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NEWS RELEASE · 9th February 2012
Terrace RCMP
Downtown Terrace
- report of two people arguing while in their own respective vehicles and it appeared one was going to run into the other. Both registered owners were spoken with.

- a man with no money attempted to obtain the services of a cab. When he was denied service, he claimed 10 men were after him. He then left the area. Checks were done of the area for the man and / or 10 men.

- man passed out in the washroom of Tim Horton’s on Lakelse Ave. He was arrested for public intoxication.

- an intoxicated woman and two intoxicated men were causing problems at the Best Western and refusing to leave. All three left on their own accord.

- On Star emergency button was pressed on a brown 2012 Chev Equinox Van at the corner of Lazelle Ave and Emerson St. Checks were done of the area. The registered owner was phoned to ensure safety.

- motor vehicle accident at the corner of Kalum St and Lazelle Ave. A red 2010 Chev Aveo was hit by a blue 2009 Pontiac Vibe. The two passengers in the Aveo, ages 5 yrs and 10 yrs, were taken to Mills Memorial Hospital by BC Ambulance for assessment of minor injuries. A 62 yr old passenger in the Vibe also suffered minor injuries. Both vehicles suffered extensive damage and were towed.

- Loss Prevention Officer of Save On Foods arrested a 44 yr old shoplifter.

- man arrested for public intoxication on Greig Ave

- police observed a man attempting to shoplift from Canada Safeway. When police attempted to arrest the man, he ran. Police and employees of Safeway gave chase. The employees caught the man behind the library and restrained him till police arrived and arrested him. 19 yr old Esau Guno has been charged with Breach of a Recognizance by being outside of his residence while under the influence of alcohol, Breach of Probation by being inside of Safeway, and theft under $5000 from Safeway.

- false business alarm on Lazelle Ave.

Elsewhere Terrace
- a black Ford Fusion bumped into a grey 2005 Toyota Echo in the Walmart Parking lot. Minor damage to both vehicles.

- report of a theft. A man moved out of a residence and took an old bike with him that did not belong to him.

- an intoxicated man yelling and scaring people at a party on Keith Ave. He was arrested.

- possible impaired driver in a newer model white GMC pickup at A&W. Checks were done of area.

- false business alarm on Kalum St

- two separate complaints at separate locations of loud music and unruly neighbors. Ongoing issue. Police gave advice on the matter.

- verbal domestic argument.

- lost wedding band in between Safeway and Skeena Mall on Feb. 5.

- pink leather wallet was lost in the Terrace Aquatic Center containing various cards and ID.

- false residential alarm on Walsh Ave

- a camper parked at the Bowling Alley had its window smashed out and its contents went thru.

- verbal domestic dispute

- suicidal man. He was located and arrested for public intoxication.

- dispute of ownership of a dog. Both parties were spoken with.

- a dog was hit by a vehicle in front of McCarthy Motors on Hwy 16. It died. Police assisted with its disposal.

- an intoxicated woman dialed 911 to inform the police that she didn’t like them. Police attended to her residence to check her well being. She advised police that she only called to inform them that she doesn’t like police. She was arrested for public mischief.


UPDATE: On February 8 , 2012, Alvin Martin TREMBLAY was charged with possessing marihuana for the purpose of trafficking, contrary to S. 5(2) Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. On February 1, 2012 police arrested TREMBLAY after a foot chase in Thornhill. Two ˝ pound vacuum sealed packages of marihuana were located by police shortly after the arrest. TREMBLAY had attempted to dispose of them during the pursuit. TREMBLAY is known to police.

- a woman was banging on doors on Kofoed Dr looking for a ride. Checks were done of area.

- a snow plow truck struck a white 2001 GMC Jimmy when the Jimmy pulled out of a driveway on Thornhill St. The driver was unable to see the snow plow truck due to the height of the snowbanks. The Jimmy suffered minor damage. The driver of the Jimmy suffered minor injuries.

- a 16 yr old girl causing a disturbance in the family home and refusing to abide by rules. The girl became physical with the parents. Police gave advice on the matter.

- man passed out in a snowbank on Ackroyd Rd / Brauns Rd. He was arrested for public intoxication.

Kitsumkalum, Kulspai, Gitaus
nothing to report

People with information on crime are asked to contact the Terrace RCMP at (250)638-7400 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers by telephone at 1-800-222-TIPS. Or a Tip can be left anonymously online at
Re: Thx
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 11th February 2012
MaggieJoe Johnson; your ignorance in the subject shines so bright it blinds me and hurts the back of my eyes.

Even after spoon feeding you on the subject of the drug war I still see you making outrageous comments that do nothing but fear monger.

1) Can you explain to me why your children would be hanging around some one who has several pounds of pot? I don't know the accused man but I'm pretty sure his clientele does not include your children . If your child does invest in that kind of weight in marijuana then I would seriously be more concerned with your parenting skills. If your skills are that bad to keep your kids from buying that much pot then it doesn't matter if one drug dealer gets locked up because there will always be some one else to buy it from.

2) If you are so concerned with the names of the drug dealers in the community you would have compiled a public register of all of the clerks who work in retail and sell tobacco. What about the alcohol? Where's your list of everyone in town who sells it? Included in your register should also be everyone involved in allowing the sale of alcohol in our community.

I don't know if you actually read the RCMP reports. If you did read the RCMP reports you'd see they are full of people getting drunk and assaulting people. No mention anywhere of someone smoking pot and beating up their spouse.

Get real, MaggieJoe. You're fear mongering. You might not realize it but your comments contribute to Canadas growing prison industrial complex.

MaggieJoe, do you speak any other language than English? Could I explain it to you in French instead?

I know I've spoon fed this to you before but you always seam to regurgitate some twist of the propaganda from a D.A.R.E. class.

Do you even read my comments? Im pretty sure this is round 3 or 4 and Im starting to feel dizzy going in circles trying to point out the flaws in your logic in this subject.
Safeway theft
Comment by Me on 9th February 2012
Safeway employees running as far as library? That's is crazy! What's the policy of employees, look what happen to the depady guy for 10 bucks gas. I'm glad he was arrested but taking risks like that is insain! It's always the same people I know a
Man knocked on my window outside there for $ I was scared I left and glad I didn't have my children.
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 9th February 2012
Thank you for providing the names of the drug dealers. As Community Citizens who hold a stake in this Community, it is good and fair to publish their names so we can ensure our children and neighborhood kids don't share company with these people.