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NEWS RELEASE · 13th February 2012
Merv Ritchie
In a stunning switch of positions, the Terrace City Council tonight, Monday, February 13, 2012, voted to support a motion to oppose Tankers on the northwest coast and any pipeline bringing tarsands bitumen from Alberta across Northern BC. The vote was not even close as only the two Council members who had previously accepted money from Enbridge Northern Gateway voted against the motion. Mayor David Pernarowski and Councillor Brian Downie argued the City should remain neutral and both raised their hands in opposition to the other 5 Councillors.

Read full story and see video link by clicking here
Comment by l.stinson on 14th February 2012
I want to say I'm proud of the five councilors who listened to what their constituents were saying and voted accordingly. This vote has allowed me to place faith back in our municipal officials and I appreciate what you've done for our community and region.

While I cannot say I'm surprised that there were those who accepted money from Enbridge, I still find it shameful and I will remember this during the next municipal election. I'll be voting for those who aim to represent the community and not those who line their pockets and shame their constituents.
Comment by ron wilton on 14th February 2012
Kudos to Terrace councilors who clearly represented the majority will of their constituents.

How very telling that the Enbridge strategy of bribing those more highly positioned municipal, provincial and federal politicians(?) has blown up in their faces.

The upside of the Enbridge deceit is that the public carreers of the politicians who were victimized by their personal greed, will be quickly determined on the next election date.

If the Enbridge pipeline were such a 'good' thing for everybody, then why did they find it necessary to bribe so many politicians to influence the outcome?

Principals without principles are worse than thieves.
We are proud of you!
Comment by toots500 on 14th February 2012
Many thanks and praise to the five councillors who showed foresight, courage, and vision in standing up for their community.
Thanks for the vote result
Comment by c. sandecki on 14th February 2012
Last night I was one of 39 people who watched the council meeting on-line.
As the mayor asked, "Those opposed?" the Kermode bear filled the screen and I never got to see or hear if anyone voted against the motion to oppose tankers.