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NEWS RELEASE · 19th March 2012
Council of Canadians
ACTION ALERT: Sign the CETA petition - Stop the Canada-EU trade negotiations

Petition Here

Canada and the European Union have nearly completed negotiations on a sweeping trade deal called the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) but still Canadians and their elected representatives have had no say on what the proposed deal should look like -- or whether we should be negotiating at all. Leaked copies of the negotiating text and public statements about the deal make it clear that CETA offers little to Canadians while posing far too many unnecessary risks to our social services, environment, public water and democracy. It's time to put a stop to the CETA negotiations until public consultations can take place.

For more information about CETA, visit Here

Canada's international trade minister has boasted that his European free trade push is the “most ambitious plan of its kind in history” – yet the close-to-complete agreement is still cloaked in secrecy.

READ: Canada-EU free trade: 'Most ambitious plan in history' feared as corporate Trojan horse

Within the next few years, Canada could well become the freest trading nation on the face of the Earth.

READ: Canada poised to become world's freewheeling dealer

BC's criminal, Bilderberger, former premier, in his first interview since his promotion to Canada's high commissioner to the UK, championing the CETA agreement most of Canada's never heard of...

WATCH: Canada, EU free-trade deal could be signed later this year

Last week, councillors in Toronto and Thorold, Ontario joined 26 other municipalities in calling for exemptions from CETA, and for a full public debate on the pact. Another 23 communities have expressed concern about CETA restrictions on local government powers. Together, these municipalities represent almost four million Canadians.

READ: Municipal Opposition Grows.
You may want to review this.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 19th March 2012
It is and old episode of the CBC show Ventures,

International Resource Stations
Comment by Skeena River Freedom on 19th March 2012
The International Resource Stations.

Are placed like (Forts). On the Skeena River cities, towns, villages.

There located right in our own Terrace BC.

The Private Sector is ruling party. Influencing our local - federal - provincial governments.


BC Chambers Commerce "Speaking out against" Enbridge. They would not share there information of who they are, what they represent.

Here is the CETA VIDEO. You Should Watch!

Thank you,

Skeena River Freedom
Fear of what exactly?
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 19th March 2012

Diversifying your trading partners is a good idea.

Diversifying your industry is a good idea as well. Look at what happened when soft wood lumber industry collapsed!
Terrace felt the impact. Where was CUPE then?

I don't believe this fear.
As a tax payer, more competition in the tendering process is good.
It's a global economy and if we have to be competitive on the world stage for people to buy from us - then municipalities as well should be competitive to do more with less just
like the rest of us...