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CONTRIBUTION · 15th March 2012
Arthur Topham
Open Letter to B.C. Minister of Justice Shirley Bond Re: Political Prisoner Jim Townsend

Hon. Shirley Bond
Minister of Justice and Attorney General
Room 232
Parliament Buildings
Victoria, B.C.
V8V 1X4

Dear Shirley,

There is a great amount of irony plus an unwholesome portion of pathos mixed within my having to write to you once again on the extremely urgent matter that concerns a fellow B.C. resident and Canadian citizen who is presently being held in maximum security at the Kamloops Regional Correctional Center.

Of course, if you personally have received any of my previous letters in this regard, you will be well aware that I am referring here to Mr. Harry James (Jim) Townsend.

Prior to penning this latest letter to you Shirley I took the time to go on to your online constituency office website to try and glean a better picture of you as a human being. Thanks to the 119 pages of photo ops that you have posted there I must say that I did get a rather general overview of your efforts on behalf of your constituents in the northern reaches of central B.C. You appear in many ways to be a decent, hard-working and socially conscience individual who has put a lot of work into serving your local community over the years that you’ve been in politics.

Especially laudable are your apparent commitments to helping promote awareness of groups and organizations connected with heath problems such as those relating to cancer, Alzheimer’s, MS, the Blind, Disabled and others.

As well, your commitment to learning and supporting industrial initiatives in your region are also very positive endeavors; ones that bespeak a genuine interest in the area of the province that you serve in such a dedicated way.

I noted as well (via a Wikipedia search rather than finding this information on your website) that you’ve worked extremely hard over the years to acquire yourself an arts and sciences diploma from the College of New Caledonia. Being a former student of Simon Fraser University and having been involved in the teaching profession here in B.C. over the years I can attest to the determination that’s required in order to pursue further educational initiatives while at the same time raising a family and working and being involved in political activities as well.

I also see that you’ve lived in the Prince George - Valemont region of the province a long while and that you took the reins over from Lois Boone back in 2001 and then after persevering and serving a 10 year apprenticeship within government finally reached the pinnacle of judicial power in this province on August 18th, 2011 when you assumed the high office of Attorney General of British Columbia. Hardly a shabby performance Shirley given the fact that you weren’t a lower mainland or Victoria resident nor were you a lawyer.

I would only add here that I too have been a resident of central interior of B.C. for the past 42 years and live in the riding directly south of you known as Cariboo North and that I am well versed in both the political and the physical climates in which we dwell having been involved myself in politics over this period of time.

I also know, as you surely do as well, that our region of the province has been rocked again and again by scandals involving both court officials and examples of RCMP abuse of power. In particular I would draw your attention to the as yet unresolved case of Mr. Lonnie Landrud of Quesnel who was witness to a police crime of such horrendous proportions that all the forces of ‘justice’ and the ‘media’ conspired to cover it up. It’s yet another example of the types of criminal activity by our so-called “peace officers” that remains uninvestigated and unresolved at this time.

Now I don’t wish to waste any of your valuable time (God only knows how much of my own I’ve had to expend thus far in trying to alert you to this matter!) but it appears that either due to your own lack of legal expertise or more likely a result of the machinations of those within your ministry who act as your advisors, both you and your office of Attorney General are, for unknown reasons, adamantly refusing to acknowledge both the seriousness of and the plainly nonsensical, twisted and misguided direction in which the case of Jim Townsend has been treated.

Much, of course, of Jim Townsend’s case has been already sent to you but as the days go by and more revelations are brought forth, even, I might add, while he is being held illegally without trial in the maximum security section of the Kamloops Regional Correctional Center along with murderers and other violent offenders for the heinous crime of having exercises his Charter rights to file official complaints to the RCMP Complaints Commission and the BC Ombudsman, it becomes increasingly imperative to keep communicating to you the urgency of his cry for justice. This of course in light of the fact that such complaints as Jim’s; ones which were inverted and then turned against him with a vengeance that still remains inexplicable, are actually happening in real time while both you and Premier Christy Clark and Richard Rosenthal, the new head of the civilian office recently set up in order to, as the sign above reads, provide “Increasing Accountability” when it comes to complaints by citizens directed against the policing organizations here in the province, are attempting to give the general public the impression that your office is truly serious about making some fundamental changes to the way in which the administration of justice in this province is being carried out.

While Jim Townsend is being held without trial and refused bail and, given his physical health, treated in a manner virtually criminal and bordering on torture, your office Shirley is behaving in a way that is diametrically opposite to what you are professing its duties to be. Why is this happening Shirley?

Allow me to depict one striking example that might, God willing, drive home the audacity and the absurdity and the great sadness which typifies this case. I noted in your many publicity photo ops that you were holding one of your grandchildren in your arms. You obviously were enjoying the experience and proud of it (and so you should be).

I too have seven lovely grandchildren and I know how it feels to hold them close to my heart.

But in Jim’s case, thanks to the gross miscarriage of justice that he and his wife Judith have been forced to endure for many years now, his first grandchild was born only days after Jim was lured by court officials in Vernon, B.C. into attending what he was told would be a trial to address his grievances only to find that he had been deceived and then arrested and thrown in jail for crimes he never committed. He never got the chance to see and hold his first grandchild Shirley. All Jim got was the full force of a corrupt and deeply criminal justice system that is out of control both here in B.C. and across our nation.

This, Shirley, is the state of affairs that I was alluding to at the start of my letter when I said that it would be a letter filled with both irony and pathos. It is but one in a long string of grievances committed against Jim Townsend. Having a diploma in the Arts I trust that you will understand my meaning here.

In closing I wish to draw your attention to yet another recent document written by Jim Townsend; one in which he further attempts to explain why he has ended up in the situation that he has. For the sake of his failing health, his loving wife and family and his first grandchild I fervently hope that you will personally take a hand in this case and show the people of British Columbia that you truly do mean what you said when you assured us that your office would bring B.C. residents “Increasing Accountability” and justice.


Arthur Topham
The Radical Press
Canada’s Radical News Network
“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998″


Supreme Court Bail Review Errors in Judgement and Extenuating Circumstances

by Jim Townsend

March 13th, 2012

File # 4971; 45063-1; 46776-1; 46776-4-A

I would like the court to honour their own court orders. For years we have had two federal court judgements hanging over our heads to seize our belongings for debts owed to her Majesty. On many occasions we have offered everything we have. They refuse to honour their own court orders and yet they expect me to honour the court when they are without honour.

We did not know about the ex parté federal court orders from CRA until we got our files back under the Freedom of Information ACT. FOIA files show with Revenue Canada’s own documentation that they hid the fact that they rubber stamped a federal court order to seize our belongings. When we found the hidden court orders we tried to give the courts all of our belongings, and have tried to do so on many occasions.

Only weeks after we gave CRA all of our money that we had, $4500.00, they arrived at our house to see if we had any belongings. We were sleeping on the floor with only blankets and had no food in the house. We offered the CRA Crown Agent everything we had and he said they did not work like that. They asked for our bank account number and we gave it to them, they seized our last $3.21 with two lawyers from the bank and three from CRA. They have twice seized our damage deposits to make us homeless, which is illegal. We had to move our family over a dozen times as CRA bugged our landlords and seized our cheques.

Unable to work, we moved our family to the middle of nowhere. Still CRA pursued us and went around asking all of our neighbours where we were and they never came to see us. It was an effort to defame our character and leave us unable to work. The many times we have asked CRA to honour their ex parté federal court order, they have refused saying they would rather have our money and will wait until we have something worth seizing to do so. We gave up trying to find work years ago since our cheque’s just got seized.

The crown has no problem laying phoney charges against us after trying to murder our family. I have never been convicted of anything and yet I am incarcerated.

When I was let out on bail, the crown CRA unlawfully seized our disability cheque and left us without even the basic necessities of life. When I told the judge CRA had seized our cheque illegally, she thought nothing of the fact that the crown took all of our disability cheque and left us to freeze and starve in the middle of nowhere in three feet of snow. I sat chained like a dog in a cage and could not have access to my files or notes.

The Crown went over both cases for an hour and a half and he read a sentence from one letter and a sentence from another letter and did so until he pieced together a total lie. So much for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth or the presumption of innocence.

My wife was not even able to assist me by handing me my notes and yet the Crown Prosecutor did not stick to my bail question as I was required to. He got over an hour and a half to talk and I was not allowed to address anything he said and got less than ten minutes to present my case.

This pretence of holding a trial to say I have had a day in court is to aid and abet the attempt to murder my family and cover it up. We have the right to petition government for redress. Justice is deaf when I tell the judge the injuries I list in my complaint to the ombudsman are what happened to me when I was crushed by a tractor. Horrendous injuries are they not?

I am supposed to be presumed innocent and yet I sit untried and unconvicted in a jail cell while the people who tried to murder me investigate and exonerate themselves.

When I again petitioned government for redress and made a complaint to the RCMP Complaints Commission, the RCMP were allowed to investigate themselves and then charged me with the very things that they committed against me.

I did show up for court for my trial and the lady criminal court clerk said that I was not scheduled and that the Crown was not proceeding. I have the docket that shows I was not listed and it is signed by my six witnesses who were at court as well. The clerk who was supposed to put my name on the list turned around and testified in court (he was the court clerk that day) that he told me to come to court and lied outright. He told us that I was not scheduled as well. Why was the fellow who was supposed to be recording the proceedings allowed to turn around and testify to the judge? Balance of probabilities says he was likely covering up his own omissions.

But what of the fact that the benefit of the doubt is supposed to accrue to the accused? It is over two years since I was charged and this delay violates my right to a trial in a reasonable amount of time.

The judge does not allow me to call the people who initiated the charges in the crowns information disclosure and yet accepts their allegations. Surely this is another error in judgement. It is a violation of my charter right to cross examine witnesses and a violation of the allegation rule as posited in Black’s Law Dictionary.

In his own statement Pat Clemens says he was not threatened by the letter (complaint to the ombudsman that the crown is using as evidence). He only made a complaint after the RCMP had already arrested me and charged me. Then the RCMP put an alarm system in his house and scared him into going along with their charges. Since I predicate the statement with “I feel like” it is obvious that my complaint to the ombudsman was an effort to tell a man that is supposed to be my disability worker how I feel. To cut off my disability cheque a few days after the attempt to murder us saying he was investigating the drive by shooting was entirely lacking in empathy or compassion. Someone tries to murder us and he cuts off our funds is callous in the extreme.

That the Crown wrote in the information “I am going to” and purposely changed what I wrote makes it evident that they do know the difference between someone saying they are going to do something and someone trying to convey their feelings. I state in plain English what my intent is in listing my horrendous injuries. Does the Crown seriously think I am going to park a tractor on Pat Clemens head as happened to me? Where do they think a disabled man with no money is going to get a tractor? Or drive it into town undetected? This is preposterous in the extreme. Surely the fact that I state what my intent is in listing my injuries casts a reasonable doubt on the Prosecutor’s contention.

I sent out 50,000 copies of this complaint to the ombudsman in desperation to have an independent body investigate the attempt to murder us and yet crown prosecutor Wong told the judge that Cst. Goodyear had road out and seized the letter. This was a ludicrous lie and shows Wong grasps at any straws to defame my character and cast aspersion on me.

Crown CRA files we obtained under FOIA show the ex parte order was stamped by a minor bureaucrat. It is heinous to do such things to law abiding people. The files show we were asking for our day in court and also show they purposely hid the fact that they had already rubber stamped a court judgement against us. CRA’s federal court judgement shows that we did not have a chance to enter a plea, that we did not have a day in court and that we did not have a chance to state our case, show documents or cross examine any witnesses.

My lawyer excused himself as my representative citing irreconcilable differences. I understand why. He is a good man but is unaware my view of the courts is based upon this criminal activity of CRA federal courts and the decade and a half of stress and destruction of my business and family with malice of forethought. I rather like the fellow and am much distressed with this outcome.

Since the Crown Prosecutor never reads my letter that he submits in its entirety, it is obvious the evidence he produces is not the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The judge never read the whole letter offered as evidence, nor did she read the entire paragraph that is in question, either. Crown prosecutor Wong reads one sentence from a letter here and another from a letter there and pieces together an absolute lie. I have to sit silently chained in a box and am not allowed to address what he said.

When we went to see the Crown Prosecutor in Calgary to Crown CRA agents, he said he would not charge them as they worked for him. He told us income tax was a scam run by the Justice department and we were never going to win. We only wanted to honour their unlawful judgement and get our lives back.

The RCMP said the book I wrote as President of the Alberta Party was racist and promoted violence and yet the book states the exact opposite. The planks in my platform illustrate the fact it is our wish to live in a lawful jural society. We printed 25,000 copies of the book and the first recipients went to all the MP’s and MLA’s in Canada. Joe Clark and Stockwell Day both wrote back letters of thanks and we were invited to lunch, in his office by Joe Clark.

Since public records show that the CRA federal courts inflict judgements without our day in court, without entering a plea and without presenting our case, which is not only a gross error in judgement and a violation of our charter rights, I do not see that they can not do the same with these charges. I do not see that I need to enter in a plea or be forced to sit silent, chained in a box, unable to take notes or to refer to my own files or object to the Prosecutor’s presentation when it is blatantly obvious what the outcome of such unethical and immoral actions are going to be. The Crown wants tighter control of the internet and takes down my websites only because atrocities such as these are legion and there are now thousands of websites containing such atrocities by Crown Agents.

I do not wish to enter a plea or attempt to defend myself in such ludicrous circumstances. This whole charade amply illustrates my contention that the government and courts have a significant corrupt element within them that defames the honest people that also staff our public service. Please spare me the stress and the Crown the expense of these proceedings, when the outcome is obvious to tens of thousands of people who watch my videos. If you need so badly to beat up on two disabled people to make the point that your despotism is complete and without any recourse of appeal, you may take it that we understand.

Can you sentence me now without the charade so you can have your revenge for me exercising my charter right to freedom of speech? The sooner I am sentenced, the sooner I can do my time and get this over with. Since the differences between us and the British Crown are irreconcilable, we are going to appeal for political asylum and leave our country to their despotic rule.

Jim Townsend
Maximum Security Prison
Kamloops Regional Correctional Center


Charter Violations Committed Against Jim Townsend:

2(b) - Freedom of Speech

7 - Right to security of person – attempted murder, Ombudsman, RCMP Complaints

Criminal procedure – right to make full answer

Abuse of Process – right to stay proceedings

10 – arrest or detention – to be informed of details promptly

11 – Proceeding on criminal offence

a) right to be informed of details

b) to be tried within reasonable time

d) to be presumed innocent

Stay of proceedings since it is beyond a reasonable time

e) right to trial by jury

12 – Right to not be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment.

15 – Equality Rights – right to equal protection and benefit of law.