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Enbridge lawyer, woman forward in picture and media spokesman Paul Stanway speaking with Janet Holder
REPORTING · 17th February 2012
Merv Ritchie
As the Enbridge Joint Review Panel began in Prince Rupert today, February 17, 2012, Skeena Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen was interrupted by the Enbridge Northern Gateway legal team after only 8 minutes. Enbridge argued Cullen was not following the parameters of the intervener rules. They claimed Cullen was making a political speech.

As Cullen began again clarifying how he was presenting his personal knowledge of the people and the disharmony being created, particularly with the Gitxsan people, Enbridge interrupted again.

The three member panel withdrew to discuss this dilemma and then allowed Cullen to resume after instructing him to stick to his personal knowledge of the impacts of the pipeline.

Cullen attempted to clarify how the social impacts on the communities, again referencing the Gitxsan, were just as significant as an oil spill. He spoke about the disharmony Enbridge has created amongst the Gitxsan people. This again drew an objection by Enbridge.

After a 5 minute recess Cullen was allowed to continue.

Cullen asked to respond to the allegations made against him by Enbridge and was refused. He stated it was not correct for the accusations made to stand undefended and countered by him claiming it was unfair to allow Enbridge to state something and have it on the record without allowing him to respond.

Accepting the ruling of the panel and stating his respect for them and the process, Cullen delivered a 5 minute presentation that began with his arrival in the Northwest to his acceptance in the Native communities and in their feast halls. He described how the land is the people, repeating a phrase used before, the people don't make the land, the land makes the people.

He stated without the harvest and the health of the land and the waters the people could not exist. He asked the Panel to seriously consider the people and their lives, the interrelatedness of everything within the Northwest Coast.

The audience had repeatedly interrupted the proceedings by boos to Enbridge and the panel, when they critiqued Cullen, and loud cheers and applause for Cullen.

When the Metlakatla Chief began he chastised the Panel and the NEB staff for asking one of their drummers to leave the room stating this was disrespectful. He stated they would never do that in their feast hall. They came to this hearing with respect and they expect to see the same respect returned to them.
Isn't this ironic...
Comment by Michael Bruce on 17th February 2012
Oh yes, the JRP hearings did get hijacked by a radical with foreign backing.
JRP attempts to silence MP
Comment by adolan on 17th February 2012
Thank you for this well-written and accurate account of this morning's proceedings.
I can't beleive I'm reading this!!!
Comment by Michael Bruce on 17th February 2012
Why is there an Enbridge Legal Team at these hearings?
They should not even be in the building!

It's the JRP who should be enforcing parameters interpretations of the presentations. Not a vested interesty group allowed to stand up and cry foul anytime they don't like it.

This JRP has just allowed itself to be turned into a Kangaroo court.