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CONTRIBUTION · 6th March 2012
West Kelowna is trying to bring the Hockeyville Cup back to BC, it has been in the East for the past two years and if West Kelowna is to bring it home to where it belongs, they need our help in Terrace, the Hockeyville Campions of 2009. Simply go to West Kelowna Hockeyville facebook page and click like and offer some words of encouragement from Terrace. They are in an incredible battle, much like we were, they need our help and votes, come on Terrace, show them we still got it and send a message to the East, that, TERRACE IS BACK!!!!
looks like their doing ok now eh
Comment by tom on 30th March 2012
Hockeyville is about timing and strategy, this bid in WK is excellent, well thought out and deliberate in every thing they do. They will win tomorrow, and unlike us here in Terrace, they will devleop a strong legacy after their victory.
West Kelowna needs to step it up
Comment by Courtenay on 12th March 2012
Call me negative, or say that I have high standards if you like...I've been working in West Kelowna since the end of November (although I do still live in Terrace) and I don't think that they have enough community spirit and initiative to pull this off. When we were in the running for Hockeyville, you couldn't go anywhere in town without seeing it plastered everywhere! There were all sorts of events to promote Hockeyville. In West Kelowna, until about a week ago, you would never have known they were even attempting to be in the running...I am actually surprised they even made it into the top 15. Same with Osoyoos. I was just there a couple of days ago and didn't see any signs, banners, hockey paraphenalia, or anything. I went to the pub there to watch the Canucks game and also didn't see any mention of Hockeyville...I actually didn't even know they were in the running until a couple of days ago.
If West Kelowna (or Osoyoos for that matter) is to get my vote, they need to step it up, big time. They have a 24 hour voting station at the Best Western, which I've been tempted to go into some nights when work is slow, but they just haven't won me over yet.
Hockeyville is about community spirit, and I believe that's why Terrace won, and why West Kelowna has a long way to go if they really want to...
Just my two cents.
It's our game.
Comment by Pat#1 on 6th March 2012
K-Town..Home of the Kelowna Rockets!

Keep your stick on the ice and...