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COMMENTARY · 10th February 2012
Merv Ritchie
Attached Below Are Two Videos Demonstrating Media Trickery

Canadians arise to a new world. A world shattered from the imagination of their ancestors. The Canadian Government has agreed to protect the investments made by a Communist state, one which has been spying on Canada and has been jailing and killing their own who desire democracy.


Today Canada has an agreement that protects China’s Government investments in Canada, from Canadians by tax dollar funded armed services. Further to this, the Canadian Government doesn’t want to reveal to Canadians the details of this agreement.

This secretive agreement is likely a repeat of the 1990’s MAI, Multilateral Agreement on Investment, which included the same such provisions; We wrote about this in 2007, Tilma, Back Door WTO MAI.

The MAI requires signatory nations to guarantee all foreign investors "fair and equitable treatment and full and constant protection and security" including 'protection from strife" in times of war.
Because MAI promises foreign corporations the same level of compensation that domestic corporations receive, this will likely lead to situations where governments - fearing lawsuits and having to pay damages to transnational corporations - will increase military spending to protect foreign investments in their countries. This will be at the expense of needed social programs. Little doubt remains that many governments will use the MAI to further suppress political dissent.

The worst, most insidious and treacherous aspect of this entire expose’ is the Medias portrayal of the fiasco. CTV wrapped the release of this story in between a segment featuring cute and cuddly Panda Bears and headlining nothing relevant to this secret deal.

The Terrace Daily has copied Canada’s major media News programs and dissected them for analyses. We did this to reveal to the public at large the corrupt and insidious nature of these media “entertainment” news services.

Due to copyright rules on posting content to Youtube and other public video services we have kept these on our own servers. We encourage everyone to make copies and circulate, even upload for the wider audience to have access to.

First one must watch the expose’ of the CTV news report encouraged by the military services of the USA on Iran’s aggressive behaviour. It is a short segment released mid January, 2012, on the build up to intensify the fear. This is a must see.

Next is another CTV clip produced during Prime Minister Stephen Harpers Trade and Investment trip to China featuring none other than Pat Daniels of Enbridge fame.

Hidden in this clip was an announcement of a new deal Canada signed with China to protect their investments in Canada, the Tarsands.

The Federal government describes it this way;

A Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) is a bilateral agreement aimed at protecting and promoting foreign investment through legally-binding rights and obligations.

Read the entire descriptive article here.

Bloomberg news reported it this way;

Canada and China reached an investment-protection agreement today, as the holder of the world’s third-largest oil reserves looks to deepen economic ties with Asia and lessen its reliance on the U.S.. Neither side gave details about the agreement, announced after Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper met Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in Beijing.

Read the entire article here

Watching these two videos attached below may provide some better insight. We produced them strictly to instruct and inform others on what to be aware of when one watches the evening news.
Comment by les watmough on 15th February 2012
Mr. Harper went to China. He came back with 2 Pandas, The Pandas are OK, but we should have donn a straight across trade, Pandas for Harper. Who gave him the authority to sign any deal, and why are the Preess not telling us what is in those deals. Any trade deal of this magnatude should have at least a day on the floor of the House. Is Harper our first Canadian Dictator?
Comment by Janice on 15th February 2012
Canadians are being duped. We will be very sorry one day - and it will be sooner rather than later.
Well-informed public?
Comment by Karen on 11th February 2012
Anyone thinking that they will be well-informed by watching the evening news are living in a bubble...a bubble that has been created by our corporate-controlled government. And now this same government is increasing the attacks on any individuals and organizations that can give us the other side of the issues.

Given this government's past comments about those who dare to go against Harper's will, I can see Harper admiring China's system of shutting up or eliminating their opposition.

Yup, Canadians sure won't recognize Canada when Harper is done with it... but maybe the Chinese will feel more at home.
it's just a matter of time
Comment by ron wilton on 11th February 2012
If the elephants win in the US, and we still have Harpo...