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REPORTING · 5th March 2012
Terrace Daily
It was with great shock and dismay we learned last night our great media companion lost her fight with cancer. We were completely unaware she was ill of health in any manner.

Known online as BC Mary (Mary's real name was always kept private) she exposed and kept track of all the BC Rail Gordon Campbell sale/bribery/corruption scandal. She republished many of our articles and we republished hers and others she alerted us to online.

The silence of this strong and committed voice for truth and justice is difficult to fully comprehend. Other online journalists have quit in frustration and impoverishment, BC Mary was never one to walk away from the struggles. Her light was extinguished for all of us through disease and has left many of us with dis - ease for the future exposure of the wrongs committed, the treasonous actions, of those we elect to guide our country.

BC Mary's last post was on the Robocall scandle just unfolding.

Read it here

BC Mary reconnected us with associates we had lost contact with as they read our posts on her blog. She also connected us with many other writers of great investigative skill. Those who are now doing the job the Main Stream Media used to do in the previous hundred years. There are too many to list but a quick check of Mary's site will provide anyone the list.

One of those is Laila Yuile. Her site also list numerous links to independent investigative sites and informative blogs.

The following is direct from Laila's lament for the loss of BC Mary, which includes a writing by Robin Mathews, one of BC Mary's constant sources of extensive and exhaustive information on the underbelly on the BC Rail scandal.

Read it all at the source HERE

[...] Through it all, the clarity of her love for this great province was clear, uncorrupted and pure, as was her love for those of us fighting to uphold all that is right and true and democratic. It was that love that bound us, until even two weeks ago when she told me exactly how far along she really was – although in no way did I expect this close – and that she was spending this time in a lovely log home on a lake in Ontario, with her ex, who at the end proved a valued, loved and respected ally. She hoped somehow, and voiced it, that we would all continue the work she had begun, not just for BC rail, but for this province. She wants us all to continue that fight. The good fight.

In her words:

” There’s no cure for what I have — a “fairly aggressive kind of cancer” — but so far am holding steady. It’s been 2 years of holding steady. I ain’t what I used to be, but I’m alive, blogging, and — did you know this? — living with my dear old ex. and finding a remarkable contentment in that. I think it is called perspective…. there is a comfort being together in these circumstances.”

She signed that last email, ” Love Mary. “

I love you too Mary, more than I ever said, a regret I am feeling in this moment strongly.

She blogged her last blog, on February 23rd. With clarity, and no indication of her imminent departure, she railed against Harper and the current robocall scandal.

She was valiant, determined and dedicated to the people of BC until the end, despite being ridiculed by many a well-known reporter for her persistence and undying dedication to revealing the truth behind the gift of BC Rail. It is that very persistence and dedication I admired so much and that remains her legacy, among others, to the people of this fine province whether they knew her or not. Her work at The Legislature Raids is an amazing part of the history of British Columbia.

Her final absence is truly, something I was not prepared to confront, and I am bereft. Actually, bereft does not begin to describe the waterfall of emotions I’m feeling today. There simply is no one else like our BC Mary, nor will there ever be again. She was one in a million.

I leave you, with the words of Robin Mathews:

" BC Mary provided – as we all know – one of the solid, on-going, thorough, responsible, informative sites on the BC Rail Scandal and the Basi, Virk, and Basi trial. She was dedicated to the defense of the people and the province of B.C. until the end, providing us all with a rare example of determination and toughness, with clarity of mind and purpose, and with a breadth of humanity.

She and I came into contact when she dropped me a note – how many years ago? – and suggested I ‘drop down’ to the Supreme Court of British Columbia and look at the Basi, Virk, and Basi pre-trial hearings. We never met. But we became firm friends and discussed – over the years – everything from philosophy and opera to “nice” police officers, the idyllic life on the Gulf Islands … and much, much more. She remembered, from when she lived in the Francois Lake/Burns Lake area of B.C., my brother who “drove the ferry” there. We seem to have had a much longer time of friendship than we were granted.

She knew that her time was being used up, and she faced the end with wonderful calm, telling me that she had, really, three lives – all of which were good. She was much more calm and stoic about her leaving than I was.

Canada has lost one of its best. British Columbia has been blessed and strengthened by her life and work. Her family has everything to mourn. We shall not look upon her like again. Nor will she really be gone, for her work will (silently) help to shape any of the things that are good about our future in this province.

BC Mary is gone … and we mourn.”

Robin Mathews
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 8th March 2012
RIP BC Mary, you were an icon, relentless and exactly what those of us who cared, needed. We needed the information and honesty you provided. The tyee has a nice article too.
BC Mary
Comment by Pat#1 on 6th March 2012
I remember BC Mary on the comments...always a good read and a well thought comment. I agree'd with her opinion more often than not. She will be missed.
BC Mary
Comment by Kim on 5th March 2012
brought me here, to bookmark your site and many others as well. Let us not fail her now. We must continue in our fight for truth and justice in this Province. We must insist on sharing the truth as bluntly as Mary did.

Thanks Merv. I share your pain. My condolences to her family, biological and otherwise.
A friend let us know
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 5th March 2012
Being that it was 'BC Mary' that re-united us, I wanted to let you know that she died of cancer on March 3, 2012.
This ( is her last post, and this ( is a tribute to her by Laila Yuile.
That makes 4 (Sean Holman, Jody Paterson, Paul Wilcox are alive but no longer writing on BC) top-notch writers no longer adding to BC's knowledge pool.
We have lost an icon
Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 5th March 2012
I was shocked and dismayed to read on Laila Yuiles blog last night that BC Mary had passed away.

BC Mary has been an honest, reliable and unrelenting force in bringing British Columbians the truth behind the sale of BC Rail and her work has been invaluable in keeping this issue alive. I am confident that her efforts will lead to a public inquiry, and those behind the scandal will be punished.

BC Mary's passing is a loss to all British Columbians who believe that those who thwart democracy should be held accountable.

My sincere condolences to BC Mary's family, friends and followers - we have lost an icon.