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Terrace teachers ask the public to have a heart for public education
CONTRIBUTION · 13th February 2012
Terrace District Teachers'
Terrace teachers were handing out heart-shaped lollipops to downtown shoppers on Saturday to raise public awareness about the decade of deep cuts to public education in our province. Attached to the candies were messages about what teachers would love to see in public education.

“Terrace teachers would love more support for our special needs students,” says Karen Andrews, President of the Terrace District Teachers’ Union. “In Terrace and Thornhill schools, there are over 218 classes with three or more Special Needs students. In many cases that breaks the government’s own legislation!”

“We have other children who need help as well, but the government changed identification descriptions so that fewer children are eligible for funding,” reports Andrews.

“It’s clear,” she states, “that teachers are working harder than they ever have to help the children in their classrooms. But without necessary support that was once available and guaranteed by contract, teachers are finding it increasingly difficult to provide quality education to all learners.”

“The public offered us heartfelt support for our concerns about the cuts to public education,” reports Dani Pigeau, one of the teachers who participated in Saturday’s event.

Terrace teachers would love for the government to adequately fund B.C.’s public education system.
My Favorite Quotes
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 14th February 2012
If children cannot learn the way they are taught, then they should be taught they way they can learn.

It is a simple truth. It is our duty and responsibility to make education and learning the most enjoyable experience we have ever had.

Too many educators have too much ego. Their role is not to prove to the student how smart they are, it is to prove how smart the student is.

it is all a manner of compassion, not self serving gratification.

The German languge has a great phrase my mother used. I can't relate or spell it in German but it was this, translated;

Childrens questions are covered in sugar.

It was, in my understanding, meant to express how all questions are opportunities to learn, love and laugh.

My best teachers all made learning an enjoyable experience.
Re: If the student has not learned...
Comment by supporter of education on 14th February 2012
Almost Janice....

A proverb older than your favorite teacher's quote:

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

Meaning people will only do what they want to do. If a student has no desire to learn, then all the teaching in the world won't help that person.
"If the student has not learned....
Comment by Janice Robinson on 14th February 2012
then the teacher has not taught." A quote from one of my favourite teachers, Father Joseph Martin. To me, all students are "special needs students."
I had the honour of teaching in federal prisons (males and females). All my students had special needs and they were all serving time for violent and/or sexual offenses. All the research and all the naysayers said these target groups were unteachable and unreachable. Wardens, C.S.C., Inmate Committees, Native Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods stood together in desperate efforts to develop/access meaningful education and programming within the walls of Canadian federal prisons. Our opponents included organized Indian gangs, relevent unions and some major national First Nations organizations!
We taught/teach with whatever resources we find on site. I teach whatever is in the manual before me. Sometimes there was no paper, no chalk, no pencils, no warm air. At Sask Pen, we cleaned bird droppings off the floor and chairs every morning. We begin each day with a prayer, because often that is all we have. We eat bologna sandwiches and soup every day. We teach whatever student has the courage to sit respectfully and voluntarily in front of us. My classes were always full to capacity. We were pioneers. We proved them wrong, and programming/education is a major component in every federal sentence handed down.

I see our public education system failing, and it grieves me. Work with what you are given. Teachers must first be good students. We remember all our teachers...the good, the bad and the ugly. Be the teacher of your dreams.