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CONTRIBUTION · 28th February 2012
Judith Townsend
Commissioner Bob Paulson,

In 1996 the RCMP announced they would need more control of the internet since it was being used to distribute child porn. Being computer professionals, we gave a three inch thick report about child porn on the internet to the Langley RCMP after trace routing the people that were posting it. They said they would contact their serious crimes division and get back to us. They never did. Less than two months later our home was broken into and all of our computer equipment was stolen. The RCMP sent out an officer, Dan Wendland, who did not bother to investigate. The same Surrey RCMP Wendland also lost all three witness reports to a hit and run car accident that left me badly injured. We no longer believe this was a coincidence.

This destroyed our lives and we moved to Alberta with our four children to piece our lives back together. When we filed our taxes we had a problem. We had no way to account for $80,000 worth of stolen office equipment that we lost in the burglary. Because Wendland did not do his job, we had no police report and could not prove to CRA that we did not owe money that they ESTIMATED we owed them. We were simply presumed guilty and then charged the money when we could not prove our equipment was stolen. We then discovered we had ex parte federal court orders, where we had not been invited to defend ourselves, to seize all of our belongings for debts owed to her majesty. The CRA would not honour their own court order when we tried to give them all of our belongings to settle their one-sided hidden illegitimate court paperwork.

(When we tried to get the police files so we could show all of our equipment was stolen so we could write it off and reduce our taxes, the RCMP did not understand why we wanted our files. They were so busy trying to cover up their tracks that they did not appear to understand that all we wanted was the police report. When we laid a formal complaint against Wendland, the RCMP referred to my husband, Jim, as a Bozo in their official files and said he laid the complaint against Wendland because it was sour grapes over losing his equipment. It shows they tried to use the complaint to cover up their dereliction rather than address the issue. We discovered the reason the RCMP had no files is because Wendland did not bother to investigate. He was completely derelict.)

Soon thereafter we started coming under attack by every government agency we dealt with and this has not changed for fifteen years. My husband thinks it is because the RCMP were putting much of the child porn on the internet in order to frame and entrap people. It was being put on newsgroups by computers belonging to the RCMP. The RCMP want to take down my husbandís websites because he has a blog where he shows how to trace route the porn back to its source. It clearly shows people who own hundreds of porn sites in our country. Given the source of these sites, it looks like foreign nations are making an attack on the morals of this country. The websites also chronicle the many attacks the RCMP has made on us over the years.

In 2006 my husband was nearly killed in a tractor accident. After being unlawfully evicted when our Landlord/Tenant Arbitration was ignored and the RCMP covered up an assault and destruction of our vehicle, we were forced out of our home at Applegrove. Having no vehicle my husband tried to use the tractor to move. When we complained to the Ombudsman that my husband had been horribly injured due to the misfeasance of the Nakusp Agents Office and harassment by the RCMP, the Nakusp Agents Office made up a phoney story about my badly injured husband acting inappropriately when the truth was he could hardly stand or talk.

Our experience has been that every time we make a complaint to the Ombudsman or the RCMP Complaints Commission we are attacked and vilified by the people we complain about. There is no lawful venue a private Canadian has to complain about Crown Agent civil servants without coming under attack by them.

Being on a disability has been one long charade of constant accusations of fraud. Although we have been accused of fraud many times by MHSD, we have always proven our innocence. We finally got our records back from MHSD to find out what was going on. The records show a significant effort to whitewash their files. Rather than give us the original files so we can get to the bottom of these problems we have with them, MHSD took 30 days more than they are legally entitled to and doctored the documents. They make reference to their files and summarize them but do not divulge the actual files. The summaries are nothing more than an attempt to present their cover up of the files they have been asked to produce. It seems the RCMP have been working closely with the MHSD since the tractor accident to see if there is something they could charge Jim with.

As part of his physiotherapy, Jim likes to walk out in the wilds. Having been a hobby placer miner all of his life, Jim turned to his hobby to attract his interest. He staked many claims looking for pretty rocks for jewellery and hoping to find precious metals. When he acquired the claim at 1351 North Fork Road, things started to get nasty. Apparently the claim is on a range that is licensed by an RCMP informant named Prebushewski. Lumby RCMP Henry Proce bragged he had informants watching us and told us we had no right to privacy and no other rights either.

Soon after we acquired the claim we started becoming the brunt of complaints about being squatters. Our claim was vandalized and our property stolen repeatedly. It seemed to us that someone was watching us, as we would go down to the store and get back to find we had been vandalized. We legally licensed our claims from the Mining Titles Office. Soon after this we started coming under constant attack by Cpl. Proce from the Lumby RCMP office. We showed him our licenses to the claim but he told us we had to move as he would not know what a license looked like for a mining claim. Jim, my husband, told him that just because he did not know enough to find out what a license looked like did not give him the right to force us off legally acquired property. When you purchase a license from the Crown in this country, you have the right to quiet enjoyment of that property.

Proce brought up mining inspector John Cox, who confirmed that all of our licenses were in order and gave us instructions to clean all the dead wood out of the mining claim. Proce subsequently brought up another inspector; Don Smith who said that nothing we were doing was allowed or disallowed by the Act but he was seizing our mining claim because he had been ordered to by his superiors. Proce also claimed on many occasions that he was attacking us on our mining claim because his higher ups wanted us gone. When he showed up with Don Smith, he also had Troy Kimber in tow from the Attorney Generalís office. The AG of BC was so concerned over our forty dollar panning license that he sent special agent Kimber all the way from Victoria to inspect the mining license that Jim bought online and they could have seen online in their own office.

Proceís constant attacks on our camp were documented. Nearly every time Henry came out to attack us, Jim wrote a letter of complaint to the RCMP. We also sent registered letters to William Elliot about this debacle as it was unfolding. The RCMP could have prevented all of this at any time. This situation finally culminated with the RCMP informant trying to murder us in a drive by shooting. Jim complained to the Ombudsman about the MHSD disability officer cutting off our cheque and telling us he had done so because he was investigating the drive by shooting. We were incredulous that the disability officer had knowledge of it but discovered from FOIA files that he had been working with the RCMP to target us. A good friend of ours was at Justin Prebushewskiís wedding and heard them planning to shoot up our camp in order to drive us out of there.

After the complaint to the Ombudsman the RCMP became desperate to cover their tracks. Jim was first falsely arrested by Cst. Goodyear, even though no one had made a complaint and Crown had not laid any charges. He came out in the middle of the night to throw a blank piece of paper at us and drive off. He spent most of the time asking Jim how he could protect his investments and kept asking him if he wanted to sit in the back seat of the police car since it was cold out. The RCMP claim they have a behavioural science group that says my disabled husband is dangerous, but they obviously did not use this unit to screen this very unprofessional officer or the dozens of sexual perverts that women RCMP officers have now charged with misconduct.

We found out the person who was responsible for Jim being arrested was Dan Wendland, the derelict cop who did not bother to investigate our burglary and had caused us all the problems with CRA. The court case for the uttering threats to the disability worker has been beyond bizarre. The courts do not follow any of the rules of court that they give to their victims. When Jim showed up for the trial, his name was not on the docket and the court clerk said the Crown was not proceeding. We took down the docket and left after having all of our witnesses sign that we had showed up for the trial.

Proce subsequently announced in the paper that Jim had not shown up for the trial and was now wanted for uttering death threats, something he had never been charged with in the first place. We laid a complaint about Proce and Wendland stealing our mining claim and harassing us with the RCMP Complaints Commission, but once again the RCMP used the process in order to whitewash their illegal activity. We got a letter from RCMP Reg Burgess defending all the actions taken by his subordinates. Funny that Burgess doesnít address any of our concerns but uses the complaint instead to bolster their allegations that my husband has uttered threats when in fact he wrote an official complaint to the Ombudsman about their criminal activity. Many copies of Burgessí complaint coverup have been distributed and people are appalled at the way the RCMP have treated us.

We appealed to the Supreme Court for a hearing to get our mining claim back that had been stolen by mining inspector Don Smithís malicious prosecution and Henry Proceísí constant attacks. His only evidence to take our claim was that Proce had told him we had the claim for non-mining purposes. They cannot say what this non-mining purpose is. We were supposed to go to court to get our mining claim back on November 21, 2011. We were prevented from doing so by RCMP Wendland and Proce, who charged Jim with uttering death threats and incarcerated him so that he could not attend court. We subsequently told the Attorney General to drop the case, as we had already nearly been killed by the RCMP and Jim did not want to spend the rest of his life in jail over it.

As a result of the constant attacks and because we have never been able to get justice from our own government and civil servants who attack us, Jim has put much of this up on web sites and videos. Over 70,000 people have watched Jimís videos and many more have read his books and websites. This scandal is not going to go away. Too many people know about it. Yes, you have the upper hand right now, but havenít you people learned anything?

First of all there was one female police officer that said the RCMP are porn peddling perverts. Reading her story about how she tried to complain about the RCMP certainly shows why none of the rest of us get any satisfaction with these legal perverts investigating each other either. Next the RCMP had half a dozen women step forward and they settled out of court. That speaks volumes. And what did the RCMP get for Christmas? Now they have 25 men and women in the RCMP that have laid charges against them for sexual harassment and distributing porn in their desks at work. The RCMP certainly have an addiction to porn donít they? I read on the RCMP Watch website that a Vernon NCO has now been alleged to have been involved in sexual harassment. Would that be Burgess, Wendland or Proce?

The moral of the story is that yes, you can beat people up. Yes, you can throw people in jail. Yes, you can act unprofessional and abuse your authority. But you canít get away with it forever. You people are not going to get away with trying to murder us, stealing our mining claim and costing us thousands of dollars in lost property and work. You have beset our dwelling, stalked our children, harassed us and it amounts to torture.

We noted that the RCMP wanted our computers at the bail hearing where they made up all sorts of nasty lies about Jim in order to have him thrown in jail. You need not bother. For years now, there have been people tracking the RCMP on the internet. This evidence sits on servers around the world. We also made dozens of copies of our files and gave them to people for safe keeping. There are now hundreds of websites in Canada that are dedicated to the corruption of the RCMP and the Canadian civil service. I see Macleanís magazine now calls BC the most corrupt place on earth. Comments from your fellow Canadians on the many websites dedicated to exposing RCMP corruption and brutality certainly show what their fellow countrymen think of them.

My husband and I are both disabled. We were living on a mining claim in the middle of nowhere. We had no electricity and no way to communicate with the outside world. If Proce had not come out to our mining claim to attack us, the RCMP would never have had a problem. Now the only thing we have to do with our lives is fight for justice and expose the crimes committed by those that were supposed to protect us. Yes we are disabled, have no money and have no weapons. Yes RCMP have unlimited funds, regularly commit crimes like those you have against us in order to cover your tracks and have flak jackets, semi-automatic handguns at your side, all sorts of assault weaponry and even armoured vehicles. So why are you one scandal from extinction?

What has been happening to my family and myself is a scandal. The attempt on our lives is a serious criminal offence. We are not going to go away. We are tired of being treated like criminals when we are not. We have legitimate concerns and complaints and they will be heard. Are you listening Mr. Paulson? What is it they say? What goes around comes around. I have enclosed a document of my complaint about the RCMP for your perusal, I intend to submit it to the new independent civilian office for complaints against the RCMP that will be opening up. The Ďcomplaint investigationí that we just went through with Mr. Burgess was nothing short of disgusting and we can certainly sympathize with the dozens of poor women working for the RCMP that have been under attack because they also complained. Can you do anything about this other than passing it on to the Complaints Department and allowing these people to investigate themselves?


Judith Townsend
Questioning the RCMP.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 4th March 2012
Recently, I have become a cancer warrior. Just prior to Xmas, 2011, I was residing and puttering around my recently-deceased Mother's house...doing my best to get it in order. I have issues with a couple of her neighbours over their tendencies to get drunk/high, loud and threatening, and with the local band adminstration. I do not hesitate to rise to any occasion when threatened.....and called the police a couple of times because I felt vulnerable due to a lack of telephone service to call 911 (Telus hardware). Other than that, I mind my own business.

One day, I was cleaning, moving furniture, and making downstairs beds...looking forward to Christmas company from out of town, and eating every chance I could. I was going to shower after my cleaning, so I was still in my pyjamas and slippers. I weighed 95 pounds, my head was still cursed with bald patches, my voice is sometimes hoarse because that is where the cancer was...and I admit I looked worse than I felt. I was not on any medications.

Knock, knock. One RCMP constable was at the door who's mission it was to pick me up on a "mental health warrant!" Shocked, I went voluntarily and be led thru the hall of Mills in handcuffs....and locked up in the psych. ward! The constable did not ever tell me why...or who had manipulated the RCMP to do this. I have never been a violent person.

I spent the next few days in the psych. ward doing everything I could to get out. The staff made several efforts to give me powerful anti-psychotic medications, even though I was not psychotic. I absolutely refused. Male patients, who were obviously mentally unstable roamed freely in the hallways (day and night). Food was hard to come by. All patients were hungry...all the time. The kitchen staff were always late with meals, and I was omitted. I had to plead for meals. Suicidal patients were assessed, then ignored. Telephones were either inaccessible or did not work. It was cold, and warm bedding was a luxury for a few. Aggressive patients, who freely came and went, had the run of the place. A "therapist" with a dog came to make Xmas cookies. Hungry, I sought a couple of cookies. They were made out of flour, salt and water and were inedible! The Native Liason (Melodie Johnson) was in the hospital, but never made an appearance in the emergency ward nor in psych. Her voice mail was full then, and is still full today. So, I got there on Thursday...and then was a prisoner there for the weekend...because nothing happens on the weekend. I was released on Monday, weighed 90 pounds and was a nervous wreck! My pets were still in Mom's house....hungry. The house was stink from the kitty litter and from the ferrett pooping and peeing all over the place. I asked the RCMP who had arranged my sojourn into the never-never world of the psych. ward? They didn't tell me who had abused their services, but I have an idea and will find out.

These days, I immediately shower and dress upon rising to greet another day. And, back in November I called the RCMP about the welfare recipients who are STILL illegally squatting in my other house...drinking, smoking/selling drugs and mocking me (because it's winter)......and there's nothing they can do about that because it's a civil matter!!

So, I ask the RCMP.....WHY?! And, I am happy to hear that the First Nations Action and Support Team is again gearing up to address suicide in this region. Their services are urgently required.
To Constable Fraudette
Comment by RADICALPRESS.COM on 3rd March 2012
Cst. J.A. (Justin) Fradette writes:

The author(s) of the articles make some very serious allegations that are currently the subject of a criminal investigation."

Well, constable Fraudette please tell us why if there is a "criminal investigation" currently underway is Mr. Townsend being held in Kamloops jail and not being released on bail? What are the charges against him? Why are you putting a man in jail before he has been tried in a court of law? Something smells fishy here constable.
To Whom it May Concern,
Comment by Cst. J.A. (Justin) Fradette on 2nd March 2012
I am writing in regards to two articles that were posted on your website on February 28th, 2012; the articles are titled "RCMP COMPLAINT AGAINST CPL HENRY PROCE AND SGT DAN WENDLAND" and "OPEN LETTER TO RCMP COMMISSIONER BOB PAULSON".

The author(s) of the articles make some very serious allegations that are currently the subject of a criminal investigation. There is also potential that as a result of these articles, and other items posted on the internet by the same authors, that a civil suit for libel may be forthcoming.

It is respectfully requested that the two articles be removed from your website. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me,

Cst. J.A. (Justin) Fradette
General Investigation Section-Rural
Vernon/North Okanagan RCMP Detachment
3402 - 30 Street Vernon, B.C. V1T 5E5
Desk# 250-260-7160
Fax # 250-260-7190