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CONTRIBUTION · 9th March 2012

The following account of the early relations between Kitsumkalum and the railway discusses the specific impact the project had on one of the Aboriginal communities along its route, and presents information concerning the experiences Indians had with economic development during the industrial period in British Columbia.

The events described below contributed to the transition of Kitsumkalum from an independent community, with a viable economic formation that took advantage of many new economic opportunities during the l9th century (McDonald, 1985), into a state of economic dependency and political subordination, with the associated social, demographic, and cultural problems experienced during the 20th century (McDonald, 1985; Canada, 1980). Many other works have described the history of the railway from the viewpoint of the company and the governments involved.

This account is about the social structure of development from the Aboriginal viewpoint. Although the events occurred at the turn of the century, in the context of contemporary controversies over development currently being discussed throughout British Columbia (M'Gonigle, 1988) and Canada (Richardson, 1989), the past does not seem so distant and what happened eighty years ago at Kitsumkalum retains a relevancy

The reality if Terrace BC - Prince Rupert local democracy. "Anti Enbridge in modern times". The enjoyment of free water, swimming in your lakes, streams. Enjoying your farming. That is like what Kitsumkalum Had. Before Super Industry moved into the land. It changed the community. The assimilation to a Industrial complex machine.

Kitsumkalum for over 88 years. Lost there way. They forgot how to work as independent society. Industry has total control over the culture. No longer can speak "hereditary Tsimshian Language". Forgotten how to conduct independent self sustainability. Or to be the resilience at its finest.

Assimilation is a key art of Industry. That is not fun. You lose your identity.

That is what Terrace BC is losing right now. We are about to lose our identity as community.

The Industry System Started to Change Independence to Dependence past 10 years.

Loss of Best Saw Mill in North West
(Independent Employment $$)

Casino Moves Into Terrace BC
(Drains all financial Monthly Income $$)

(International Trade Corridor largest economic trader in global trade). Also modern slave trade.

-Exporting Raw Logs

-Exporting Raw Natural Resources

CN-RAIL Expansion

All fueled as Energy Export to International global Industry capitalist around the globe.

So when you look at big picture. Ever since Columbus "Roman Empire'. Arrived on the Shores of North American Content.

He was looking for the Trade Corridor to ASIA.

Prince Rupert was that Corridor.

ASIA kept North Coast a Secret since 1100 AD. Traded with Tsimshian until a Super Wave destroyed the trade route. In history context.

What you see is a "ANT FARM COLONY". Rebuilding itself.

What is really neat!. The slave trade never stopped it evolved.

INDUSTRY OWNS ALL OF YOU. SINCE 1913 in CANADA - USA when the FEDERAL RESERVE started to PRINT MONEY $$$$. Surrendered its sovereignty to FEDERAL RESERVE. A corporation machine. The hub is called ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.

In research contrast. Asking New Democratic Party Office November 9 2011. In Terrace BC is it true.

That CORPORATIONS have the same rights as PERSON under Canadian Law since 1913. That a Cartoon like Mickey Mouse. Has same legal right as human being. Answer from Communication Man in Office said this " The judge that made decision should have been strangled". Those exact words.

In Reply.

Then I said. Why doesn't New Democratic Party educate Terrace BC. About the truth in keeping there person identity different. We all have the same right as Mickey Mouse.

And Mickey Mouse Cartoon was born in 1928.

Then I informed NDP man. So the whole entire town Terrace BC - Thornhill are all Cartoons. Owned by Toronto Stock Exchange. Like human resources. Like cows & chickens. Live currency.

Answer "blank look from NDP Communication"

You get it people.

Take a look ,,, Teachers Protesting on the streets. With out them. The whole entire Industry Complex of BC fails. You have to stay home look after your kids. The machine drys out no more oil.

The world around you is modern slavery. Who paved the road in to this.

McDonald Canada Confederation 1867.

Always Remember this song,

OLD McDonald had a Farm Ee I Ee I O,
On that farm he had a cow, Ee I E I O,

Old McDonald had a Farm Ee I Ee IO,
On that farm he had Canada Ee, IO,

So you want to Protest Enbridge!

Then you better become Solar Independent.