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NEWS RELEASE · 16th February 2012
Associated Press Dirk Meissner
B.C. energy minister slams local council over opposition to Enbridge pipeline

TERRACE, B.C. - Energy Minister Rich Coleman has criticized Terrace city council for its decision to oppose the $5.5-billion Northern Gateway oil pipeline.

Mr. Coleman said Wednesday he can't tell municipal politicians what to do, but he prefers local politicians to follow the B.C. government and hold off on taking a stand on the controversial project until the completion of federal environmental review hearings in 2013.

“We've said all along, the premier's said all along, we're going to wait for that [joint review panel] process. I think some of these other jurisdictions should do the same,” he said.

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Be sure to read the comments at the end of the Globe and Mail article. Rich Coleman is being put in his place with vigor.

Even James Cordeiro responded with this;

James Cordeiro
5:39 PM on February 16, 2012

As the Councillor that made the motion I say to the Minister, we are both elected to serve the voters and we are entrusted to do what we promise to do, if elected. During the election I made it abundantly clear this would come to the table and I have done just that. The outpouring of appreciation from the residents of Terrace and beyond has been overwhelming. Any politician who chooses to ignore the wishes of his or her electorate will soon find them selves back in the private sector, and rightly so.

Oh and if anyone cares I'm a free enterprise supporting, business owning, capitalist and I've never hugged a tree or voted NDP but I do have granola from time to time.

Watch the Council Decision Here

Read our story on the decision Here
Our Terms
Comment by barryeng on 18th February 2012
"What we have is a Council that has sent a message to investors that we welcome your money, but only on" OUR TERMS."

I agree, but what is the matter with that?
Comment by James Ippel on 17th February 2012
Don't you think that Council should have waited for the results of the JRP findings?
To say that City Council comes out and supports the wishes of the majority is a real stretch. It supports the wishes of those who are vocally opposed to Enbridge, but not necessarily the majority.
The five members who supported this motion state they were elected on a platform opposing Enbridge, but maybe they had other qualifications that drew support from the public, and garnered votes.
We do not have an open an balanced Council. What we have is a Council that has sent a message to investors that we welcome your money, but only on" OUR TERMS."
What happened to the company that wanted to turn wood waste into coal? We had a ground breaking ceremony for this monumental event, yet nothing happened. Were there qualifications placed on this company to comply to certain wants of Council. Then there was the big annoucement that CTResources was going to build a Pellet Mill in Terrace; did some members of Council find fault with this, and effectively scrap this deal as well????
Hey, I don't have the answers, only questions. Do we have a "Green Council" who really are out of touch with reality???? Remember the purchace of an electric vehicle from BC Hydro for 17 grand, and that the battery has to be replace withing the next year at a cost of 17 grand? A great green move, but they probably could have purchased two pickups for the same price.
Only an observation..............
Chairman Coleman.
Comment by Coastal Concerns on 17th February 2012
What Mr. Coleman's anti democratic comments tell me is that that Christi and Rich don't have the spine to stand up to the feds, so they sulk around with their ears full of bitumen and attack democratic process.
What a disappointment these people are. Coleman should move to China where he won't be bothered by the insolence of people who believe in democracy.
Democracy in action
Comment by Karen on 17th February 2012
It is nice to know that we have an open and balanced city council that is representative of our community. I hold no grudge with the two members of city council who voted to wait for the JRP findings as they obviously represent those who would welcome the Enbridge proposal.

Enbridge's Northern Gateway already has huge champions in our PMO, our Premier's office and our Chamber of Commerce. Those are some pretty intimidating and, at times, self-serving groups to have as opposition on this issue. With City Council coming out supporting the wishes of the majority it just serves to create a little more balance where there was none before.
Well said!
Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 16th February 2012
Right on! Well said, Linda.
Richy Rich
Comment by Linda Halyk on 16th February 2012
You will not and can not protect the municipalities.
So why should we not take matters into their own hands.
Communities have been sacraficed before. Deals have been struck behind closed doors, and communities suffer.
This government has done nothing good for the North.
You have destroyed forestry jobs, shut down mills and shipped our raw resources and jobs over seas.
Did you discuss this with the municipalities, probably not?
The North keeps losing jobs and citizens and because of that we have school closures and healthcare cuts.
We have more families using food banks then ever before, do you care, what are you doing for us. NOT A THING.
It is time we protected ourselves, our property, our drinking water, stopped jobs from being shipped over seas and destruction of the Great Bear Rain Forest.