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NEWS RELEASE · 14th February 2012
Northwest Watch
Terrace citizens have reacted strongly to Terrace City Councils decision to oppose the Northern Gateway Pipeline project. North West Watch (NWW), a group of Terrace area citizens who work on sustainability and conservation issues, are praising the 5 city councilors who voted to overturn the position of the last council, which was to remain neutral on the project.

All 5 councilors who voted in favor of Councilor James Cordieros’ motion to rescind the last councils position, and then his motion to oppose the project, spoke eloquently and passionately about Terrace Councils right, and their responsibility, to stand with the overwhelming majority of Terrace citizens, who oppose the Enbridge project.

NWW Director Carla Lennert said, “It is really a thrill to see democracy in action. Terrace spoke up in the last election about this project, and someone listened. I am really proud of this council, and their courage”

NWW Director Jupiter MacDonald said, “That these councilors often mentioned their solidarity with local First Nations demonstrates that this is a unique and wonderful community, with real leaders who “get it”.

“They got it exactly right – we are open for business, but we are not for sale at any price. Terrace is finding the balance between economy and ecology and finding that the two are inextricably linked”, added NWW co-chair Julia Hill.
Comment by John DeMedeiros Cabral on 14th February 2012
I just wanted to voice how proud i am that the City of Terrace councilors stood up for what is right and what most people here in Terrace feel.Democracy was well represented.The citizens of Terrace want prosperity for our region but not at the cost of our beautiful land and water.I hope Enbridge doesnt now up the Ante and try to persuade people or Councils of this region with their money and promises of Building a new park or a building for our youth etc ..etc. Good on you councilors who voted against the Project.I am afraid thou it may still be rammed down our throats wether we like it or not.There may be a time in the future when we all who are against this project , stand with them for what is right for us and our children.Sincerely John DeMedeiros Cabral