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NEWS RELEASE · 10th February 2012
Terrace RCMP
Downtown Terrace
- three men arrested for public intoxication on Lakelse Ave, separate incidents

- Loss Prevention Officer of Save On Foods arrested a 24 yr old man for shoplifting. When he learned that police were called, he attempted to leave with his baby. Police attended and arrested the man for theft and resisting arrest. Police also contacted the other parent to attend to take custody of the baby. Charges are being forwarded to Crown Counsel.

- consensual fight between a 16 yr old boy and a 17 yr old boy at McDonald’s. Police learned through investigation that the fight was called a “friendly” fight, set up on Facebook prior. Police warned all parties involved that if “friendly” fights continued charges could be forwarded.

- report of an intoxicated couple outside of the Best Western. They were refused service from the taxi company due to their level of intoxication and questionable hygiene. Police did checks of the area.

- intoxicated woman in a red coat and a backpack panhandling in front of the Coast. Checks were done of area.

- a silver, 2005, 4 door, Dodge Neon, BC LP # 556 TJF was stolen last night from the parking lot of the mini mall behind Mr. Mike’s sometime between midnight and 2 AM. UPDATE: Car has been located. It was not stolen.

Elsewhere Terrace
- report of a man being jumped by a woman at the Soup Kitchen on Sparks St. Police located the man a short distance away. He was not cooperative with police. He did not have an injury.

- a landlord / tenant dispute over mail. Police gave advice on the matter.

- third party complaint of a domestic dispute. Parties involved refused to cooperate.

- a white 2010 F-350 passed a vehicle in the school zone of Uplands School. The registered owner was spoken with.

- a black 2007 Chev Equinox driving down Walsh Ave at approximately 7 PM had its window broken when another vehicle went past it. The damage to the windshield was extensive and almost punched a hole thru on the passenger’s side. Police suspect that something was thrown at the vehicle.

- intoxicated man refusing to leave a residence on Haugland Ave. He was located en route to the Men’s Shelter.

- domestic dispute. The man was arrested for three breaches: not to contact , not to go to a residence, and not to consume alcohol. The woman was arrested for assault. Charges are being forwarded to Crown Counsel for both people.

- a man leaving the Men’s Shelter was arrested for public intoxication

- a teen age boy dressed in black was looking at a house on Dobbie St at approximately 6 PM. Police did checks of the area and ensured the residence was secure.

- vehicle check on Old Lakelse Lake Rd. The occupants of the vehicle are known to police. The vehicle was being rented. The owner of the rental dealership was contacted and advised of the questionable activity concerning the rental vehicle. The owner attempted to contact the person renting the vehicle, but discovered that the information that was provided led to no where. Police assisted the owner in locating the vehicle on Larch Ave and the owner reclaimed it.

- a person reported that a bogus Facebook account is set up in their name. Facebook will be dealing with the matter.

- a man passed out in a snowbank. He was arrested for public intoxication.

Kitsumkalum, Kulspai
nothing to report

People with information on crime are asked to contact the Terrace RCMP at (250)638-7400 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers by telephone at 1-800-222-TIPS. Or a Tip can be left anonymously online at
Mcdonalds Brawl?
Comment by Shelby Letawski on 16th February 2012
I was there in the building the night of the Mcdonalds fight, that was NOT a consenual fight. There was a little 5 year old girl in the building at the counter, the two boys were moving all over the floor when HER father broke up the fight after everyone was screaming at them that there was a kid right there, they then continued to yell at eachother even when they were told to leave and that the police were called. One boy kept freaking out saying that "he stole my money" - I dont believe there is anything consenual about that. Take it outside or better yet dont do it at all.
Comment by TS on 10th February 2012
I don't think the title of this article is very respectful. Possibly a title something to the effect of: "Domestic Violence fueled by Alcohol" might be more appropriate. To make a statment that men and women love to drink and fight is like spitting in the faces of the social problems of this community. Thats what they are; social problems, please use appropriate language in these reports. Thank you.
Way To Go
Comment by CC on 10th February 2012
The Loss Prevention Officer of Save On Foods is doing a great job. He gets 1 or 2 a day. Keep it up. Might help lower some prices.