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NEWS RELEASE · 29th February 2012
Terrace RCMP
Downtown Terrace
- two intoxicated people in a residence on Greig Ave causing problems. A 37 yr old man and a 35 yr old woman were arrested for causing a disturbance.

- Skeena Mall security report that an intoxicated man is causing problems. Police arrested a 59 yr old man for public intoxication.

- police assisted Shoppers Drug Mart in the removal of a man who is no longer welcome in the store

Elsewhere Terrace
- a residence on Sparks St was broken into on Feb. 13 sometime during the day. An HP digital camera, a green Kelly Jackson guitar, a black bass guitar, and a Shure microphone was stolen.

- a 23 yr old suicidal woman. Police spoke with her. Her comments were made in anger.

- an unknown man making harassing phone calls, asking to be a personís friend. Advice was given on the matter.

- an intoxicated woman reported that an intoxicated man was in her residence refusing to leave. Police attended. The woman refused to cooperate with police. Checks were done of the area.

- police assisted BC Ambulance with the apprehension of a man

- a green 2007 Ford Freestyle went thru Tim Hortonís drive thru with a baby on the female driverís lap. Checks were done of the area.

- Cassie Hall School turned over to police an unknown pill that was located on school grounds.

- report of drug activity

- a neighbor in Davis Ave saw a woman enter a residence thru a window. Police attended and spoke with the woman. She lived there and was locked out.

- report of a person resembling the suspects in the break and enter of Ebonyís walking on Kalum St.

- uttering threats complaint. Police gave advice to the complainant.

- a room mate was intoxicated and wrecking things in a residence on Pear St. A 44 yr old woman was arrested for public intoxication.

- report of an assault. The assault investigation led to a possible suicidal man investigation. Police followed up with the man who had attended Mills Memorial Hospital. The assault was unsubstantiated.

- verbal domestic dispute on Kalum St. The man and woman were separated for the night.

- an older Grey Jeep Cherokee went down the old Skeena Bridge the wrong way. The licence plate obtained did not match a known vehicle.

- mischief to a residence on Queensway Dr. 3 windows were broken.

- a landlord requested police assistance in accessing a rental unit. Police attended with her.

- familial dispute. A 21 yr old man was removed from the residence and transported to alternate lodgings.

- possible impaired driver in a grey Dodge Ram on Hwy 37. The vehicle was located on Hwy 16. The driver was sober.

- report of an assault. The complainant is not cooperative with police.

- police assisted Stewart Detachment with an animal cruelty complaint. The man is alleged to have thrown his dog off the Nass River Bridge.

- assault at a residence on Kalum Lake Rd. A 21 yr old intoxicated woman was arrested for assault.

Kitsumkalum, Kulspai, Gitaus
nothing to report

People with information on crime are asked to contact the Terrace RCMP at (250)638-7400 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers by telephone at 1-800-222-TIPS. Or a Tip can be left anonymously online at
Has anybody seen Perry Sebastian?
Comment by Janice Robinson on 1st March 2012
If you have seen Perry since Christmas, 2011, call his family in Hazelton. He is a young man. If you read this Mr. Sebastian, call home. They have been looking everywhere for you.

Perry has not been eye-balled by loved ones since mid-December, 2011.
alpha and bravo...
Comment by amused on 1st March 2012
10-25 to Tim Horton's....;-)
bc transit..
Comment by Pat#1 on 1st March 2012
how about the small 'special' bus (used alot on the #3 southside).it has seat belts, one of the bumpiest routes, due to road craters (not just potholes!) on Graham Avenue and no one ever puts one on!
Comment by Louisa on 29th February 2012
It surely couldn't take much room for a taxi to carry a backless booster seat to at least help better belt protection for those over 40lbs in weight (most 4 year olds and up). A baby seat for up to 30lbs can be used for rear facing, which could be pre-requested by a family if the taxi firm had one available. I am glad I don't have to rely on public transit/taxis to get around, the logistics must be hard for families with young children - but if you are driving, absolutely ridiculous to have the kid on your lap! That should be called in! Beyond irresponsible, there is no way a coffee run could ever be called an emergency (no, not ever!).
Motor Vehicle Act deems...
Comment by MaggieJo Johnson on 29th February 2012
As far as I know...Class 4 holders (aka; taxi drivers) are exempt from provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act while transporting a passenger...but when a child passenger has reached 6 yrs of age and is now too big to fit on Mama's "protective" lap (NOT!) after reaching the physical stature to literally occupy a seating position in the cab, they have to then wear a seatbelt. Go figure, heh?

I simply just lugged along my kids' carseats to use in the cab, as I didn't trust a mere seatbelt to protect my wee little treasures lives in the event of a MVA. And trust me folks...there's aLOT of taxi MVA's!!!

OH! And a cab driver is exempt from the Province's seatbelt rule too. As LONG as he doesn't exceed 70 km/hr.

Good grief.
Cabs and carseats!??
Comment by Linda on 29th February 2012
What is interesting about the big carseat thing is, I called our cab company one day as I sat at Wally world and watched a family get into a cab, none of them (including the driver and the other children) put on a seatbelt and the mother was holding her baby, the capacity of the car was full PLUS the one the mother was holding (and shame on you mom) The person I spoke to said it was legal for parents to hold their babies on their laps and made me feel like I was doing something wrong by calling this in...."it happens ALL the time" she told me.
So let me get this straight, your drivers do not bother wearing seatbelts, they allow to over capacitate their cabs and allow parents to hold babies while the vehicle is in motion?? And WHY would any parent want to take that chance???
I do not get this and hopefully someone out there can make sense of this to me or we can find a way of stopping this from happening.
Because you are in a cab does it make your baby invinsible from becoming a projectile and crashing through the front window in an accident????And how will you feel when your child dies in that accident. I'm sorry but there must be another way to get around. Anyone have any wisdom on this?? Am I crazy here? It made me furious.