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REPORTING · 10th February 2012
Merv Ritchie
The Mayor of Terrace, BC, David Pernarowski, has two dogs. Frequently these two dogs get off of their tethers, out of his yard and threaten passers by. According to Mike Tugwood, he has endured numerous such unfortunate encounters.

This winter he struggled to maintain composure, yelling at the dogs, as he walked by the Pernarowski home on Soucie Avenue. That evening the Mayor attended Tugwood’s work place at NWCC (Northwest Community College) angrily confronting him, demanding to know his identity and ordered him to stay off of his street. Tugwood reports the Mayor told him he was going to call the President of the College and the personnel office. The next thing that happened was Terraces’ top RCMP Officer, Inspector Dana Hart, called him. When Tugwood arrived for his next night shift duty at the College he was met by the Human Resources Officer and his Union representative.

It appears Pernarowski wasted no time in taking action against Tugwood for defending himself from his dogs, even threatening his employment and sending Terraces’ most senior cop after him.

Pernarowski described it as a personal matter, that he has had encounters with Tugwood in the past. He didn’t wish to discuss it in any detail.

“Well that’s a personal matter between myself and that gentleman,” responded Pernarowski, “I’ve been dealing with this guy for months and months.”

Tugwood, an employee with 23 years under his belt at NWCC, didn’t mind talking about it at all. He has had a few encounters with the Mayor but this last one was over the top.

“He was going for broke,” stated Tugwood, “He was kind of, I guess, not thinking. He was reacting, strongly overkill.”

“I just want to be able to walk to and from the college, and work at the college unmolested […] by the Mayors dogs,” Tugwood says he told Inspector Dana Hart when questioned on the incident.

Tugwood walks to work. He walks from the Aquatic Center area, through town, up the trail at Lanfear Hill and along the short stretch of Soucie Avenue just two blocks from the College. He describes the dogs as “They’re not big dogs, they’re in-between. They are these horrible nasty brutish little things with vicious little teeth” He reports others have also had difficult encounters including neighbours on the same street. He claims sometimes when they are loose they just bark and at other times they act like hunters, working together.

“Sometimes they’d just be barking and sometimes it’d be a full scale attack. I let it go for years.”

Last summer, after one such memorable difficult encounter with these dogs, where he struggled to get away, he arrived at the Campus grounds to find Pernarowski just leaving in his vehicle. He stopped the mayor and expressed his discomfort. Tugwood stated he was still flustered from the encounter with the dogs as it had only been three minutes.

“I was still very angry and shaken from the dog attack, he undid his window and I ah, I can’t remember I was probably overwrought, certainly not swearing at him which ah, I may have been swearing, but not at him, but the situation.” He claimed Pernarowski was down playing it so when he got into work he called the City’s Animal control office and left a message on the machine.

This past December as he was approaching the street he looked down and saw the dogs were out again. As he approached, the dogs once again went on a “full scale attack”. Apparently the encounter included him yelling at the dogs again. That evening was when the Mayor arrived at his work, demanding to have his identity, threatening to call the President of the College and the personnel office regarding his job. He then demanded Tugwood not walk on his street anymore.

Tugwood estimated the berating of him by the mayor lasted for 15 minutes. “He was quite hostile, [..] not yelling rage, but pretty red in the face, like, if it was the law of the west I’d probably be dead, he was pretty red in the face, pretty controlled for the rage.”

Earlier in the day Tugwood had again called Animal Control and they informed him a complaint had to be written. He had them fax him the form and he faxed it back. Tugwood figures after the Animal control officials got a copy of the faxed complaint they would have taken it to the Mayor. That is when he believes the mayor called the Inspector and the College, Friday afternoon.

The following Monday, Inspector Dana Hart called Tugwood at his home and that afternoon when he arrived at work, his Union representative and the Personnel officer were waiting for him.

“Yeah, he’s really done a number,” stated Tugwood

When asked about this Pernarowski stated, “I wouldn’t want to comment, it’s a personal matter, there’s a lot to that story,” but when asked about threatening Tugwoods job, Pernarowski continued, “I wouldn’t want to comment on whether I was threatening anyone’s job, I’m just saying this is a personal matter that I’m dealing with through the proper channels.”

There is a lot more to the story. Before Pernarowski became Mayor one of his children was involved in night time vandalism with another group of boys at the College which resulted in an afternoon meeting of parents and administrative staff of NWCC. This was the result of parental complaints after the RCMP were called for assistance and the boys were advised to get out before the police arrived. This was how Pernarowski and Tugwood first met. When the situation was fully explained to the parents; the harassment of female staff of the Kiva Café and skateboarding down the hallways, the rest of the parents came to understand and the problems came to an end. A year later one of the boy’s; Tugwood states it may even have been Pernarowski’s, saw him at the college and personally apologised.

And this may be what the mayor meant when he said, “I wouldn’t want to comment, it’s a personal matter, there’s a lot to that story,” Is it a brewing hostility for one man or is it what Tugwood stated earlier? “He was going for broke, […] he was kind of, I guess, not thinking. He was reacting, strongly overkill.”

We attempted to contact Inspector Dana Hart for his comment on this story but were told he will not be in his office for over a week.
The road on which Tugwood walked where he was attacked by the Mayors dogs.
The road on which Tugwood walked where he was attacked by the Mayors dogs.
Get a lawyer??
Comment by Janice Robinson on 20th February 2012
A commenter advised Mr. Tugwood to get a lawyer.
Did you mean a lawyer from around here? Which one? They (lawyers) are all "in conflict" with everyone when it comes to city councils or band councils. It's like legal incest. Worry not. What goes around, comes around...
Politicians? Same thing. Their conflicts are better than duct tape across their mouths. It is better to speak, and fend, for oneself.
mayor to build a more permanent run
Comment by DJP on 16th February 2012
The mayor has assured me he is willing to deal with the issue: ' I plan to build a more permanent run when this snow finally melts.'

And thanked me for my comments! The community will be watching to see if he follows thru. It is time!!
steel toed boots only if needed
Comment by DJP on 16th February 2012
Size of dog does not matter...the issue is these dogs have (for years) been a nuisance and the mayors methods of dealing with this have not been effective. No excuses. If his children have the dogs outside of their yard or in their yard, but are unable to contain them (on leash or off) and prevent them from attacking they should not be handling them. I commend the mayor his concern for his families safety is paramount and understandably so. However what about concerns for the community. I don't believe he would sit back and let this happen more than once if it was his children, wife, or elderly parent that was attacked under the same circumstances! So BJ don't minimize the situation! He is angry that he and his children were yelled at after the latest incident. Why should any member of society have to be subjected to ANYONE'S nuisance pets. Look up the definition of harrassment...the mayor is allowing his dogs to harrass plain and simple! Lastly BJ people are allowed to defend themselves against attack. I didn't read where people were going to wear steel toed boots to purposefully attack those dogs, but as a protective measure in case needed. Just picture yourself walking on an icey roadway and two dogs attacking, with children looking on unable to do anything to help you or the dogs. NOT a pleasant visual. The mayor has gone of the offense to deflect blame....plain and simple.
Size of the dog doesn't make any difference
Comment by c. sandecki on 16th February 2012
A dog's size makes no difference. The by-law reads "dog" not " small dog" or "big dog".
I've been bit by a large dog and by a dachshund. Both bites bled, and both bites hurt.
OK enough
Comment by BJ on 15th February 2012
This whole situation was not handled professionally. There is know need to wear steal boots and intentional go by their house and cause undue harm to these dogs. They are small dogs and do not need to be targetted by others. This is between 2 people and yes it could have been handle better. Communication is the best way and not to make this a gong show, again things should have been dealt with differently. Anyone causes harm to my dogs, they would would be know end to it. I would just call 911 if their life was a risk. Just saying my thoughts. If anyone threatents my dogs or kicks them I would call the police. I have had people thought rocks at my dogs in their own yard because they walk the fence line and they barked and there is a road for people to walk on. This should be a private matter between 2 adults.
Abuse of power
Comment by Jeff Kennedy on 14th February 2012
This mayor of ours should not be allowed to use the RCMP for his personal business. He went to the guys work for only one reason, to try to have him fired. Inspector Dana hart should refer himself back to his own article of when he first arrived, that he will not tolerate any bad behavior of any of his members in terrace, and here he totally contradicts his own words. Mr tugwood make a formal complaint with the commisioner for public complaints against the police, ASAP !!
Re: Dog Training
Comment by Roy Harding on 14th February 2012
Speaking from personal experience, Kelly Ruff is very good at training folks to train their dogs properly.

And it's not expensive - surely the Mayor could afford some lessons from an expert? Or perhaps not as, according to the comments I've read here, he can't seem to afford a fence.

I think my dog (trained by me, who was trained by Kelly Ruff) and I will begin walking Soucie - and carrying our camera with us.
Dog Training
Comment by Kelly Ruff on 14th February 2012
If Dave is willing to take the time, I would more than willing to work with him to get his dogs under control. I help dog owners to properly communicate with their dogs, and this sounds like a communication break down. All it takes is a phone call to solve this problem.
Send the Mayor a message!
Comment by DJP on 13th February 2012
I messaged the mayor on facebook and suggested he apologize or resign. I suggest others do the same.
He messaged back (rather quickly I might add) and asked me what he should apologize or resign for? For starters how about abuse of office. Shame on him.
I agree with the suggestion that Mr. Tugwood (and any others who are subjected to these dogs on the loose) carry a camera to document in coming days. A very powerful tool.
Perhaps all concerned citizens should start walking on Soucie to send a message to Mr. Mayor that the issue is his aggressive dogs and the lack of a fenced yard. For him to attempt to dictate to a person to stay off his street????
Just a little bit of a 'God Complex' maybe??
Questionable conduct..
Comment by James Ippel on 13th February 2012
I have read all the comments, and must agree that the Mayor acted in poor judgement.
What I find questionable is the action of Insp. Dana Hart, of the RCMP. This is not a matter for the Officer in Charge of the Terrace Detachment to become involved in. This should have immediately been delegated to a General Duty Officer, investigated, a severe reprimand (based on posts here) sent to the Mayor for his actions, and concluded.
I also question the requirement for a dog complaint to be in writing, or is this reserved for elected official(s)?
My conclusion is that the Mayor acted badly by involving the gentleman's employer, and putting Insp. Hart in a position he should not have been. This reeks of political inteferance in the police department, and in a mans employment.
In conclusion, let me congratulate Mr. Tugwood for the distance he walks to work everyday. Very commendable
Believe it...or...not???!!!
Comment by Michael Tugwood on 13th February 2012
This Mayor had been tethering the dogs after
last suumer's attack. I was pleased with his
action. Meant to apologize...if I saw him..for
the 'in yor face' acrimoni0us berating I gave,
to him, minutes after that attack. What will
be completely incongruous to many of you...
IS....I voted for Dave during the November 19th civic election?????!!!! There is not a long
history of enmity on my behalf. Dave , and I,
do not fight daily, weekly, monthly. This should be clear. It would be say I am a fan of
this point. Hopefully...I do not become major
ammunition in any hidden agendas. Dave has
treated me very be sure. I give him
my Irish prayer that ends with the line "AND...
may y'be half an hour in Heaven til The Divil
('Devil') knows yer missin". Dave shall be the author of his own destiny. It should also be known that I did not approach the press. Tis
the reverse. Thank you...thank you...ALL...
for such an outpouring of support.
Suing dog owners: the first bite rule
Comment by David on 13th February 2012
Anon wrote: "So far we have not been bitten but if we are I can assure you we will be suing."

Unfortunately, being bit once will not get you any damages in court. The "first bite rule" lets the owner off the hook for the first incident. After that, if there are any further bites, the owner can be sued. So, don't go and allow yourself to be bitten thinking you might be able to sue, unless you know for sure the dog has already bitten someone.
Not a personal matter
Comment by David on 13th February 2012
When an elected official uses his position of power to gain the upper hand in a "private" dispute, it ain't private anymore. Tugwood needs to talk to a lawyer about the possibility of suing the good mayor for misfeasance in public office.

If the mayor's dog(s) are seriously injured by a rock thrown by someone protecting themselves, then that will be the mayor's fault for knowingly putting his dogs in danger. Solution: load up your pockets with rocks when you pass the mayor's house. Ninety-nine per cent of the time, the dogs will understand your body language (i.e. no fear) and they will leave you alone. Just don't lose your cool and start pegging rocks at his window.

In my fifty years + of cycling in urban areas, only once have I ever actually been bitten, and only once did I bean a dog with a rock. As you might guess, the dog that bit me was the dog who got beaned.
Comment by EBN on 13th February 2012
If this is a personnal dispute - why did Mayor Dave bring in the RCMP? I think Mr. Tugwood should take this issue to the Human Rights Commission for undue harassment from Mayor Dave.
Mr. Hallock: Personal issues for your perusal.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 13th February 2012
If not me (or Merv), then who? When one takes up a cause and/or speaks for those unable to speak for themselves, believe must be ready for a fire-storm of criticism and bitter, personal attacks.
In 2007, I was hired (by a local band council) to help address a youth suicide contagion in this region. As soon as our group (First Nations Action and Support Team) set to work, the same band councils who hired us.....started firing us for any reason(s) they could come up with! Why?! Because through our work, some pretty sensitive and hard political realities were coming to light.

Anyways, in addition to all that! During the course of my related work here, I personally witnessed First Nations Elders on this reserve being physically abused and neglected! I dutifully reported these incidents up the chain of command. The response from my "superior?"

"Well, we would help him out, but you don't know what an asshole he's been throughout his life." He was dirty, stink of urine, suicidal, long/dirty fingernails, hungry and ashamed of his condition.
I also reported that I witnessed the nurse physically shove another Elder (the chief's own Mother) out of her office, and slam the door in her face! Aaargh!

A Nisga'a Elder also disclosed (to me) his allegations of physical and mental abuse at the hands of a "respected caregiver" in a home.

I dutifully reported all these incidents...which were all vehemently denied (of course). I was fired for my professionalism. Multiple efforts to discredit me and make me out to be unfit for work were this day! Why?

The Terrace Daily and the CBC are the only media that have publicized my words regarding these travesties of justice. I am also very vocal about other issues, near and dear to my heart, as well. eg. Saving the beavers out at Lach Gels, and my work in prisons. You wouldn't believe the hateful messages (telephone, texts and on the street) I have received about those ones!

I don't care if Merv has issues with Dave, or with me. You are reading my written words in an on-line newspaper. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press!

Janice Robinson.
Self Defense
Comment by Joe Taxpayer on 13th February 2012
Mr. Tugwood, You should wear some steel toed boots and when the dogs come out to attack a swift punt should do the trick. Self defence from an attacking animal! As for the Mayor - he as an owner of the animal is responsible for any damaged caused by these pets. Let them bite and call 911, I bet it would look alot different if you had wounds and the police were there to see it. I would not change your habits of walking down that street. You are a taxpayer and a member of this community you have every right to walk down that street as do I.

This also brings up something about the mayor in Kitimat. Wasn't she ordered by the conservation officer to remove a bird feeder as it was drawing other animals in the community. I think you must have a God complex to be a Mayor. Give me a break. If anything you should be setting an example to the community. I guess all ploiticians are the same, full of S**t.
the pound
Comment by anon on 13th February 2012
dear editor . Thank you . This is the only truly independent news source in terrace and as so it's no wonder it is shut out . As for for black press ( what us in the public for decades call the terrace substandard and the smithers inferiornews ) want to get their view across to us they are reduced to providing it free in the yellow boxes because who would pay for one view . Weak and week old news . The terrace substandard wants to control our forums . To send a clear message to Kamloops stop buying their flyer wrapper/suedonewspaper .
The Pound
Comment by Ray Hallock on 13th February 2012
Did Tugwood ever call the pound? I have on other dogs in the past and they have always responded. Perhaps this is another example of "a personal matter" taken up by Merv (a known opponent of Mayor Dave)

Ed note: This was uncalled for. As a mayoral candidate, yes, Merv was an opponent. As the Standard and Chamber who run the forums have always, consistently, denied the Terrace Daily as a Media participant, running as a candidate was the Terrace Daily's only option in presenting an alternative point of view to the public at large, those who do not go online.

If you had read the article, you would have found the complainant did call the Animal control office and did in fact file a complaint.

The issue is news and is news worthy. We offered the story to a reporter at Astral Media a full month prior to us taking it on ourselves. We offered this to them just to avoid this type of accusation.

Since beginning this news service in January of 2007 we have discovered the City staff and the politicians, as well as certain citizens have a certain "untouchability" when it comes to the other local media. We have had other reporters call us and ask us to cover a story as their company would not cover it due to an advertisers influence. We are glad to report the Terrace Daily has always been free from such influence. And our advertising revenue reflects this.

Comment by Bryan N on 13th February 2012
I may not have stated it clearly, as it wasn't the point of my comment but my statement "Just as citizens of Canada should have the right to safely walk a public road" was intended to imply that.

I personally can't stand dogs running loose, especially ones that cause fear for passers by who are minding their own business. If in fact the mayors dogs are routinely running loose then he should take responsibility and do something about it.
Unethical & Irresponsible & in violation of city bylaw
Comment by Shelby on 13th February 2012
Since when does ANYONE have the right to expect an employer to intervene in a PERSONAL incident? Mr. Tugwood's encounter with the dogs is a private matter - why on earth would anyone would think the employer has anything to do with it?

Secondly, the mayor appears to be in violation of city bylaws. If he cannot fence his yard and isn't capable of keeping his dogs contained within the yard or, prefably, within his house, he does not deserve the privilege of having these dogs. It is irresponsible to allow these dogs to run loose. At large pets are more susceptible to injury and disease. Additionally, he is exposing himself to a personal injury lawsuit, or several, if these animals continue to run loose. One bite, one incident is all it will take. An additional note, I believe there is also a bylaw regarding the chaining up of dogs which limits the length of time a dog can be tied up - has this bylaw also been violated?

It is not the fault of the dogs, so I won't recommend pepper spray. I do recommend the mayor behave in a responsible, mature and ethical manner; he and his family are responsible for properly caring for the pets they choose to have. How sad that the MAYOR is apparently incapable of properly caring for two dogs! If he cannot manage to appropriately contain his dogs, how on earth can he appropriately manage our community? It appears as though he can't even abide by some very simple bylaws. If the mayor isn't capable of respecting the bylaws of the community he is mayor of, how can he possibly expect anyone else to do so?

I do not blame Mr. Tugwood for being upset. Not everyone is comfortable with dogs, and he should not have to avoid PUBLIC streets because someone on that street is failing to be a responsible community member! No community member should be subjected to harassment - not from people and not from improperly attended and cared for pets.

The personal history only lends credibility to Mr. Tugwood's right to feel harassed, and to feel offended. However, the first has nothing to do with the second, other than demonstrating an apparent sense of undeserved self righteousness of our mayor. With offspring and canines beyond his abilities to manage; it appears he is choosing to deflect blame for his apparently improper behaviour and is choosing to have someone else take the adult responsibility he apparently chooses to shirk.

Holding political office should not mean you are above the law. It should mean that you are able to be a good community citizen capable of setting a positive example for others within the community.
Happened to me too
Comment by A.S. on 12th February 2012
Up until late 2010, when I moved away from the mayor's neighbourhood, I too (and my dog - on a leash) was approached numerous times by his dogs. Although I did not feel threatened - I had my own larger dog for protection - they did tend to show an "attack" stance and would always come up from behind, barking insistently with teeth bared. The first time this happened I assumed that they had escaped without their masters' knowledge. When it happened several other times (because they'd been allowed free reign out of the yard), I knew that the mayor and/or his family were consciously disregarding the leash bylaw. Instead of setting an example, it was obvious the rules were being flaunted. I'm just sorry I did not report it - but the truth is there are many owners who do the same thing. A person could spend a lot of time filling out complaint forms...
mr.Tugwell Thank you!
Comment by anon on 12th February 2012
I'd like to thank you on behalf of myself , my extended family, friends and neighbors for doing the right thing. Loose dogs have been the bane of our walking , biking and every thing they leave in our yards . We don't like picking up thier dogdung.
Instead of walking away sir you did the right thing before someone got or gets hurt . When ever we get attacked we also do the right thing . In the city we have been told to call the pound .In the districts one must call the police . So far we have not been bitten but if we are I can assure you we will be suing .
poor guy
Comment by anon on 12th February 2012
There are a lot of underemployed that can't afford a fence . So don't be to hard on him . Maybe we should start a terrace is daveville campaign and raise the money needed for a fence . That way dave can comply with terraces leash bylaws. At least he's not keeping wolverines .
Dirty Fighting.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 12th February 2012
Holy smokerrulers! Not comparing this situation to mine (it's not about dogs), but: I am in a "feud" with the mayor of Kitsumkalum, Don T. Roberts. I have opted to take the high road, and have submitted the work-related issue to Human Resources and Development Canada. That is the only resource available to me in this regard. Don's resources include (but are not limited to): the band administration office and staff; the treaty office and staff; the health department and staff; his numerous family members, etc. Don also has "outside" resources, just like you (police, etc.)

Don Roberts has not hesitated to use/exploit all these resources against me. Like Mayor Dave, that is chief counselor Don's right to do so. It has been a peculiar type of hell, for me, because I recently moved here after my Mother's death. Yet, I am still standing proud, and feeling vindicated.

Dave and Don: The RCMP have better things to do than to be called to referee in our pettiness! That's my complaint here. This too shall pass.
Same Mayor?
Comment by TS on 12th February 2012
Is this the same Mayor that went after that lady who worked for him had maternity leave and he messed with her severance package and all that and fired her while she was away?

I might have some facts mussed up but I am pretty sure it was him, and that is the general story - so given that and having heard of his previous outbursts and fixating in individuals; I can say this sounds like it could also be true?

If so, Mr Mayor - I think you need some counselling, and maybe some time off. Unpaid of course, like the rest of us.
Comment by ED on 11th February 2012
Mikey you keep walking the route you always walk. Get the dog spray and if Mr. Mayor comes out spray him to. He won't be getting my vote in the next election, not that he got it in the last election. His behaviour is out of line. He should keep his dogs contained in his own yard, not on the city streets causing grief to passerbys. What if it was a child on a bike that was biking by.....
Comment by MS on 11th February 2012
The Mayor is not above the law. If his dogs go after people while they're walking then something should be done about it. If it was anyone else, it would be. Mike should not have to change his route walking. The Mayor had no right going to the College, it has nothing to do with his quality of work. Perhaps the Mayor should read the leash law. Just because you're the Mayor, doesn't mean you're better than anyone else. I don't think it states that because you're the Mayor, you don't have to abide by the law.
Mr Tugwood
Comment by CC on 11th February 2012
Mr Tugwood

I don't think that you should change your route of travel because of those dogs or the mayor. Mr Mayor has no right to say who can or can't walk on his street. Mr Tugwood, I would reccommend that you carry a video camera or a digital camera set to video. If the dogs come out, or Mr Mayor comes out, then just video it. As soon as the weather gets better, I think I might start walking up there for exercise. Only difference is I will have steel toed boots on.
shades of Joanne
Comment by Maureen on 11th February 2012
Is it just me or does this sort of sound like mayor Dave is taking lessons from mayor Joanne of Kitimat?

Your dogs - your problem.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 11th February 2012
You might have stated an opinion as to whether a person had the right to walk down a city street without being harassed by dogs running loose. That seems to be the central issue here.
sure the mayor appreciates the press
Comment by Bryan N on 11th February 2012
I'd say its rather tacky to post pictures showing everyone where the Mayor lives. And, we have only half the story here (granted the Mayor was given the opportunity) and as in most cases, I'd suspect there is more involved. Really nice to point out past indiscretions of the Mayors children too. Have you ever heard of the YCJA? You might want to check it out. Just as citizens of Canada should have the right to safely walk a public road, they also have the right to privacy.

By the way, I don't know the Mayor and didn't vote for him so its not because I am biased.
I'm with Claudette on this.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 11th February 2012
You should be able to walk on any street and in any public area without being harassed by dogs that are running loose. There is no gray area here.
Change his route to work?!!!??
Comment by c. sandecki on 11th February 2012
That would be conceding to a bully.
Great article
Comment by JL on 11th February 2012
Really gives you a taste of what goes on behind closed doors with people of power. Regardless of the constant arguing between these two there is 1 point that needs to be addressed and that is the dogs. The Mayor should be the last person violating rules with his pets and then threatening really tops this off. I agree with the previous comment. If he wants to play dumb and the dogs are aggressive then pepper-spray the hell out of them. Least you can do is take care of your own safety. I hope the Mayor doesn't make me disappear for making this comment :)
A layperson's perspective
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 11th February 2012
Without hearing Mayor Pernarowski's complete side of the story, it is difficult to rule a layperson's fair and reasonable judgement in this case. I suspect the RCMP were involved, as one may have felt they were being personally harassed. I feel confident in Inspector Hart to hear both sides of this historied story and advise each complainant accordingly.

However, I must express my utter shock that Mr. Tugwood's Employer is involved in this "dog" matter - very questionable to say the least. But then's the NWCC we are talking about here. They are already being "questioned" in the media for mismanaging funds during the long-term; resulting now in historical Board Wide layoffs. Has the NWCC bit down on this "dog" matter as a "legitimate excuse" to lay off Mr. Tugwood as easy prey?

In any event...let's step away from the drama and get to the problem at hand that is being currently reported. Mr. Tugwood might consider changing his walking route to work or lugging along some dog pepper spray; while His Honorable Mayor Pernarowski may work towards resolution in keeping his dogs firmly secured. That could be the first step on his part in serving as example in working towards prompt resolution in this matter (refer to Animal Control Bylaw 1255).
Dog control not in control
Comment by c. sandecki on 11th February 2012
Sounds like Terrace Animal Control needs some lessons from Thornhill.
We don't need a written complaint to deal with a biting dog on our streets.
And I suggest Mayor Pernarowski build a fence that keeps his dogs on his property. NO ONE wants to deal with unruly dogs, or even at-large dogs. They cause elderly folk to be tangled in the leashes of their dogs and suffer falls.
Good fences with closed gates make for good neighbours.
You have a pet, you are responsible
Comment by ian on 11th February 2012
Good article.
Upon reading this information evokes many thoughts and side communications on the power and perception of the mayor.
That being said, all owners of animals are responsible for them. To have your animals have open space to run outside of ones own property can, and this case does, threaten the individual, tax payer rights to walk unmolested without confrontation.
However to put heat on a person while useing your influence from a position of mayor towards his employment and then tell a story to the police to investigate is way out of bounds for his position. Thats flat out BS.
It is Daves responsibilty to keep his animals within the boundries of his property and not on public roads where they can threaten passerbys and scare children.
Keep in mind that as Mayor Pernarowski stated this has been going on for months. Why aren't his animals contained. How many times does it take for a pedestrian to complain and for him to acknowledge the issue? Common sense seem to have lapsed.
And this guys the mayor of Terrace? Amazing.
Dog pepper spray is inexpensive
Comment by anon on 11th February 2012
I've delt with dogs before and I find that a 15 dollar bottle of dog pepper spray is quite effective.

Here is a website that I ordered mine from. They are from within Canada so it came within a few days: