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COMMENTARY · 8th March 2012
Alex Tsakumis
It’s Coming Apart at the Seams…While Her Media Friends Are Providing Her Cover

For Those Who Wish To Keep Up To Date With The Latest BC Political Corruption – Read Alex Tsakumis Here.

For a taste - here is his weekend roundup from last Monday.
Go direct to his site for the latest breaking news. It is very interesting work.

(1) THE ATWAL AFFAIR: Since I broke the specifics of news last week that Jaspal Atwal was intimately involved as a top Indo-Canadian lieutenant in the Clark leadership campaign, the Premier has gone into hiding. She missed the big Telus announcement and presser on Friday and has been doing small, NON-MEDIA, community events ever since. Rebecca Scott, one of her chief excuse makers on staff, told reporters on Friday that the Premier wouldn’t be available “until Tuesday” meaning until tomorrow. This, of course, is a hiding tactic, as she’s hoping the Atwal Affair will blow over. It won’t. But it’s interesting to see how the usual PATHETIC excuse makers in the media aren’t even lifting a single finger to do some digging on this matter. My open letter to her remains unanswered even though many of the events I listed have now been confirmed by mainstream stations (notably, The Province (Mike Smyth) The Vancouver Sun (Kim Bolan), Victoria Times-Colonist (LesLeyne) and CKNW (Charmaine DeSilva, Simi Sara and Jon McComb)). We still hear from Bill Good, Vaughn Palmer and Keith Baldrey about fake memos and fastcat ferries a decade plus later, but BC Rail never happened, Smart Meters are good for your GLOWING kids and IPPs are actually good for the environment.

What a disgraceful joke.

Imagine if Adrian Dix or John Cummins had been found to have someone signing mass memberships and delivering huge cash to their campaigns, that was convicted of attempted murder!!! Imagine the outrage.

Instead, Sean Leslie of CKNW all but ignored the story and has been SCANDALOUSLY instrumental in trying to kill it inside CKNW (because he remains a partying pal of chief Clark message twister Shane Mills–who has been doing a lot of complaining to Leslie about NW’s relentless pursuit of the Atwal Affair. No surprise, as eye-witnesses report of how Leslie was also a joyful attendee at two prominent Clark INSIDER victory parties, where Leslie was, well, um, a reveler…) Stephen Smart, who is NOT, I say, NEVER in a conflict of interest because he’s married to the Premier’s deputy excuse-maker, was tweeting some utterly idiotic drivel on Saturday and Sunday about the Premier’s absence at the Telus announcment–all while REFUSING to cover the Atwal story last week. Ah, earth to Smart: Can’t you connect the two on your own without alphabet blocks? You can’t figure out that she’s hiding because of the Atwal Affair??? DO YOUR JOB! Nice pointy hat…Stevie.

Vaughn wrote about ancient history in case some of you couldn’t sleep, while Keith and Bill doodled a moustache and donkey ears on an 8×11 of BCTF President Susan Lambert. Is it any wonder all the Premier thinks she needs do is ride out the storm over the next few days? Well, if she thinks it’s raining now…wait til the dark clouds descend and the wind begins to howl her name…

(2) PUBLIC SCHOOLS DON’T COUNT IN CLARK’S WORLD: While this three day strike action appears I don’t feel any more sympathetic to the BCTF than the next level headed taxpayers, but they do deserve a fair hearing and notwithstanding the outrageous political games with students and rhetorical nonsense, some of their demands make sense. So what’s the Premier’s response on the first day of a general teacher’s strike? She’s off to Unity Christian Academy in Chilliwack, under the guise of it being a pre-by-election event. What fools! Instead of hiding somewhere else, she goes to an exclusive private school to hang out with them while public school teachers strike! Nice messaging. My six year old daughter could craft a narrative that would make the Premier look more foolish than she already does. So, since I’m in the area today, I thought I’d drop by and personally ask the Premier why she won’t admit to Atwal’s relationship with her. But that’s not going to happen, as I’m told by two officials at Unity Christian that they have been advised by the Premier’s office of how this is a “NON-MEDIA EVENT.” Of course it is….

(3) CKNW, thanks to the best news department in the city, is running with a story I worked on over the weekend, that Charmaine DeSilva broke: Various staffers are being moved around inside the Clark government, for the appearance of change. Problem being, that this government, particularly since Clark has become Premier, treats their staff like toilet paper. Long-time and well-respected staffer Judy McCallum is gone (very bad move) and Clark loyalist Christine Lewis (who has lawyered up) is also gone. Interesting, that she was a staunch Clark leadership campaign supporter. Sources close to Lewis indicate that she is being told to “keep her mouth shut” for her severance to be paid out completely and quicker. What nice people, eh? Ms. Lewis is a gem of a gal, a single mom, with one child who is challenged and this is how the Clarkites treat her for unbending loyalty…

(4) Clark Chief of Staff Ken Boessenkool is on the warpath. He’s instructed long-time Clark loyalist Kim Haakstad (Deputy Chief of Staff) to make changes, particularly after the Atwal story broke (which has all of them scrambling for cover knowing that both the Premier and Shane Mills have lied to the press–AND THE PEOPLE, about Clark’s real relationship with Atwal). On the bubble (you read it here first): Shane Mills himself.

(5) Speaking of Mr. Boessenkool, as a retired lobbyist for Enbridge, he might want to ask his former contractor if it’s true they plan to approach Finance Minister Kevin Falcon for exemptions from provincial sales tax on materials for the pipeline or anything else related that they might be doing. An outrage, to be sure, but it’s in the works. Conflict of interest, anyone?

(6) Now for the good news (LOL!). BC Liberal caucus dissent has reached an all-time fevered pitch–worse than when Gordon Campbell was leader. There are five members who are considering siting as independents, in protest of Clark’s inability to govern. The Atwal Affair was the tipping point, as they all know Clark and Shane Mills were thoroughly lying when they claimed Atwal is unknown to the Premier. There are as many as a dozen and a half openly plaintive caucus members (including members of Cabinet) who are talking about Christy Clark needing to go–or else, and that’s just since I revealed the Atwal details.

Wait until later in the week…they’ll be knotting a noose…

(7) Don’t you love how most of the mainstream press just sits there waxing rhetorically? Remember guys like Webster and Mair? Watch this: Day One of the Atwal Affair, Clark claims she’s never heard of Atwal. Day Two, she may have met Atwal among thousands. Day Three she’s in full hiding mode with the new spin that Atwal might have given a speech at a fundraiser she attended. Day Four, she shook Atwal’s hand at said fundraiser.

Notice the story changing, devolving, disintegrating? Well, you do, but of the big four only one has bothered to lift a finger–Mike Smyth–and huge, major league kudos to him. (In fairness, Mason is on a well-earned vacation in Hawaii). But for Baldrey and Palmer to be ignoring it is UNFORGIVABLE.

Stay tuned! This is a fluid situation building against Clark. She is on very, very thin ice and her people are scrambling badly to change the channel
"The true story"
Comment by blocky bear on 8th March 2012
Twisting, spinning, turning the truth, I think it is high time the whole rotten bunch falls to earth. They should be eaten by wild animals who won`t be able to digest them but will distribute them far and wide. d.b.
Liberal Network
Comment by Scared Citizen! on 8th March 2012

Does the BC Liberal Politicians who are consultants for some First Nation bands. Are just linked corrupted by private sector business schemes in British Columbia.

The BC Liberal Party destroyed environmental monitoring public services department year 2005. For protecting creeks, lakes, rivers.

A scary part. Mining behind homes, houses with in near residence of living towns, villages.

What about $ human rights? Is that thing of the past.

Why does she say North America verses BC - Canada in her radio interviews?

Makes your mind boggle.

What is really alarming? Generation 1980 who are young, with families. This generation was hit hard with North American Free Trade Agreement. By the time this Agreement was done. The world pressure of trade resources around the world happened again.

Our generation 1980 who spent most of our adult life 2001 - 2012 witnessed. The destruction of British Columbia under Liberal - Secret networks linked to (Privatization Industry).

Were a Provincial government we were taught in high school. Are sources of protecting laws democratized by peoples will of security. To have a future.

So with age of Internet. Watching all the networks from an educational point of view.

If its this bad now.

What about BC Generation of children born 2005 - 2011 from 1980 Generation.

What is there future going to look like.

Do they have one?

Please resign and awaken some intelligent people to Govern our Province.

Thank you,

Scared Citizen.