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NEWS RELEASE · 9th February 2012
The Joint Review Panel (Panel) for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project amended some of the deadlines included in Hearing Order OH-4-2011.

The deadline for submitting a letter of comment to the Panel is now 31 August 2012 (formerly 13 March 2012).

If you want to know how to submit a letter of comments to the Panel, please visit the Panel’s website by clicking this link:

Letter of comment

You can communicate your views about the Project to the Panel by submitting a letter of comment. A letter of comment is a written statement that expresses your knowledge, views or concerns on the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Project. A letter of comment should include any information that will help explain or support your comments as well as the nature of your interest in this proposed project.

Letters of comment must include personal contact information such as full name and mailing address. Panel members will read and consider all letters of comment throughout the joint review process.

Once submitted, letters of comment become public documents. Your contact information and the letter of comment will be available on this website in the Public Registry.

Deadline for submitting a letter of comment is 31 August 2012.

Submission requirements:

If you would like to submit a letter of comment, please use the electronic form on this website or send your own letter to the address or fax number below:

Secretary to the Joint Review Panel
Enbridge Northern Gateway Project
444 Seventh Avenue S.W.
Calgary, AB T2P 0X8
Fax: 403-292-5503; toll free fax: 1-877-288-8803

In addition to submitting your letter to the Panel you will also need to send a copy electronically, by mail, or by fax to Northern Gateway and its counsel before the submission deadline using the contact details below:

Kenneth MacDonald
VP, Law and Regulatory Affairs
Northern Gateway Pipelines Inc.
30th Floor, 425 – 1st Street SW
Calgary, Alberta T2P 3L8
Fax: 403-718-3525

Abby Dorval
Manager, Regulatory Affairs
Northern Gateway Pipelines Inc.
30th Floor, 425 – 1st Street SW
Calgary, Alberta, T2P 3L8
Fax: 403-231-7380

Richard Neufeld, Q.C.
Barrister & Solicitor
Fraser Milner Casgrain
15th Floor, 850 – 2nd Street SW
Calgary, Alberta T2P 0R8
Fax: 403-268-3100

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Comment by Karen on 10th February 2012
Fraser Milne Casgrain LLP represents Enbridge so you are submitting your letter to the JRP and three copies to Enbridge. You would think that if you sent one copy to Enbridge they would be capable of sharing it with whom ever they deem necessary.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 9th February 2012
Then the "sub committee" should do that after they receive notification. There is no need to have the public's emails run through an Enbridge email address and certainly not two out of the three.
Notifying Enbridge
Comment by JRueger on 9th February 2012
Helmut - that's because it is the submitter's responsibility to also notify Enbridge that you have made a submission to the hearing process. It isn't a conspiracy or anything ...
Not enough supporters
Comment by ron wilton on 9th February 2012

It appears as though the opponents of Enbridge outnumber their supporters by a considerable margin, and 'someone' is trying desperately to gain a physical balance.

Looks like all the tea, uh,er 'money' in China isn't enough to turn British Columbians into peasants for the naked emperor.

Too bad we couldn't say the same for our neighbours.
Very interesting.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 9th February 2012
Two of the three email addresses are ,,,