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NEWS RELEASE · 16th February 2012
Terrace RCMP
Downtown Terrace
- 59 yr old man arrested for public intoxication at the corner of Emerson St / Lakelse Ave.

- a 31 yr old man was arrested for public intoxication on Lakelse Ave.

- a 44 yr old woman was arrested for public intoxication on Emerson St.

- complaint of an assault. Police determined that a man was in breach of a condition of not to be around certain people. Charges are being forwarded to Crown Counsel. Ministry of Children and Families are involved as well.

- a 36 yr old man was arrested for public intoxication at the corner of Lakelse Ave / Emerson St.

- report of a group of intoxicated people. A 31 yr old man was arrested for public intoxication on Greig Ave.

- a man was arrested for breach of probation by being outside of his residence while under the influence of alcohol. He was held for court in the morning of Feb. 16.

- person attempting to return merchandise. The owner of the store refusing to accept the return. Not a police matter

Elsewhere Terrace
- dark blue Honda CRV swerving all over the road on Hwy 16. The registered owner was spoken with.

- erratic driver on Park Ave. More information was not attainable.

- false 911 call

- a 13 yr old girl was reported late for a curfew that was ordered by the courts. Police located her. Under investigation.

- an intoxicated man banging on doors on Soucie Ave. Checks were done of the area.

- an intoxicated 18 yr old man was arrested for mischief when he began to smash and wreck things in his residence.

- a 25 yr old man intoxicated on Mcconnell Ave. A sober person took him into custody.

- shoplifting from Rona. The items were recovered from a 46 yr old man. Under investigation.

- an assault investigation with the Ministry of Children and Families. Unsubstantiated.

- a man and woman were observed walking together on Kalum St. Police knew the 49 yr old man to have two outstanding charges of spousal assault and on conditions to not be in the woman’s presence. He was arrested and held to go to court in the AM of Feb. 16

- youth throwing rocks on the ice at the Skeena River. Police spoke with a group of youth.

- smell of marihuana on the first floor of an apartment building on Pear St. Police attended and discovered the smell of marihuana on the first floor, on the second floor, and on the third floor. The smell was unable to be isolated to one apartment and it was not in the public’s interest to attempt to arrest everyone in the building.

- man passed out in the apartment building on Little Ave. The 47 yr old was arrested for public intoxication, for the 10th time in 2012.

- abandoned 911 call from Skeena Junior School. Police attended and ensured everyone was safe.

- man causing a disturbance at the Men’s Shelter on Hall St. He was transported to other accommodation for the night.

- domestic dispute. A 42 yr old man was arrested and later released on conditions. He immediately breached these conditions by contacting the woman and attending her residence. He was arrested again and held for court on Feb. 16. Police are recommending charges of assault, forcible confinement, and breach.

- suspicious white vehicle on Haugland Ave. Checks were done of area.

- Loss Prevention Officer of Walmart arrested a 22 yr old woman for shoplifting.

- group of youth throwing rocks on the Sande Overpass. One rock hit a vehicle causing a chip in the windshield. Checks were done of the area.

- an “Aqua Clear Plumbing and Heating” company truck driving fast in the Thornhill Elementary School zone.

- black Audi station wagon driving fast on Hwy 16 near Old Lakelse Lake Dr.

- assault investigation. An intoxicated man was causing problems at a party on Scott Ave and was asked to leave. He did not want to leave and a fight ensued. No injuries and parties involved did not want the matter pursued further.

- harassment complaint between separated couple

- assault investigation.

- a 32 yr old woman reported late for returning home.

- a bottle of antifreeze was left near a dog that is tied up in a yard on Marten Dr. Under investigation

- a person has opened up internet accounts in another person’s name. Under investigation.

- sexual assault investigation

- a man on conditions to not contact a woman breached those conditions. Under investigation

- a white Ford pickup cutting people off on Hwy 37.

- 3 people having a fire on the ice on the Skeena River.

Kitsumkalum, Kulspai, Gitaus
nothing to report

People with information on crime are asked to contact the Terrace RCMP at (250)638-7400 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers by telephone at 1-800-222-TIPS. Or a Tip can be left anonymously online at
Drawing attention to yourself
Comment by David Dickinson on 22nd February 2012
People intoxicated on alcohol draw attention to themselves by getting into fights, domestic disputes, car accidents, etc., while those "intoxicated" on marijuana draw attention to themselves because of the odour of smoked marijuana.

I realize that the smell may be offensive to some and that people have a right to clean air, but my point is that it would be far more offensive to be punched in the nose, or raped, or killed by a drunk driver, than to be subjected to an unpleasant odour. So, logically, it would make a lot more sense to put alcohol users behind bars than marijuana users.

However, my own view is that it is a total waste of resources having the RCMP deal with chronic alcoholics. The cops just keep picking them up over and over again. What is the most common breach of conditions in a sentencing order, even though the breach means certain jail time? Failure to abstain from alcohol. Well, no wonder. The person has a medical condition and cannot control his or her impulses.

All of the money currently being spent on convicting 50,000 Canadians per year of simple possession of pot should be reallocated to alcohol education, treatment, and intervention. That's how we make a more peaceful, civil society - and its the prudent fiscal approach, as well.

From the point of view of medical science and human health, it's far better to be addicted to a non-addictive, non-lethal drug that doesn't cause brain damage than it is to be addicted to an addictive, lethal drug that does cause brain damage - legal consequences notwithstanding.
The RCMP are a valuable resource...
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 21st February 2012
I can not reiterate this enough. The RCMP are a valuable resource in our Community. have choices. You can choose to do nothing while complaining about the drug stench making its way into your own apartment...or you could report the offenders to the apartment manager...or you may even take a step further and ask your 4-plex neighbors to refrain from breaking the law in your apartment building, which would hold fast in court that a neighbor actually personally talked with them prior to them being eventually busted and charged.

Just keep notes of every interaction; noting the date and time you transcribed your notes.

If you are not comfortable enough to do so (out of personal safety reasons), just call the RCMP for advice...who will step in to help assist you, as they are called to do.
The stuff smells awful
Comment by Maria on 20th February 2012
There is a reason they call it skunk, cause it stinks up everything. I live in a 4-plex and when my neighbours decide to toke inside there home I can smell it in mine. If they happen to be outside, I can't have my windows open cause the stuff reeks. But I guess my rights to have fresh air is overpowered by those who wish to have the freedom to smoke pot where ever they want. What a waste of the police time getting all the drunks off the streets of Terrace. I guess if it wasn't for them the police would not have much to do in the area.

What the heck, indeed!
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 19th February 2012

RCMP do not go sniffing around for smells. They are dispatched to respond to the City's Residential complaints - ranging from run-a-ways to serious crimes. WE are the ones calling the RCMP "thugs" for assistance.

Currently marijuhana is not legalized; hence the RCMP having the authority to investigate the complaint in this article when someone called for assistance. When drunks are stumbling around in public the RCMP have a right to remove them from our streets - for their own safety as well as the public's safety.

If you read on these press releases...a vast majority of callouts are alcohol- related which have escalated to domestic abuse, property damage, violence, threats, mischief, DUI/MVA's, etc. It is apparent that a majority of abusers consistently drain our RCMP resources by drinking legalized alcohol and causing consistent and repeated problems as a result, and will not stop at engaging in legalized marijuahana to boot; while complicating things even further.

The RCMP will do the same thing if marijuhuana is legalized. They will respond to the public's calls for assistance when offenders cause problems related to over-use of a legalized substance. That's what I expect the RCMP to continue to do now and in the future.
What the heck?
Comment by Jules St. Claire on 18th February 2012
Investigating a marijuana smell is totally ridiculous if not harassment.

What will these thugs will do once marijuana is legal because harassing people over drug use or alcohol seems to be the only thing they know how to do. Particularly in Terrace and surrounding area.