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NEWS RELEASE · 28th February 2012
Canadian Press Sonia Aslam
Students believe the supertankers will threaten the environment.

Students living in a small community on the Central Coast will be protesting the proposed Enbridge oil pipeline during an upcoming 48-hour hunger strike.

The Calgary-based company wants to build the Northern Gateway pipeline, which would carry oil from Alberta to Kitimat.

Students at Bella Bella Community School say there are too many safety concerns surrounding the project. The students believe the supertankers filled with oil will jeopardize the environment along the coast of the Great Bear Rainforest.

The hunger strike will be between April 1st and 3rd, which coincides with the Enbridge hearings in that community. The students are hoping this protest will open a dialogue with other concerned students from around the province.

On February 23rd, Transport Canada filed a report to the regulatory panel weighing Enbridge Inc.'s $5.5-billion proposal to ship Alberta crude to the West Coast by pipeline and export the oil to Asian markets via supertankers loaded in Kitimat. The report does not identify any regulatory concerns and says residual risks are present in any project.

First Nations along British Columbia's north and central coast say it's unfathomable that Transport Canada approves the use of oil supertankers. Coastal First Nations executive director Art Sterritt has stated that the department ruling ignores safety issues such as poor weather, human error, and the narrow, unforgiving waterways.

Coastal First Nations suggested a tanker spill could cost $23-billion, creating catastrophic economic, environmental and cultural damage.

Enbridge (TSX:ENB) maintains the pipeline will bring jobs and economic development to northern B.C., but opponents insist the risks are too high.

They have packed Joint Review Panel hearings underway across B.C. and Alberta through 2013.

Comment by Apocalypse Now on 29th February 2012
I like the way you think Mr.edwards
To the students of Bella Bella:
Comment by Janice Robinson on 29th February 2012
A two day fast will be a spiritual event for each of you. Stick together. God's blessings on all of you.
Comment by Gary Edwards on 29th February 2012
One oil spill has the potential of wiping out 50,000 north coast jobs.

Enbridges inflated 600,000 person years of employment amounts to just over 300 Jobs.

It is said that it would cost about 23 Billion dollars to clean up a spill. If this farce goes through then Enbridge and the shipping companies should be made to post a bond of $25 Billion to cover the cost.

And since our illustrious government in Victoria seems to want to legislate wages then maybe they should pass laws that make it impossible for these companies to tie up the courts with law suits and stall tactics. Further they should be made to pay all wages for jobs lost and business income lost over a spill on top of posting a bond.