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NEWS RELEASE · 17th February 2012
We, the Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce, “the voice of business”, are very concerned with the latest position of our City Council, as one of opposition to your project, we want to encourage all interests and investments in our part of beautiful BC. It is our position that this decision was premature and as a Chamber, we support economic development as it underpins all of our social programs be it education, health or infrastructure. We know that without business and industry, we don’t have employment, we don’t have tax revenue, and we won’t have the services we have come to expect from our governments - local, provincial or federal.

We appreciate the risks you assume in pursuing projects requiring massive injections of capital, all with no guarantees they will be approved or even profitable. This is our free enterprise system; this is capital markets at work. We also understand that capital does not require a passport…it goes where it is welcome, where it is appreciated and where opportunities abound.

Terrace has been without major development for many years now and the Terrace business community has struggled. We are encouraged by the recent investments that have been approved and look forward to many more projects coming to our area that will continue to build our economic landscape.

The Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce is taking a position of neutrality regarding the Northern Gateway Project as it is subject to the Joint Environmental Review process. We want the objective panel of experts to assess the concerns of affected parties and contrast them with procedures and equipment being positioned to mitigate any and all perceived risks. It is important that all voices are heard and all questions are asked and answered.

During this process and while we each deliberate on our final decision on this project, we feel it is important that a dialogue continue between Northern Gateway and the Terrace business community. Terrace, as the service and supply hub for the Northwest, will welcome the opportunity to participate in your project if approved.

Gordon Stamp-Vincent
Acting President (1st Vice President)
Comment by Gerry Hummel on 26th February 2012
Imagine if something came along and killed all the salmon, which this project has the potential to do. Life in the north here revolves around the salmon! Then where would these businesses be?

The NEB/JRP are a joke, they are a mouthpiece for BIG OIL, I can see their written approval of this project already with a whole list of Do's and Don'ts attached!

Comment by TERRACE SPORT ACTION on 20th February 2012
To Terrace BC $$ Investors.

First of lets invest in ideas how to make Terrace, Thornhill communities. Working together in developing our local independent trade currency.

Use the SPORT ACTION GAMES. To fundraiser develop people, advertisement trade currency. Creating a Skeena River Action Game Industry.

Centralize Terrace As the Hub. Train special winning teams to win the games. Have sport action bets on our local teams.

Games - Paintball - Peugal Stick Fighting - Street Hockey. Thinking Games.

Increase our volume Tourism Trade. Have local markets trade items.

Lets focus on Terrace BC Market. Not let super Free Enterprise rule our Town.

For Free Enterprise is the one controlling our way of life in North West.

Lets Change our Mind ECO MIND.

Other Than that.

Lets Party Baby its our land. Rock this City,


how does exporting our oil make us energy secure?
Comment by anon on 20th February 2012
are the europeans now enemies of canada like us canadians have become in the eyes of the harpo govenment .
How does gateway affect the Skeena?
Comment by wayne anderson on 20th February 2012
I fail to see how anyone who fishes the Skeena can support this pipeline. The proposed pipeline runs through the Morice River watershed, and crosses it at one point.

The Morice empties into the Bulkley, and the Bulkley empties into the Skeena.

Anyone with half a brain can connect the dots.

Then again, anyone who buys Enbridge's malarkey probably doesn't have half a brain.

Anything that spills into the Morice, ends up in the Skeena. Period.

I guess the almighty dollar means more to some people than clean water does.

Regardless of what certain business people believe, you can't unspill oil once it gets into a river, or an ocean. You can only hope to minimise the damage.

Only a short sighted profiteer with no long term vision would go for this project.

And if that offends anyone, too bad.

Their eagerness to put at risk the only place on earth I call "home" is something I find extremely offensive.

And I'm absolutely certain that I'm not alone in this, not by a long shot.

remember when?
Comment by ron wilton on 19th February 2012
Remember during the HST referendum how the C of C spent heavily in support of the tax and when the people objected, they shut down their phones, email and internet access to try and prevent us from identifying them and their members?

Looks as though they still haven't learned a thing.
Comment by Lloyd on 19th February 2012
Just wondering how this "movie" will end. I will be standing in front of the "Enbrigde/Harper Rail line wondering if I will get run over or if Harper will realize that there are thousands or millions of taxpayers behind me; will he stop or just say "let this be a lesson to any other xtremists that get in my way". As for the JCC you have lost my support and I will stand boycotting any of your positions.
can we fall back on what we have?
Comment by Terry reinert on 18th February 2012
when i was growing up I was lucky enough to have parents who did not leave me to my devices. They did not let me make my own choices as i was growing. they were not NEUTRAL. as long as i was under their roof i was made to do things their way. they tought me the difference between RIGHT and WRONG!! the other thing i was taught was a good work ethic. this translates into the business of terrace. you see as I made the transition to being on my own i was taught to always have something to FALL back on. Lucky for me in my career i have opened many doors and only closed a few. if i'm not working and i want to, i could fall back on some other options. therfore securing my financial future. something terrace HAS TO DO!!

In the case of terrace, I believe our current leading industry is tourism. we've got some fishing, some hunting, some skiing (at shames) , heli skiing, lots of lodges that people frequent regularly, we've got mountains and valleys that people from far far away come to ride their mountain bikes down. we've got giant spruces and peeing trees, we have the great bear rainforest! we have the only river in the world that still has 5 species of salmon spawning in it. we also have the local first nations and their history of life living in the northwest. The list of outdoor activities goes ON and ON. our economy has seen a turnaround in the northwest ( port in rupert, ridley island expantion, LNG, CN is screeming for employee's, and as we stand we currently do not have the work force to facilitate this turnaround. so i believe we should be doing more to train our local workforce to be able to obtain these jobs that are currently available before we take on any new industry. and when we do decide to take on NEW INDUSTRY , it should not threaten to wipe out all that we have to fall back on. IF enbriged is allowed to go through and the oil hits the water, don't be supprised if we go through a recesion worse than we've ever seen before. Because the only tourist's that will be coming here are the national geographic photographers taking pictures of our screwed up coast line and damaged environment.

the JRP is the biggest joke out there.... it's only reviewing the pipeline....NOT THE TANKERS. it's just a horse and buggy show. i'm scared that the only way to keep bc beautiful is to handle these greedy oil tycoons the same way they do in the middle east. you know how that is.
Here are some simple questions.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 18th February 2012
How many members does the Terrace Chamber currently have? How many of those members are supporting this declaration? Would they be willing to stand by their position publicly?

Council made a decision at a public meeting. We know how they all voted. We can hold them accountable much easier than any of the others. They represent their constituents just as much as Harper and Clark represent their constituencies but for them to be held accountable it is a much bigger undertaking. Most of their constituencies won;t be around to clean up the mess when it occurs. The difference is that Terrace Council is close to home much more in tune with the realities of living in the community than any outsiders.

If the Terrace Chamber thinks that all "development" is good even the kind that exports jobs and sells off non renewable resources to competing nations, something is wrong. When those same nations work against our interests in advancing freedom and democracy in other parts of the globe, isn't there a serious contradiction here?
Terrace City Counsel Are Heros
Comment by Man Up! on 18th February 2012
The Power To Our People:

The Terrace BC City Council. Are leaders of our Country Canada freedom of democracy. They are intelligent enough, to see through the bubble you and I all live in.

The City of Terrace BC not only broke down walls between human people in terrace. They are speaking for one voice. The nature of our drinking water.

The internet & communications watching you tube of Enrbidge destruction to Michigan United States Kamalazoo River. Has impacted the lives on that river watershed. People are sick, they are unhealthy. Children have engulfed toxins. Their human bodies are in a break down.

This is a human health crisis that Terrace BC is diverting. Taking a stand for humanity, for the people in North Coast BC.

Step into reality. Thank you for our City Council Terrace BC. They are Unsung Hero's.

We as Terrace BC. Have the Power to change our community, bring back the health it needs. That is the "Green Giant Of Power".

This is our town, our home, our people. Does not matter if your a Dog, Cat, Mosqito, Moose, Bear, a Man or Woman.

You all drink from the Water Shed. For that is the life force we are defending.

Even the lord Jesus Christ was a Tree Huger, a Tree of Life, he was also believed in eating salmon for the last dinner, the lord even enjoyed holy water.

For that is the principal we are defending.


Thank you Terrace BC, We are the people.. We are defenders of nobility. We are the Society of honour.


Balthazar has "got' it.
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 18th February 2012
There IS unity within diversity. Always has been and always will. All it takes is the openness of one's mind to hear/digest/share with one another in the interim while working together with our common/differing opinions and mandates in efforts to reach the common goal(s) that will benefit us all.

Shouldn't be so hard, heh? All one has to do is decide. "For or against". "Hot or cold". We can accept each opinion and go on from there as a diversified team - working together all the while.
A wise man once said - ADDENDUM
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 18th February 2012
A wise man (aka Jesus) once said...

"I know what you have done; I know that you are neither cold nor hot. How I wish you were either one or the other! But because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I am going to spit you out of my mouth!" (Revelations 3:15-16)

You see...if one is hot - good thing for everyone to work on a united front together for the better of all involved. If one is cold...there is always a chance for "conversion". But if one is lukewarm? That's THE MOST dangerous place to choose to be in.

He continued on..."You say, 'I am rich and well off. I have all I need." (In other words...I can stay lukewarm if I want. No skin off MY teeth.) Jesus added..."But you do not know how miserable and pitiful you are!"

The Chamber of Commerce need to grow a backbone here. Is it "Yes...or No? For or Against"? It already looks to me like the businesses in town are already "spitting" the Commerce outta their mouths due to their lukewarm stance, by not renewing ongoing memberships with the Commerce. Interesting.
To all you commentators:
Comment by blocky bear on 18th February 2012
Great stuff! Clap clap clap~~~~clap clap!!
religious dogma
Comment by balthazar on 18th February 2012
Maggie Joe,
thank your for this remark. That is exactly what is happening right now - a discussion of pro and con and facts and figures and opportunities and risks has turned into a religious, dogmatic and belittling us against them. I was hoping we would have emerged in the last 2000 years from being us and them into something more civilized - that is the democratic ideal after all. The fact that we have succumbed to name calling and personal attacks is disgusting, and I do not mean your comment, but many others that are on-line about this subject. The direction this is taking is negative and destructive, and only because we can not allow another opinion to count or be heard - very sad. An integrative mind is able to hold two opposing thoughts in one's mind to come up with a superior solution, not take one thought and run with it. Let's not go into the negative aspects of religion and the millions of people that died in the name of Christianity, only to proof their point of their 'superior' religion. I would suggest that Terrace let's this thing rest, point well made anyway's, and await the outcome and focus on the opportunities that still lie ahead and turn the public debate into something positive.
neutrality is a joke
Comment by adolan on 18th February 2012
JRP = "the objective panel of experts"
Not from what I observed this morning at the JRP review in Prince Rupert.

The idea of neutrality on this issue is a joke.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has already voiced his support for the project even before the JRP comes to its conclusions, so why should Terrace City Council have to remain silent?

Sorry to say folks, but I think the fix is in. The JRP is just going through the motions, allowing the First Nations to have their say because consultation is required.

Aboriginal rights and title have been officially recognized but it's hard to see how this means much when projects like Northern Gateway that threaten the First Nations very way of life can be pushed through despite the strong objections of the First Nations people.
They do not speak for me
Comment by Bruce Martindale on 17th February 2012
Moving toxic bitumen crude across North-Central BC, and through Canada's pristine Northwest coast is a bad idea on so many levels. Primarily it is potentially deadly for the local economy that counts on the current fragile ecological balance to be viable. Recognizing this and having the courage to state that it is a bad idea shows insight, foresight and honesty, three things that are essential for good business in any arena. To take the position that we need to accept all business plans, good or bad, ethical or unethical, to get any is pathetic, weak and desperate not to mention displaying a complete lack of integrity. This is not how we do business here in Terrace BC! The City of Terrace has shown backbone, character and real leadership in the face of corporate bullying and scare tactics and has shown that it understands the real economy of our town and region. Its too bad that the Terrace Chamber of Commerce feels it cannot support a position that displays the kind of business principles and practices that I think myself and most of my fellow business owners here in Terrace would identify with. I will not be renewing my membership in the Terrace Chamber of Commerce this year, a membership that I have had since I bought my business 8 years ago. They do not speak for me!
To the "Voice of Business" TDCC
Comment by Nancy on 17th February 2012
Like the small business person is saying, you do not promote anything but yourselves and how much (influence) you supposedly have. (Which can be argued).

The First Nations of this area have also carried Terrace in it's ups and downs, and do you recognize that? And I don't mean the occasional photo op with your friendliest First Nation friend.

Just think.... with every feast that is thrown, there are thousands of $$$ being spent.

Every stone moving, every wedding, every monumental history making events like Hobiyee and Elders Gatherings, returning of artifacts and treaty negotiations in this area brings insurmountable revenue to Terrace and District. How about a little loyalty and support instead of being so narrow minded.

If we were smart we would work together and bring industry that we all can live with, not just the "voice of business".

Now..... where did I put that list of Businesses in the Chamber of Commerce?
TDCC is out of touch
Comment by Small Business on 17th February 2012
TDCSS should stop looking for a big payday from enbridge and start focusing their attention where is should go: small business! Enbridge is not going to bring any lasting sustainability to Terrace. What has helped Terrace survive the ups and downs of big industry in our region? SMALL BUSINESS! Where is TDCC's concern for small business? I can tell you it is non-existant. This is why we are one of many businesses that have cancelled our membership in TDCC. TDCC should start actually going out to small business and asking us what we need and want. What are we concerned about? You have no website, you have no newsletter, you blindly supported the HST, you are out of touch.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 17th February 2012
What a bunch of bone smokers. What has the free enterprise system done for the USA and Greece and most of Europe as a matter of fact. Its people like you that have sold your souls for a buck . Yes we need industry and employment to enjoy the things we have and want. Its time for some reeducation and a time for people to realize the world is a different place. Its a time to reflect and say, can i really afford to live the life style I live? What consequence does my behavior have on the planet ? Yes Terrace has been hurting for years,but you don't have to sell your soul for greed. Opposing Enbridge is not the end of the world, there will be other businesses to come in the future. I know though its you worry about lining your own pockets with the gifts Enbridge brings . You are all business people in the chamber,and not unlike the people that have created the global mess we are in . You want to make as much money as fast as you can while you are still alive and be damned the people that come after you. Our area has been hurting for so long because you business people always support the free enterprise parties that run our great province. Its the govt.that you people support that has ruined the once great forest industry we used to have . Time for a change of philosophy my dear members of the chamber ,your way of thinking doesn't work any more. Its always the usual suspects who will grovel for a chance to make a buck. you know who you are .....
Chamber doesn't represent me...
Comment by Adam K on 17th February 2012
"We know that without business and industry, we don’t have employment, we don’t have tax revenue, and we won’t have the services we have come to expect from our governments - local, provincial or federal."

couldn't agree more...


this is the WRONG industry to be pandering to. I applaud the strong (finally) action of our elected officials. Bruce Martindale has been saying it from the beginning, when we act from a position of neutrality, we are weak. When we stand up and voice an opinion, whether pro or con, we are strong.

We need to leave this place better than we found it. Tankers and pipelines are not the means to that end...

Is It Just Me?
Comment by Danny Nunes on 17th February 2012
Or does anyone else hear the sounds of puckered lips making contact with exposed buttocks?

Nah must be the wind.
Comment by Pat#1 on 17th February 2012