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NEWS RELEASE · 13th February 2012
Terrace Daily News
The Northwest Daily News team has been recording and documenting every gathering regarding the Enbridge Northern Gateway Proposal since it began again in 2008.

Videos have been made available on various mediums throughout the years and these mediums have changed their policies and some have cancelled their channels. Youtube decided to restrict their length to 10 minutes; Yahoo Videos changed their entire format and deleted everyone’s videos in early 2011.

We had started our own video service channel but the format was not easy for some computers operating systems to access.

Therefore, after using Vimeo for a year and finding it reliable, we began uploading all our videos to this service. Today we announce the opening to the public at large all the currently uploaded videos. If anyone attempts to put forward "there is not enough information to make a decision" as an arguement, they are using that as a stalling tactic. There are literally thousands of hours of documentary evidence along with hundreds of articles to provide any reasoned thinking person with enough to make their own mind up on the proposal. Every point of view can be found here.

There are easily another hundred videos yet to be uploaded. The entire JRP sitting in August and September of 2010, in Kitimat at the Riverside Recreation Complex, is still to be uploaded though almost all of the JRP meetings this past January, from Kitamaat Village to Burns Lake, are uploaded. From the protest rallys to the National Energy Board and Enbridge presentations to the various local Council bodies, you will find Everything regarding Enbridge in these video albums.

Each presentation is uploaded separately with a short title. We are still uploading everyday to complete this project as a full documentary. Many of these videos are long. Very few are edited for length. We provide full and complete coverage on all sides of the issue.

In our “Everything Enbridge” section you will find all the stories written on this subject back to February of 2008 When Enbridge announced their plans were back on the table. On the left side of this section you will find the following text, please come back frequently to find the latest news and the archives’ on what happened and what was said, years ago;

Everything to do with Enbridge; both sides posting their views on this incredible debate.

We have attended most of the meetings put on by Enbridge, the environmental groups, the First Nations Groups, the Regional District presentations and the various municipal council presentations and debates. In this section, if you cannot find the answer to your questions, then there likely isn't an answer. Radical, Conservative, Liberal, industrialist, left, right and anarchist, if you are interested in perspective on the shipment of crude, raw bitumum via pipe from the Alberta tar sands to offshore destinations through Kitimat, it is here. Watch for updates as Videos are being added daily.

Video Presentations and recordings on the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal can all be found in separate albums at this link. Albums are separated into sections, Forums, JRP Hearings and Native Drumming and Protests. Simply click on this text to go direct to the albums page!

Here are some interesting titles of some of the videos included in the Forums section, click on the text of the title to go direct to that video;

MP Nathan Cullen at the Kiva Café in November 2011, on Enbridge and the Dutch Disease

Roger Harris presents Enbridge Northern Gateway Proposal to Terrace City Council May 25, 09

Headwaters Initiative Spokesman Bruce Hill on Enbridge and Tankers June 8, 09

National Energy Board describes the Joint Review Panel in Terrace at the RDKS Nov 20, 2009.

Shannon on Tankers in Douglas Channel June 22, 2010

Enbridge Oil Controversy erupts in Kitimat June 7, 2010

Kitimat Council discusses Mayor and Enbridge Brochure June 22, 2010

Dr Riki Ott in Terrace describes the Exxon Valdez Accident

Kitimat Valley Naturalists speak about the Estuary at Douglas Channel at the JRP sessions in Kitamaat Village January 11, 2012

Ten year old Ta’Kaiya Blaney sing her own composition at the Gitga’at No Tankers Rally in Prince Rupert February 4, 2012

Ali Howard arrives at the North Pacific Cannery after swimming the entire length of the Skeena River, on August 15, 2009

Terrace, still open for business
Comment by Karen on 14th February 2012
I have heard, over and over again, the arguement that we are giving out the wrong message to developers and investors by opposing the Enbridge Northern Gateway proposal but I'm not buying it.

One of the biggest assets a community can offer businesses is a conscientious and reliable work force. If I were in a position to invest large amounts of capital in a community I would like assurance that my investment were not likely to be destroyed by a pipeline catastrophe that caused families to leave the area.

Announcing opposition to this project may discourage some investors but it also gives the message that this town has some scruples, that we care about our environment, and we have respect our residents.

Terrace is still "open for business" but I am more interested in investors who are just as concerned for our wellbeing as they are for their bottom line. Somehow I can't see Enbridge and their foreign backers fitting into that scenario.

Oh really?
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 13th February 2012
Whatif they planned a nuclear waste dump in the area.would council still have to be neutral?
au contraire
Comment by Steve on 13th February 2012
Sorry Karen, have to disagree. The City of Terrace, as an elected body has no jurisdiction in this matter and should remain neutral. regardless if they were in favour, or opposed, it is not for that body to say whether or not they support, or do not support the project.
I'm fine with a Mayor or individual Councillors supporting or not supporting anything-but as a "state", they have no legal standing in this matter.
As I've stated in other media, this would send the wrong message to outside developers about this region. Lets wait for the facts to be gathered before leaping on, or off of, any particular bandwagon.

Terrace City Council must say "NO" to Enbridge
Comment by Karen on 13th February 2012
With all the information out there regarding the environmental, economic, and social impacts to the north coast when the inevitable spill occurs, whether it be in one year or thirty, it would be ridiculous for our city council to maintain a "wait and see" attitude regarding the Northern Gateway proposal.

The JRP does play a roll in determining whether the Northern Gateway pipeline would be in Canada's best interest but Canada will not be the one carrying most of the risk in this game of Russian roulette...we will.

We have no obligation to the ROC to wait for the completion of this process when it has already been determined that our own benefits with this project could never exceed the risks we are being asked to carry.

Harper has not waited to hear the outcome of the Joint Review Process before making up his mind, why should we?