested for public intoxication.

- three men were arrested for public intoxication, separate incidents

- two women causing a disturbance at Safeway. They left on their own accord prior to police arrival.

- road rage incident on Lakelse Ave. The driver was spoken with.

- taxi fare dispute. The matter resolved itself prior to police attendance.

- fight outside of Best Western Inn. Two men and one woman were arrested for public intoxication.

- fight in front of McDonald’s. The group was dispersed. No one was injured.

- two intoxicated men walking on Lakelse Ave. Checks were done of area.

- abandoned 911 call from Shoppers Drug Mart on Lakelse Ave. Checks were done of area.

- a woman was observed urinating in public on Lakelse Ave. She ran from police. She was arrested a block away for public intoxication.

- a man was observed swearing in public and very agitated. He was arrested for public intoxication. A sober person accepted his care.

- false business alarm on Kalum St.

- suspicious substance found by cleaning staff at the Bear Country Inn

- a man and woman were reported to be fighting with each other on Greig Ave. They were both arrested for public intoxication.

- false cell 911. The phone was at Compusmart getting fixed for that same problem.

- erratic driver on Greig Ave. Checks were done of area.

- group of intoxicated people observed on Kalum St / Greig Ave. Two men were arrested for public intoxication.

Elsewhere Terrace
- intoxicated woman refusing to leave a taxi. She was assisted out of the taxi and placed in the care of a sober person.

- man refusing to leave the Emergency Shelter on Hall St. Police attended and the man left.

- man unlawfully in a dwelling on Little Ave. He was located outside of the residence and arrested for public intoxication.

- report of a man and woman being together when they are on conditions to not be together. Checks were done and both the man and woman were spoken with

- theft of a debit card and money withdrawn. Under investigation.

- two men were arrested for public intoxication, separate incidents

- people living in a house and refusing to pay rent. Under investigation.

- a 13 yr old boy refusing to go with his caregiver. Ministry of Children and Families attended.

- window smashed out of a residence on Davis Ave

- false business alarm on Straume Ave

- man and woman arguing on Park Ave / Kalum St. Both were arrested for public intoxication.

- consensual fight between father and son on Hanson St. The son was arrested for public intoxication.

- report of an assault, third party. Checks were done.

- man was banging on a residence and asking to be let in to warm up. Checks were done of the area.

- a 12 yr old boy was refusing to go with his parent. The boy was not in any danger. Police did not have authority to apprehend the boy.

- loud music on Haugland Ave. It was shut down.

- two intoxicated youth in the Kalum Trailer Court. The girls were located and told to go inside of their residences.

- a person banging on a door of a residence on Scott Ave. Checks were done of the area.

- a person was observed puking out of his white 2006 F350 truck parked on Scott Ave. He was issued a prohibition, numerous violation tickets were issued, and the vehicle was impounded.

- argument between a man and woman on Scott Ave. The man was directed to leave the area. The man punched the window out of the woman’s vehicle. The man was arrested for causing a disturbance. The woman continued to yell and scream, so she was arrested for causing a disturbance as well. Both parties were intoxicated.

- a man was observed walking down Kalum St carrying a 42 inch Hisense flat screen TV at 4:20 AM. He was intoxicated and unable to make sense. He was arrested. The TV and some women’s underwear found in his pocket were seized for further investigation.

- false business alarm on Eby St

- man arrested for public intoxication on Scott Ave. He was on conditions to not consume alcohol.

- request for assistance with a separation.

- neighborhood dispute on Cole Ave. Parties involved were spoken with.

- report of a man passed out in a snowbank on Kenney St and it appeared that he fell off a bike. The man was located. He was arrested for public intoxication. He was issued numerous violation tickets, including cycling without consideration.

- false 911 call from the Terrace Arena

- yelling a screaming coming from a residence on Scott Ave. Police attended and spoke with the intoxicated noise makers. One man was transported to his residence.

- man arrested for public intoxication on Kalum St. He became irrational and highly agitated and smashed his own head into a wall, causing a minor injury to himself. Police applied first aid to the injury and assisted the man in cleaning himself up.

- an unknown man was climbing on a deck and banging on windows of a residence on Little Ave. Police located a man fleeing from the area on a bicycle. The man admitted to stealing the bike. The bike was returned to its owner. The man was arrested for public intoxication.

- group of teens fighting in the hallway on Scott Ave. Checks were done.

- a 15 yr old boy reported an assault. Unfounded. Police mediated communication between the parties involved.

- report of an overdue traveler. An hour later he was located by the complainant.

- fight at a residence on Kalum St. Parties involved were intoxicated. No one was injured. One woman was transported to another residence.

- false residential alarm on Molitor St.

- sudden death on Agar Ave. A 37 yr old man is deceased. Foul play is not suspected.

- intoxicated person refusing to leave a residence on Haugland Ave. He was arrested for breach of peace. A cell phone in his possession was seized when the intoxicated residents of Haugland Ave reported it stolen by him. Another cell phone is still missing from the party.

- false residential alarm on Thomas St

- 911 hang up call from Haugland Ave. Yelling could be heard in background. Checks were done of area.

- possible residential break and enter in progress on Lazelle Ave. Checks were done. Unfounded.

- two intoxicated men yelling in front of the Bank of Montreal. One of the men was located and he agreed to go home. The second man was located after a second call was made. He was escorted to the Men’s Shelter.

- person failing to pay for service from tow company. Under investigation.

- report of a man passed out in a snow bank in front of the Co Op Card Lock on Keith Ave. He was located and arrested for public intoxication. Due to his level of intoxication BC Ambulance were called to assist and transported the man to Mills Memorial Hospital.

- false business alarm on Motz Rd

- civil separation dispute. Police gave advice on the matter.

- false residential alarm on Walker St

- an assault is being investigated

- police assisted a person in retrieving personal effects

- complaint of a vehicle parked on Hwy 16 at the 18 mile rest area being a traffic hazard. The vehicle was moved into the rest area prior to police attendance.

- report of a vehicle on its side on Hwy 37 just south of Airport Hill. Checks were done of area. No further details obtained.

- single vehicle motor vehicle accident on Hwy 16 near the Copper River Motel. A 1996 Red Ford Aerostar van tried overtaking a semi truck and lost control hitting the ditch and flipping onto its side. No injuries. Alcohol was a factor. The driver was issued a driving prohibition, the vehicle was impounded, and numerous violation tickets were issued.

- a 1991 red Chevy pickup collided with a salt truck on Hwy 37 one km south of the airport. The pickup suffered extensive front end damage and was towed. No injuries. The tires of the pickup were so bald that the tread was unable to be measured. Violation ticket was issued for same.

- single vehicle rollover near Usk on Hwy 16. A black 1997 Nissan Pathfinder lost control in the slush. No injuries. The vehicle was towed.

- a 14 yr old girl causing problems outside of a residence on Munroe. The girl moved inside of the residence.

Kitsumkalum, Kulspai, Gitaus
nothing to report

People with information on crime are asked to contact the Terrace RCMP at (250)638-7400 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers by telephone at 1-800 222-TIPS. Or a Tip can be left anonymously online at
Holy Crow's Nest !!!
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 30th January 2012
And we have the nerve to ask..."Don't the Police have anything better to do than give me a seatbelt ticket?!"

Well, apparently they do.

They're inundated by responding to multiple calls for repeat offenders and repeat drunks lining our streets. Nice. Real nice.

What a waste of our RCMP resources by these repeat offenders. But then again...the RCMP have to do what they have to do to keep the rest of us Citizens safe, by pulling up their sleeves to go tend to yet another repeat offender. It's part of their job and they have to do just that...the same as handing out tickets.

'Realizing that a majority of their call-outs are intoxicated-related is a true embarassment to our Community. But, again...thank you to the RCMP for keeping the rest of us safe while these destructive, careless, bullying hooligans are ruining the party for everyone else.
Road maintenance
Comment by Dave on 30th January 2012
How many accidents have there been in the north this winter due to inadequate road maintenance?
Slush, ice and hours before they are dealt with!
We as taxpayers are paying for MAINTENANCE and we are also paying through ICBC for unsuitable contracts.
Wish the Ministry took back control and providing the service.
Only in Terrace
Comment by CC on 30th January 2012
Wonderful delicious liquor.