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CONTRIBUTION · 14th February 2012
What are these twisted thoughts
of unrecognizable containers
being brought over a land and sea
so sacred to many
a purpose of none but
to line filthy oil laden pockets
of rich hipocrit bureaucrats
soulless in their endeavours
to trunk more filth through nature?
Destroy, tear down, saturate.
No harm done right?
What are these twisted thoughts
of so called humans with
no compassion or light hearts
for the bears, fish, or eagles
who can't speak their voice
against an enemy careless and selfish?
That voice would be louder than
that of any man
to protect a system of existence
that these humans contaminate
with the virus of greed
for useless sports cars
and oversized houses
with not even a blink towards
the grandchildren of grandchildren.
What are these twisted thoughts
of this mission to destroy
our mother planet
even more than we already have?
Enough is enough.