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COMMENTARY · 3rd February 2012
Merv Ritchie
“To serve and protect” are the primary words used by Canadian law enforcement officers to reflect their duty. The Canadian Forces, the military, pride themselves on defending democracy, freedom of speech and the rule of law. Today, the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposal flies in the face of all of this.

The new majority Canadian government led by Stephen Harper is threatening to use force against those protesting the proposal. Government issued documents and Ministers have referred to those opposed as enemies. A quick and short review demonstrates the opposite to be true.

The primary destination of the product to be shipped in the pipeline is China. In various media reports as well as in the pro-Enbridge support groups such as 'Ethical Oil' and 'Our Decision' they refer to Asia. This is a purposeful distraction to avoid drawing attention to China. Using the word “Ethics” in reference to shipping this product to China is laughable at best.

During the First and Second World Wars as well as Korea tens of thousands of brave men and women died. They gave their lives to defend against regimes that were not near as bad as China is today. China jails people who even write about democracy in a positive manner.

During a peaceful pro-democracy demonstration in 1989 at Tiananmen Square, the Chinese Communist government sent in soldiers and tanks executing and running over with their tanks hundreds of the protesters.

Just last year our Canadian forces directed the NATO campaign to protect the civilian lives in Libya. Today the Canadian Government is using rhetoric similar to that of Colonel Gaddafi suggesting they will use our military, against Canadians, to help prop up the Chinese Communistic government.

The Chinese are so abhorrent to common decency, those they jail are available to have healthy organs extracted for sale to the world market. It is this regime our Canadian Government is intending to employ military and civilian forces against those opposed, to defend delivering our raw bitumen, the product required to further China's militaristic goals.

The secondary concern is the additives required to allow the product to flow in the pipeline. When mixed and heated the result is a highly toxic poisonous gas. Should the product be exposed to the environment due to any type of leak, or even in the loading and unloading procedures, the effects are much like nerve gas. This was the justification the USA used to go to war against Iraq, the deliberate use of toxic nerve gas against a Kurdish community.

Today the results of the Enbridge pipeline leak in Kalamazoo can be seen in privately produced videos and in Physicians reports. The benzene compounds in the airborne particles from the leak in 2010 have resulted in numerous citizens dead and dying of seizures. Watch the expose' videos here.

It is an insult and a disservice to every soldier who died fighting for freedom and democracy to have the Canadian Government defend this concept. It is traitorous to the nation of Canada and all Western democratic principals to use force against its own citizens, who stand individually and collectively, protesting against the construction of this pipeline.

It is the duty of every officer enlisted in all military and paramilitary service to stand united with the people of Canada, the citizens of the worlds greatest democracy, who stand against the export of this product to the Worlds greatest, most vile and reprehensible communistic state.

On Saturday, thousands of Canadians will be marching together in opposition to the proposal in Prince Rupert, BC. The local community marched together during the Enbridge sponsored meeting of the local government association 9 months earlier. Like the birth of a child, the gestation period is up.

Beginning again at 11am at Mariner's Park the gathering will march through the streets of Prince Rupert and end at the Jim Ciccone Civic Center. It is scheduled to last until midnight with performers such as Canadian rocker Bif Naked, jazz pianist Murray Porter, Shane Yellowbird and Rafe Mair.

Last years protest can be watched again by clicking here.

Although most everyone is protesting against the potential destruction of their habitat due to a oil spill the issue is much greater than this.
Men swimming in an oil slick off the coast at a refinery in Dalian China
Men swimming in an oil slick off the coast at a refinery in Dalian China
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Comment by anon on 6th February 2012
Comment by anon on 5th February 2012
How many Asian countries other than China have a vested interest in the tarsands ?