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COMMENTARY · 16th February 2012
Merv Ritchie
We wrote about this infiltration of the BC Cabinet ministers offices after the director of CSIS pointed out the foreign infiltration of our politicians, highlighting China. Today we see further evidence of the potential truth of CSIS's claim by Rich Colemans outrage against The Terrace City Council for resolving to oppose this Chinese Enbridge project.

Our article written in the summer of 2010 was titled
Has CSIS Exposed Enbridge, China and NW Municipal Leaders?

We even named the senior staff persons in the administrative positions in the BC Energy Ministers and other offices, the ones who develop policy. We identified the Chinese City they were born in, the BC schools they went to and the positions they took as soon as they could in the BC Government.

And then the BC Government threatened us.

It is no secret, the top ranking Spy official in Canada talked about this on CBC with Peter Mansbridge. He agreed to the interview after he spoke about this problem publically at a convention.

Donít get mad at Rich, he is just following orders like all the other BC Cabinet Ministers. They do as they are told. They learn how to do as they are told by getting involved in municipal and Regional District politics. They learn never to question administrative staff or else they will be made to look weak. Play along, donít make waves and you will succeed.

This Terrace Council has made all British Columbians proud, all Canadians proud, all Occupy protesters proud. People can now see they can actually elect people who will do what they said they would; what the people want them to do.

Yes Mr. Harper, the revolution is now. We are all your radicals. We want Canada back from these foreigners. China is just one, but they are the most insidious. Didnít you care to listen to Richard Fadden, the Director of CSIS, who reported about Chinaís infiltration of our Ministers Offices? Or do you secretly have a Red Army Uniform hanging in your closet?


It's all just coming full circle with that rich outrage.
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Comment by anon on 17th February 2012
it just keeps getting uglier .