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NEWS RELEASE · 30th January 2012
Rio Tinto Alcan
Rio Tinto Alcan has officially completed the transfer of sixty three district lots totalling just over 11,000 acres of land to the Cheslatta Carrier Nation in British Columbia.

“This important event is the culmination of over ten years of discussions between us and the community to return these traditional lands to the Cheslatta Carrier Nation. Today is an important milestone and represents how we can move forward cooperatively,” said Jean Simon, president and chief executive officer, Primary Metal, Rio Tinto Alcan. “I am honoured to be the one, on behalf of our company, to bring this long standing issue to conclusion for the benefit of the Cheslatta Carrier Nation people.”

“Today we get back what we lost 60 years ago.” said Cheslatta Chief Richard Peters, “Land is the backbone of any community and this land is truly the foundation for our future. We are most grateful for the hard work and dedication of former Cheslatta leaders and we also thank Rio Tinto Alcan for being a modern and progressive corporation that understands the significance of the land to the Cheslatta people. We are fully committed to continue working together.”

“I am proud of the respectful and effective relationship that we have developed with the Cheslatta Carrier Nation. I am also proud that both parties demonstrated great patience, support and commitment to this process that allows us to recognize the past while opening a new door to a brighter future,” said Paul Henning, vice president, Strategic Projects, Western Canada for Rio Tinto Alcan.
"a great number being regular attendees of the food bank"
Comment by Nancy on 1st February 2012
Your words James. Perhaps I should not have resorted to name calling, I apologize for that, but I have been disgusted by some of your past posts regarding First Nations in the area and reached my limit. All I have to do is search your comments on here and see what position you take on "hand outs" and "get a job". Your black and white approach does not sit well with you being in a position to show compassion to people in need. (hence - food bank). The whole point of the food bank is that you can go and get help and not be judged, or put in a category. Confidentiality is very important to these charity organizations.
Dear dear James.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 1st February 2012
Kemano completion has had nothing to do with modernization. The shut down of Kemano Completion was sanctioned or demanded by Gordon Campbell before Harcourt made his announcement. There was no one in Caucus who expressed any concern about it except me.

Kitimat City Council has expressed concern over the loss of 500 family supporting jobs as well. They took exception to what seemed like Campbell trying to compensate Alcan for his Kemano position by allowing them to sell as much power as they wanted to. That is the position the government took in court. Kitimat wanted a bigger smelter not a half smelter. So nobody got their wish except Rio Tinto Alcan. You implied that we should all be ever so grateful for Alcan's largesse and I simply pointed out that it was not largesse. In fact it is more like a crime. As the man once said, "Great wealth is always preceded by a great crime." or "wealth can not be created, only taken." In this case taken from the people.

I don't think I have ever written about Alcan's pollution. I just don't accept everything from any corporation at face value like you do. But, let me ask a question: since we were discussing Alcan returning land to the Cheslatta Carrier Band, what in heaven's name have your comments got to do with that subject?

Having a bad day James?
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 31st January 2012
Alcan also promised 3 new smelters ,I can go on and on .That's the past,this is now. What does returning land have to do with returning wages? James I am not anti Alcan or Anti corporate ,I am pro fairness in everything that goes on in the world. You say that people drive up in expensive vehicles to get food from the food bank, I agree that is wrong . Reminds me of the big oil companies or electro motive, getting taxpayer funded handouts or not paying their fair share of royalties . Like I said I am pro fairness ..... Oh yah you support the Govt. What am i talking about fairness to you for.
Further to Nancy's comments..............
Comment by James Ippel on 31st January 2012
What the HELL does this have to do with the Food Bank?????
Comment by James Ippel on 31st January 2012
Was'nt it the Kitimat City Council that continually was after Alcan to modernize, reduce pollution, and increase productivity?
Guess what? Rio Tinto Alcan did exactly that. Now you are complaining because there will be 500 fewer workers, actually I think the number is more like 600.
You got your wish. Less pollution, and??????how many millions of dollars taken out of the local economy in wages? Probably in the neighbourhood of 6 million annually, but you do the math, after all, you are the numbers expert.
Oh, by the way, who stopped the Kitimat expansion project which would have allowed the building of a second tunnel and cost the BC taxpayer $500 MILLION DOLLARS?
Just maybe, if this had gone ahead, and with some controls, our electricity costs would'nt be so high.
Comment by James Ippel on 31st January 2012
Thank you for your absolutely" DISGUSTING "comment. I don't give a Damn what race comes thru the Food Bank, and I have found that the Native people that come thru are the ones that are the most apprecitive for what they receive.
I do not feel superior to the people that attend the Food Bank, and for your bloody information, I know a lot of them personally from past contacts, and we are not embarrassed at all about this.
While we are on the subject-what does give me a pain in the ass is the whites who come thru and complain about what is offered. How about: "My kids don't like that Cereal.?, How come I am only allowed one?, or the ones that I know are ripping off the Food Bank. Whitey, who drives a high priced vehicle, is well dressed, or the women who flat out admits her husband is working, and she is collecting free food.
You see, I don't decide who receives food, I only assist in handing it out. Does it p!ss me off to hear comments like this? Your damn right it does, and for your information, this comes from the white recipients, not the Natives.
If you would like to offer an apology, don't bother. I don't like being insulted for trying to help the less fortunate.

James do you do a head count at the food bank?
Comment by Nancy on 31st January 2012
James I have seen you volunteering at the food bank, do you count how many first nations vs whites? The volunteers should be screened to see if they are racist before they can help. I am wondering do you volunteer to feel superior and feed your ego? or do you really care?
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 31st January 2012
Is that all we expect from corporations which access our resources, largess? We give them an entire watershed to create power to build a smelter then they decide to build a smelter which employes 500 fewer people and they sell us back the surplus power at a price that will have us pay for their modernization in about 15 years.

And I always thought we were smarter and had more self respect than expecting largess?
Right On and!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by James Ippel on 30th January 2012
Smooth Apocalypse, and maybe all the people who have worked for Rio Tinto Alcan since the fifities should return their wages, salaries, and benefits.
Are you one of the benefisheries willing to return your benefits and pension.
Alcan, and now Rio Tinto Alcan is a major employer, a training facility, and a contributor to the local ecomony. Without them we would be in a sad state of affairs, a great number being regular attendees of the food bank.
You may not agree with how they do business, but you do gladly accept the benefits they offer. Just remember, you don't have to work directly for them to benefit from their largess.
Great news
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 30th January 2012
All we need them to do now is return the 110,000 hectares of land they were given back in the 50s for opening up a smelter in kitimat.They don't need it any more seeing as they were only invited here to produce power according to the Judge who ruled on the power sales agreement.